Fan Mail

Our customers trust their home theater, audio/video and appliance needs to Starpower!

Below is a collection of our “Fan Mail”. Thank you for all of our loyal customers who trust us with their audio, video and appliance needs.

We are so happy to be a part of your family!


You and Jason are great!  Our TV (sports) / movie room is awesome – we love it!!!  I will always come back to you guys for high-end / specialty stuff.  Thanks again!

Randy B., AZ

Hi Mark!

Just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for us since day one! You were always available at whatever time for any questions or concerns. Even when we had the wrong oven delivered, I felt calmed because you immediately took action.  You are absolutely amazing at your job.  Again thank you, we will definitely recommend you to our friends. 

Have a great weekend!

Nathalie G., Citi Operational Risk Management

David –

As President of your organization, it is my extreme pleasure to let you know what a great team you have at your establishment..  

Approximately four years ago, I entered your establishment to purchase a 65″ LG television, but at the time, I didn’t have the funds to buy it outright, so I made arrangements to pay for it over time, which your firm made arrangements for me to do so.  My sales rep at the time was Aaron.  About a year later, Aaron left your organization and George Leslie became my account rep.  Over the last several years, George has shown a great deal of professionalism and patience with me, as I have changed my mind several times with regards to what I wanted for an entertainment system, and as a result, I keep adding additional components to make my entertainment system one that I would enjoy for years to come.  So my thanks to George for the kindness he showed me during the time that we have worked together, as I m certain, I was a challenge to deal with.

Also during that time, I had many conversations with Brian Wiley who was more than helpful in providing me with information which has allowed me to purchase the perfect entertainment system for me.  So thanks to Brian for guiding me, and informing me, as to the pros and cons regarding the compatibility of all the components that I eventually selected to complete my home entertainment center.

Week before last, I finalized all my buying decisions with George, and scheduled a delivery for August 8th.  At 9:30 a.m., your technician team of John Tate and Dominic showed up at my apartment, and did a magnificent job of assembling my television stand, programming my televison and even took the time to educate me as to its use, which was a big help by the way, as I tend to be a bit technically challenged.  Due to me not have a CAT6 line in the master bedroom, they could not program my universal remote, but John told me he would come back and do that once I contacted Spectrum to bring that cable line into my apartment, which I plan to do Monday, Ausgust 10th.  Both John and Dominic worked diligently, and treated my purchase with the utmost of care, which I am very grateful for., not to mention, they picked up the trash from all the unpacking, and took it to the dumpster, and left my apartment spotless when they were finished..

It has been a long wait for me to get exactly what I wanted, but I must say, it was well worth the wait, but the 77″ Sony 4K Model #XVR77A9G is a magnificent television  The picture quality and resolution is amazing and the sound quality is second to none.  As an avid DVD collector (with over 3,000 movies in my collection), I am enjoying watching DVD’s, Blu-Rays, HD, and now 4K DVD’s, and it is so much better than watching the movie on a regular television channel.  Just know that I will be buying another television from Star Power in the very near future, and you can rest assured, that I will refer any and all of my friends, should they ever be in the market for a television.

Also, I have interacted with many of your sales staff, both now and in the past, and I have always been treated kindly and with the utmost respect, even though they knew I wasn’t buying anything from them.  I have always believed that the professionalism of any organisation starts at the top, so you sir, at least in my opinion, have done an excellent job with regards to leading your team of valued employees.

As long as you remain in business, you will have a loyal client for life, as I will not buy my equipment from any other vendor other than Star Power.

I know as the owner, you always hear about the problems with your staff, and or products, but I believe you should also know when everything goes right, and to thank your staff for a job well done!

Kindest Regards,

Bob H., North Dallas, TX


Your guys were great. I’m going to tell my real estate broker about you guys. In the end you saved me a bunch of money. Thank you!  I also have a very good friend about to build in Scottsdale. I’ll tell them.

Louise – Scottsdale, AZ


In a world where a personal touch is often missing from business and service, your email means a lot.  I appreciate your help navigating our new home “theater.”

Josh – Phoenix, AZ


Thank you, Brent! Jorge with DFW Workskills just left. The microwave is a perfect fit, and the install was quick and painless. Thank you for your expertise and efficiency during this crazy time. I will continue to recommend you and Ed Kellum to my friends! 

Elizabeth – Dallas, TX

Hi Brent.

Thank you so much for your helping us with the purchase of our new Speed Queen Washer/Dryer.

