High-End Audio Systems by Starpower

High-end audio if it was to have a definition would be any system that is built to meet or exceed a live performance. These systems when properly calibrated and designed can reproduce orchestra instruments spaced out and their depth on the stage properly represented. With the right system you can close your eyes and bet your life that B.B. King is sitting in the room with you playing the guitar, and you can feel and hear every strum, and every bluesy beat.

Starpower systems are designed to meet your unique taste and style. Our high end audio systems usually are comprised of a pair or high-end speakers standing on stands or the floor. They are powered by “separates” which means your electronics and sources are separated from your power source or amplifier. They have uncompromised power and may need special electrical outlets put in your home.

Surround Sound Ideas - Starpower

We offer the following types of speakers:

  • Floor Standing Speakers
  • Book Shelf Speakers
  • Architectural Speakers
  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Soundbars

Starpower sound systems can be designed for both movie and music expriences.either surround sound for movies with the same level of audio all around you or just two speakers in front of you for a correct soundstage for your favorite music.


System Design Specialists

Starpower is a member of CEDIA and our award-winning system design and installation teams are trained in-house and held to incredibly high standards. We pride ourselves on flawlessly design audio systems that integrate everything you want and need to achieve the best sound possible. Our installation are beautiful and are guaranteed to impress.