Apple TV – Coolest Gadget Since Sliced Bread

Apple Tv

Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iTunes all offer some of the best, most reliable hardware. So is it really that hard to believe that Apple has done it again with iTV? I’m not surprised! This television is small so it’s extremely energy efficient, and just like the iPhone, it “has an App for that.” “That,” being wireless and endless connections to movies, television shows, photos etc. These applications play wirelessly over the Internet flawlessly and effortlessly.

Apple TV offer instant access to new releases as soon as they are available on DVD for no more than $4.00 for a 24-hour period. Or if you want to rent your favorite TV show, sitcom or reality television show you can get it commercial free for as little as $0.99! You will also receive access to Internet Radio Stations, YouTube, and Netflix with Apple TV.

These are just a few of the coolest features this new Apple TV has to offer, but trust me…there is more! This television is not only the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time, it is actually affordable.  Talk to a Starpower rep and they will give you the gist.

If you want one of the best Smartphones, you get an iPhone, if you want a dynamic, awesome computer, you get a Mac, if you want one of the coolest gadgets in TVs that’s on the market today, well, an Apple TV just might fit your bill.  The best in the sales of home entertainment equipment is Starpower, so go by one of our locations today and let show you TVs by Apple and how a smart TV might just be the perfect addition to your home theater system.


Starpower to Launch the New Samsung Frame TV at Exclusive Event

Samsung Frame

Be the First to Experience The Frame

The most beautiful TV you’ve never seen.

Join Starpower and friends June, 27th from 6-8pm at our North Dallas Showroom for the exclusive launch of the new Samsung Frame TV.

This event will include food, drinks and register for your chance to win a 55″ Frame TV. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime event. Click the RSVP button below and let us know to expect you! We look forward to seeing you at Starpower North Dallas for this exciting event.


Samsung Frame Launch Event


Shop The Frame TV Now:

Starpower Starpower To Launch The New Samsung Frame Tv At Exclusive Event
Starpower Starpower To Launch The New Samsung Frame Tv At Exclusive Event



Sony’s Exciting New 4K and OLED TVs for 2017

Sony Oled


Sony unveiled its new and impressive lineup of OLED and LED 4K TVs at CES 2017.

The XBR-A1E Bravia OLED is Sony’s flagship series for 2017. The OLED series comes in 55, 65 and 77-inch sizes. According to Sony moving to OLED allows it to offer a TV with “unprecedented black levels, rich and lifelike color, dynamic contrast, blur-less image, and a wide viewing angle.”

Support for Dolby Vision HDR is built in, and a chip called the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme powers the whole thing. The TV is very, very thin and looks elegant.



New Sony OLED is Coming Soon!

The audio technology in the OLED TVs is unconventional and exciting. Sony came up with something it’s calling Acoustic Surface Sound Technology. So audio from your movies and TV shows will sound like it’s coming directly from the display itself. Sony claims this approach “produces a wide sound and image synchronization from all angles, even off to the sides.”

All of the new TVs are also the company’s first to integrate with the Google Home smart speaker. So, you can issue voice commands to the TVs from the smart speaker.

Sony’s new OLED Bravia runs Android TV. The OS provides access to Sony’s Ultra 4K HDR streaming service and to Sony’s PlayStation Vue, a live TV-streaming service. Android TV also features Chrome Cast, enabling the TV to play audio and video content from Cast-enabled apps on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.



Sony X930E and X940E Series

The new 4K X930E/X940E series are successors to last year’s X930D/X940D series which consisted on some of the best 4K TVs for 2016. They’ve been upgraded with faster performance compared to last year’s line and also support Dolby Vision and improved HDR output. The X930E comes in 55 and 65- inch variants whereas the X940E has 75-inch screen size.

The two X930E models feature Sony’s upgraded Slim Backlight Drive+ technology, a grid-array edge lighting that delivers more precise local-dimming control than the previous iteration of the technology.

The X940E doesn’t include Slim Backlight Drive+ but does feature a full-array direct LED backlighting according to Sony.

The XBR-X930E/X940E series is also powered by Sony’s 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme chip, which the company said offers 40 percent more real-time processing power than 4K Processor X1.


Learn More About the New Sony 4K E-Series Televisions

To learn more about the new Sony 2017 Line-Up click the button below:





Starpower Audio/Video is the leading retailer of high-end home in Dallas, Fort-Worth, Southlake, Plano, Frisco, and Phoenix, Arizona. Our collection of 4K and OLED televisions is curated to meet any need. Contact us today to learn more about 4K and OLED televisions today!

What is 4K Ultra HD?

Sony Oled 4K Ultra Hd


 What is 4K Ultra HD?

The answer is simple. Higher resolution images. Multiply the number of pixels on your current 1080p screen displays (1,920 x 1,080) by four, and that’s how many pixels are in 4K Ultra HD displays…around 8 million (3,840 x 2,160). The more pixels there are the more detail that can be brought to an image. Those 8 million pixels make all the difference. 4K Ultra HD will unlock more of the story in your favorite movies and TV shows. With 4 times the resolution of current 1080P, you’ll notice details of characters and scenes that you’ve never been able to see before.

4K Televisions - What'S The Difference




Get four times the picture resolution of full HD 1080p. The increased pixel density allows you it sit very close for a fully immersive experience                        Improve the picture quality of your current TV shows and movies to near 4K Ultra HD quality. Access a library of apps capable of 4K like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Youtube. Plus, experience 3D video playback, or stream Sony PlayStation 3 games on select 4K Ultra HD TVs.