My wife is very very happy with our purchase. It’s a glorious day! My wife is happy, therefore I am happy. Great job Brent and also to both Ricardo & Jonah on the install too

You are the best
Jim L.  – Dallas, TX

Hi Treyton,

I am glad you reached out to us.  Thanks very much for your knowledge and supports.  Thanks for being patient and stuck with us to get the sale complete.  My wife and I are very happy about our purchase and how you were able to help us to get some savings.  

Alan – Dallas, TX

Thanks Matthew, 

Appreciate you taking time with me, not rushing me, and not pushing me to more expensive products. You are exactly the reason I came to Ed Kellum to begin with; quality customer service.  

Raime – Dallas, TX

I have to rave about this place for a second. Just to set the background, we woke up on a Saturday morning (in the middle of covid-19 city shut down, nonetheless) to a fridge that was reading 47° instead of 37°. Hoping the door somehow didn’t latch right, we closed it right and kept an eye on it. Sure enough, the temperature kept rising so at 3:30, faced with the possibility of an entire fridge full of spoiled food, 3 hungry males in my house and grocery stores that can’t guarantee stocked shelves, I panic-called the store to see if there was any possible way I could buy a fridge over the phone and have it delivered same day. And y’all, THEY DID IT!!!!!!! My sales guy, Andrew, asked me what I was looking for, called their warehouse to see if there were any delivery crews still available, found the fridge I needed, got my invoice sent so I could settle, and had my fridge on the truck by 4:30 and delivered around 6:30. The delivery guys, Ricardo and another whose name I don’t think I caught, we’re awesome too. I honestly can’t sing enough praises. Well done, you guys.
Shae B. – Dallas, TX
Good Morning,

I hope to make your day by taking time to send you a personal note regarding the amazing customer service I received at your prestigious Starpower Showroom in Scottsdale. I am not one of those many prize professional athletes you take great care of; I am just an ordinary citizen living in Scottsdale who decided one day to set up a Home Theater System in my home. Not knowing anything about such Systems I performed my usual due diligence when considering a large purchase studying brands, costs and vendors etc. (At the time I did not realize how expensive my project would become!!!) My next step was to visit stores, explore systems and get recommendations for my home. During this process I quickly identified the most important aspect of such a project is the installation. To that end my neighbor recommended Starpower to me I was not familiar with your Showroom and decided to check it out.
My first impression of the Starpower Showroom was how beautiful it was, comfortable, clean and set up perfectly for an audiovisual experience. Most importantly the Customer Service was amazing. A warm friendly voice greets as you walk thru the front door, that Sales Associate was Ron Kushner -he was amazing as was the Showroom Manager Nyle Brasch. Both took time out of their busy schedules separately to visit my home and identify the precise equipment befitting to my home and set up. Nyle made the initial visit reviewed my then current systems and made great recommendations for equipment and setup.

After much thought I decided to proceed with an expanded version of my original project to include the Family Room, Living Room and two patios as a result I asked Ron if he could come and make final equipment recommendations for the expanded project. Having learned of Ron’s musical background I felt he would best understand reverberation of sound issues as a result of high ceilings and lots of windows. Ron recommended the speakers, equipment and sound system he thought worked best for my situation. The project kept growing but I was happy because in the end I would have something very special and I do! Both Nyle and Ron made sure I had the best installation experience. That brings me to Jason, he is amazing during installation he crawled into the smallest spaces imaginable, always showed up on time, both he and his teammate were very courteous, professional, and paid attention to detail, for example Jason identified there were major wiring issues from a previous installation and rewired the entire project. At the end of each day Jason and his teammate made sure floors were cleaned and equipment was protected. Upon completion of the project Jason made sure we were familiar with a working knowledge of all the new equipment and said he was a phone call away if we had any questions. Jason and his teammate are a true Testament as to the importance of a quality professional Installation.
At this point I would like to add I had negotiated a very good deal with Best Buy for a complete System and decided to visit Starpower for a final review and comparison of their Proposal which cost substantially more than the Best Buy quote. Ron Kushner spent extra time with me to discuss the pros and cons of each bid. Ron emphasized the importance of the installation process, and other Customer Service features that Starpower customers receive. Based on that discussion I proceeded forward with my purchase and must say am extremely satisfied with all aspects of my experience with Starpower and the individualized attention I received throughout the entire process.
Words can’t express my satisfaction with my “Perfect Home Entertainment System”  throughout my home it provides a perfect audio/visual experience. 
Sonja H. – Scottsdale, AZ


I purchased a U-Line beverage center from Ed Kellum & Son; my salesperson was Marty L. When the product was installed, there was a small issue I had with the product. Marty arranged for a service professional to take a look at the product. There was an issue on the manufacturer side, so Marty arranged for a new delivery of the brand new U-Line. Excellent customer service and repeated follow-ups from Marty. This type of customer service is why I choose to buy from Ed Kellum & Son, vs purchasing a product online.
Ben M. – Dallas, TX

I have been a customer from the start of Starpower.
Just want to praise Lloyd Goldman. He has been the face of the business for years.
He is at the main entry desk when I go in. Always friendly and helpful.
Good guy, keep him around.

