Project Overview

Downsize Dream Home

Moving to a new home always comes with challenges. For those who are longtime customers of Starpower and accustomed to living in a home with state-of-the-art audio, video, and Smart Home technology, leaving all that behind can be daunting. Fortunately, whether you’re moving to an existing home or building from scratch, Starpower is always ready to upgrade the experience.

Recently, when one of our customers decided to downsize to a newly constructed home after their last child left for school, they knew they wanted to include the latest, greatest technology but their builder was already connected with his own AV subcontractor. Determined to use the best resource in the business for their renovation, the couple informed their builder that Starpower would be doing the design, install, and programming of their electronics instead.

For many companies, that scenario could have caused tension and territorial posturing that would have delayed construction, or worse. But not with Starpower. Thanks to our years of experience and commitment to world class service, high-end builders know we’re to delivering exceptional work as they are, and the end results confirm it.

Starpower Innovation Showcase - Downsize Dream Home

The Solution

In the case of this new build, our greatest challenge was adding impact without really being seen. The house was a sleek, clean, modern design with no clutter and a minimalist décor that required us to embrace subtlety wherever possible without giving up performance. In a home like this, we also have to give great thought to where the rack will go, how we can perfectly match the finish out throughout the property, and even which equipment will best match the lifestyle of the owners.

Led by Starpower veteran Chris Vaughn, the Starpower team met with the couple to better understand their expectations for their new home and how and where Starpower could best serve their vision. As existing customers, they understood that at Starpower we don’t cut corners. And as such, they were happy to spend time with us answering our questions and sharing their thoughts up front to ensure the end result was spectacular. And it was.

Asking our clients about their lifestyle and habits to create the optimal system for their home is part of what sets Starpower apart from other companies that do some of the same things we do. Our calling is to transform homes and add well-earned luxury to our clients’ lives. That’s not just about the integrated systems we create, install, and program. It’s about understanding how

those systems perfectly match how our clients work, live, and entertain right down to their favorite movies, musical genres, and lighting schemes.

“It sounds a bit odd, but in every home we work on, and especially ones like this one, the less you see of our work, the better,” Vaughn said. “We try to have as small a footprint as possible. To achieve that, every member of our installation team sees themselves as part engineer, part artist, and part magician. From the speakers to the Smart Home tech and even the appliances, we try to hide as much as possible to maintain the design esthetic of the home. We take great pride and go to great lengths to perfectly match the style of any space whether it’s inside or in the outdoor living areas. We love what we do, and our customers can tell.”

From the alarm system and cameras at the front door to the audio surrounding the pool in the back, the home was completely wired and programmed with state-of-the-art Smart Home technology coordinated through URC Total Control and adjustable by remote control, 7” wall mounted touch panels, and the family’s mobile devices. We installed multiple audio zones throughout the home and numerous flatscreens for video distribution including a stunning 100-inch Sony TV over the fireplace in the great room at the center of the home.

Once we finished with the more than 6,000 square feet inside, we moved to the home’s breathtaking outdoor living area featuring a spectacular pool, an outdoor kitchen, and multiple sitting areas. To give the family the ultimate quality and flexibility, we installed a vibrant Coastal Source audio system with outdoor speakers that both matched the color scheme of the home and all but disappeared into the décor. The sound was exceptional and fully controllable with the touch of a button.

The finished home was a model of refined elegance. The sound, the vibrant video, the lighting schemes all provided a soothing atmosphere that could be adjusted to fit any occasion, desire, or time of day. What started as a potentially tense situation at the beginning finished with an installation that could double as art, and happy customers with exceeded expectations.

Starpower Innovation Showcase - Downsize Dream Home
Starpower Innovation Showcase - Downsize Dream Home

The Technology

At Starpower, we have the privilege to work with extraordinary manufacturers who make the finest audio and video systems, Smart Home tech, and appliances in the world. We provide the finest custom leather furniture you’ll ever see – made with locally sourced materials and crafted right here in the United States. And best of all, we have an experienced, passionate team committed to providing the best customer service in the industry while overdelivering for our clients whenever and wherever possible. Every job we do at Starpower is custom. The way we work, they always will be.

This home features URC Total Control which means homeowners can control their lighting, shades, audio, video, garage doors, security systems, thermostats and more from one hand held remote or any of the beautiful touch panels located throughout the home.

This Home Features:

  • Sony 100-inch BRAVIA 4K HDR Full Array LED Smart Google TV
  • URC Total Control with 7” touch panels and remotes
  • Custom Paradigm Decor Soundbar
  • Samsung 55-inch and 65-inch Crystal UHD 4K Smart TVs
  • Coastal Source outdoor landscape speakers
  • Araknis Networks routers, switches, and wireless access points
  • URC Total Control with 7” touch panels and remotes
  • Multiple Klipsch speakers

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