Lose yourself in ultra contrast

Discover a view unlike any other. This 4K HDR TV will take your breath away with contrast, colors, textures, and detail never before possible on our screen.


Uncover the detail with 4K HDR

Starpower What You Want To Know About The Xbr-Z9D Series

4K High Dynamic Range

For the ultimate in picture quality, this TV pairs the brilliance of 4K clarity with the brightness, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR). Previously hidden areas of dark shadow and sunlight are now full of clarity and detail.

Learn More About 4K HDR here.

Backlight Master Drive™

Starpower What You Want To Know About The Xbr-Z9D Series

See stars in the sky at night in new detail. The Backlight Master Drive™ delivers deeper black and brighter lights. Previously hidden details come to life, making scenes more real than ever before.

Designed to keep your focus on the picture

No distractions, just focus on what you’re watching. The pale gold bezel helps the TV look good in any room while cables stay cleverly hidden at the back and the front. The dense, rich, and powerful slate design encapsulates the viewing experience.

The Z9D Series balances the spatial harmony of our Slice of Living concept with a refined look — a fitting embodiment of the high-end models that deliver the ultimate viewing experience. From the front, the design exudes sophistication in the form of a simple black slate, letting viewers immerse themselves in the stunning power of 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Accentuating the side view, where the front and back slates lock together, are lines of pale gold coloring that fill out the look with a strong, metallic tone and add another visual dimension to the experience.

Echoing the geometric notes of interior design and architecture, the back panel features a seamless grid pattern that downplays the lines of the various parts and creates a visual complement to its surroundings. The design also keeps all the cables completely concealed, ensuring that the device strikes an elegant look from any angle.

Starpower What You Want To Know About The Xbr-Z9D SeriesStarpower What You Want To Know About The Xbr-Z9D Series


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