Patrick K. –  Dallas, TX

Ricardo and Austin installed my new washer on Monday. They called before they came. They worked neatly and efficiently! They made sure it worked before leaving. Thank you for the great service! I am not on social media, so am writing this to let you know what nice, capable installers they are!
Thank you.
Barbara – Dallas, TX
Starpower has been my home theater company for over 20 years. They just completed my fourth update of equipment and their service and quality of work has never been better. My equipment and system is reliable, and hardly ever has problems, unlike some of my friends that used other companies. I would highly recommend Starpower as the the best choice for a Home Theater installation if you want a system that works every time you turn it on for years and years.
Lem M. – Dallas, TX

I received my new refrigerator and was so pleased with the delivery men. They could not have been nicer, or more professional. I am very pleased. Please let Mark know “all is good”.

Sherry C. – Dallas, TX

My new dishwasher is in! This was the most efficient, uncomplicated pleasant experience i have had with customer service
and help in longer than I can remember.

Your guys were so professional and neat. I am so very grateful to you.

Debby – Dallas, TX


I believe my husband sent you an email, but I also wanted you to know how very pleased we are with our new appliances. The delivery was on time and the installers did a great job. I’m especially pleased that the refrigerator actually fit, after our carpenter had made modifications to the space. Thank you for your help in choosing, ordering and scheduling a delivery date that was convenient for us. It was a pleasure working with you and I couldn’t be happier with how the appliances updated my kitchen. Thank you!

With appreciation,
Helen G. – Plano, TX

We had a great experience at Starpower. Our salesperson, Trey, was very knowledgeable and thoroughly answered all of our questions about design. We also picked out beautiful custom designed theater seating to fit my very tall husband.. The installers were on time, neat and courteous. I’m excited to get the custom chairs soon!

Jayne D. – Highland Park, TX

Hi Brent,

A belated note of thanks for your efforts in finding a replacement Maytag washer. An additional note as well for the professional and personable install guys.  We’ve used Kellum for 20+ years, with the continuing great service and personal touch the differentiator.

All good so far….

Adrienne H. – Highland Park, TX

Good morning,

Just to let you know Jason and his associate arrived on time yesterday.  Jason is great and provides the level of customer service you want and expect.  He is the primary reason we continue to use Starpower.

Robert B. – Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Al,

Thank you so much for your kind letter. We have been very impressed with Starrpower’s responsiveness and most especially with Jason. He promptly answered every text that we sent him. He left us feeling confident today that we could actually manage all of our new devices and we are very pleased with how everything turned out.
We have been remodeling houses in one way or another for the past three years (by choice and by flood)…  and more and more it has become almost impossible to find anything close to good customer service. We applaud Starpower and again, most especially Jason,  for being a standout, quality and positive experience!
We would definitely recommend Starpower to our friends!

Warm regards,
Beth and Gary S. – Phoenix, AZ

Dear Mr. Brown,

My wife and I yesterday purchased a dishwasher from your company. I wanted to take a minute and complement Mr Funderburg for making the buying experience so easy and very pleasant.

Your associate Trey was so informed on the product, very professional and a pleasure to deal with. We were ready to buy this item at Loews and I suggested to my wife check out Star Power on the way to Loews to make the purchase. We are so very happy we met Trey.

Mr Brown congratulations on having someone like Trey on your team he is a SUPER STAR.

Mike – Dallas, TX

The person that helped me the most was actually in the Southlake. But I can’t be sure because I have never met Andrew in person. But his customer service was impeccable, I assure you! Andrew worked tirelessly to get this done. He e-mailed and called me and even texted me updates. He assured me that he would get it done–that he wanted to make me happy–and he totally did. I have had nothing but a great experience with this entire company through the buying, exchanging, and installing process. Even Steven, the installer they recommend from Elevated Installations, was amazing. I don’t even know where I can write about how great our experience was with him… If you have ANY appliance needs, please go to Ed Kellum. They’ve been in business over 30 years, and they stand behind their products. I have been on many sides of many situations with them, and they have all been attentive and helpful.

