Samsung 4K TV Technology 

Experience 4K technology from Samsung, which is quickly becoming the new standard in high definition. At the forefront of 4K technology is Samsung which leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. Samsung Ultra HD TV’s feature 8.3 million pixels, each displaying vivid colors, fluid motion and a flawless picture that is four times the resolution of Full HD. (Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 versus 4K resolution 3840 x 2160.)


Streaming 4K Content

Certain streaming video services like YouTube and Vimeo allow a maximum upload resolution of 4096×3072 pixels. Even Netflix has showcased streaming 4K during at CES earlier this year. Blu-ray movies are being enhanced to support the clarity of 4K technology.

Full HD content can be upscaled with the help of Samsung 4K technology. Samsung’s Quadmatic Picture Engine seamlessly converts Full HD programming to 4K resolution so every show is in Ultra High-Def. It’s a four-step process that includes signal analysis, noise reduction, UHD up scaling and detail enhancement.

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Samsung 4K Televisions


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