Kenzi – Southlake, TX

They have a huge selection of TVs, speakers and smart device products to choose from. What people don’t realize is that they are different (in a good way) from a big box retailer; they focus on the top products in demand and carry sizes that are made to create your whole home theater/entertainment experience. 

AJ B. – Dallas, TX

Dear Starpower.

To my dismay, I purchased a DVD player from Best  ( Worst) Buy. The salesman convinced me on 4k player with picture and sound. Delivery men hooked up only DVD player, instead of having GEEK Peoples hooking me up.

I bought a TV from you a couple months ago and the service and men that hooked me up were exceptional. Wish I had their names. Your advertising on knowledge and expertise of installers is unmatched. 

I’m sending back items to Worst Buys, and soon will purchase from Star Power. Looking forward to a true Home Theater System. 

Thank you,

Gary B. – Dallas, TX

If you are building a home or replacing this is the place to go to get your appliances! I am so pleased with the service and attention our sales representative Matthew Hilger has provided us. He has made the entire purchase to delivery/installation process stress free with no hiccups! Extremely accommodating! I will purchase again in the future!

Wendy C. – Dallas, TX

I just wanted to express my complete satisfaction to Star Power for the purchase, delivery and installation of our 58″ Flat Screen TV! We got your great Black Friday pricing, and truly expert installation and delivery.

Your salesman, the installers were great and we would recommend Star Power to everyone instead of the big box electronic stores.

Thank you again, 

Dirk and Joyce  – Dallas, TX

I want you to know that I have been, and continue to be a raving fan of Starpower. Your service call today just continues to reinforce why you are the ONLY home theater, audio/visual and home automation firm we will use.

Whether it’s your sales staff, your installation team, or now, your service technicians, I’ve never been more  impressed by a group of professionals.

Your team continues to earn my business  and to impress at every turn. Oh, and I was stunned…I expected, and would have gladly paid for this service call. After all, Ted and Clifford did fix my television.

Rest assured, you have earned a client for life. David, I really appreciate you becoming personally involved in this issue. I know you’re busy and you took your time to help us.

Enjoy your day,

Bruce R. – Dallas, TX


Just a quick note concerning the Sub-Zero wine cooler install today:James and Mike really did a wonderful job.  They showed up on time and finished in very short order.  The wine cooler looks like it was part of the original finish-out of the townhouse.  To say I’m pleased would be an understatement. It’s nice to know that there are still a few professionals out there who know how to provide outstanding customer service!

Thank you for all your assistance with this item as well as the rest of my kitchen.  Not sure when I’ll need you again, but when I do, I’ll call. Kellum and DFW Workskills are a great team!


Charles S. Thornton – Dallas, TX

Customer Service & Management,

We would like to take the time and inform you of the Customer Service we have received from 2 of your Custom Installers.  We just completed building a home and we selected Starpower to do our audio and video, TV system.  Our first experience took place a couple of years ago when we decided to build a house.  We met Trey Bitler at the Dallas Tollway location.  We purchased at that time a flat screen TV it was delivered and installed, without any service issues. Great customer service all around.

This summer we met with Trey Bitler and he did a preliminary inventory of equipment we would need for set up.  Trey has been extremely Customer Service oriented and very pleasant to work with through this process.  He is very professional and has always been prompt in returning calls or contacting us with information that needed to be reviewed.

The installation began at our house here in Plano,   and your company dispatched 2 Custom Installers, Jeff Furr and Jared Marantel.  They have both been very professional and have communicated with us as a need bases and asking our input on placement and equipment.

The days have been long and busy however, they both have had awesome attitudes and have great personalities.  They work very well together and compliment one another which is a plus in itself these days!  We are very confident once all the work is done and everything is in place and operating that we made the right choice in selecting Starpower for our TV system.  Jeff and Jared will have completed 3 days of installation here at our home and have consistently demonstrated professionalism and awesome customer service!  

We are taking the time to express to you the service that has been provided by these 3 employees of Starpower.  It is understood on our part that Starpower will pass this information onto all & everyone that is involved with these 2 departments.  We are expecting Starpower to commend Trey, Jeff and Jared on a job well done they went above and beyond what was expected.  They represented Starpower to the highest degree of Customer Service and that alone should not be OVERLOOKED.

Larry & Cynthia F. – Plano, TX

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