Big movie studios, such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, have been recording and remastering movies in 4K for years. Sony began offering 4K projectors as early as 2004. The projection of 4K movies took hold of the masses in 2011 as more 4K movies were released and more theaters adopted the new technology. Today, there are more ways than ever to get 4K content.

For on-demand streaming, you can fire up Netflix or Amazon Instant Video to get movies and TV shows delivered in 4K quality. Each service offers exclusive movies and shows which were filmed or remastered in 4K. More streaming media services, such as Vudu and Hulu, have announced plans to release 4K content within the year. You can watch a multitude of different videos in glorious 4K on YouTube. YouTube has been streaming 4K videos since 2010. To get the best 4K experience you will need a fast broadband connection. 4K content will become increasingly accessible as Google, Verizon, and AT&T have been rolling out gigabit internet services around the U.S.


Make the jump into the next generation of television with the best of the best.




Bring the movie theater experience to your home at the right price.


Starpower What Is 4K Ultra Hd?




Starpower What Is 4K Ultra Hd?

Jvc-D-Ila 4K-E-Shift4-Projector-Dla-X950R

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We carry the latest in 4K with the most advanced tech to deliver the most advanced tech to deliver the finest picture and home theater experience. Can’t wait to experience the next generation of television? Our teams can deliver directly to your home. Our very own five-star installation teams provide personalized installations of your 4K purchases. Plus, the latest in audio, video, security, custom-made leather seating, and even offer full control from your phone or tablet!

What You Want to Know About the XBR-Z9D Series

Starpower What You Want To Know About The Xbr-Z9D Series

Lose yourself in ultra contrast

Discover a view unlike any other. This 4K HDR TV will take your breath away with contrast, colors, textures, and detail never before possible on our screen.


Uncover the detail with 4K HDR

Starpower What You Want To Know About The Xbr-Z9D Series

4K High Dynamic Range

For the ultimate in picture quality, this TV pairs the brilliance of 4K clarity with the brightness, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR). Previously hidden areas of dark shadow and sunlight are now full of clarity and detail.

Learn More About 4K HDR here.

Backlight Master Drive™

Starpower What You Want To Know About The Xbr-Z9D Series

See stars in the sky at night in new detail. The Backlight Master Drive™ delivers deeper black and brighter lights. Previously hidden details come to life, making scenes more real than ever before.

Designed to keep your focus on the picture

No distractions, just focus on what you’re watching. The pale gold bezel helps the TV look good in any room while cables stay cleverly hidden at the back and the front. The dense, rich, and powerful slate design encapsulates the viewing experience.

The Z9D Series balances the spatial harmony of our Slice of Living concept with a refined look — a fitting embodiment of the high-end models that deliver the ultimate viewing experience. From the front, the design exudes sophistication in the form of a simple black slate, letting viewers immerse themselves in the stunning power of 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Accentuating the side view, where the front and back slates lock together, are lines of pale gold coloring that fill out the look with a strong, metallic tone and add another visual dimension to the experience.

Echoing the geometric notes of interior design and architecture, the back panel features a seamless grid pattern that downplays the lines of the various parts and creates a visual complement to its surroundings. The design also keeps all the cables completely concealed, ensuring that the device strikes an elegant look from any angle.

Starpower What You Want To Know About The Xbr-Z9D SeriesStarpower What You Want To Know About The Xbr-Z9D Series


Contact a Concierge now to learn more or pre-order your Sony XBR-Z9D Series TV today!

Visit one of the Starpower locations in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area or Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona area to learn more about the latest technology.

Experience 4K Ultra HD by Samsung

Starpower Experience 4K Ultra Hd By Samsung

Samsung 4K TV Technology 

Experience 4K technology from Samsung, which is quickly becoming the new standard in high definition. At the forefront of 4K technology is Samsung which leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. Samsung Ultra HD TV’s feature 8.3 million pixels, each displaying vivid colors, fluid motion and a flawless picture that is four times the resolution of Full HD. (Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 versus 4K resolution 3840 x 2160.)


Streaming 4K Content

Certain streaming video services like YouTube and Vimeo allow a maximum upload resolution of 4096×3072 pixels. Even Netflix has showcased streaming 4K during at CES earlier this year. Blu-ray movies are being enhanced to support the clarity of 4K technology.

Full HD content can be upscaled with the help of Samsung 4K technology. Samsung’s Quadmatic Picture Engine seamlessly converts Full HD programming to 4K resolution so every show is in Ultra High-Def. It’s a four-step process that includes signal analysis, noise reduction, UHD up scaling and detail enhancement.

Starpower Samsung 4K – Shop Now

Starpower has been voted the best audio/video company in America. Our award winning team can help you select high performance audio and video and answer any question you may have regarding 4K technology. Visit one of the showrooms in North Dallas on the tollway just north of Beltline, Uptown at Knox & Cole or Southlake across from Town Square, or request a quote below!

Samsung 4K Televisions


Rockin’ the Block with a Starpower Outdoor Home Theater System

Starpower Rockin' The Block With A Starpower Outdoor Home Theater System

Outdoor Home Theater Systems by Starpower

Bring the look and feel of the Drive-in Movie Theater to your home and turn your typical backyard barbeque into an event the neighbors will never forget with an outdoor theater system by Starpower home entertainment.  With an outdoor home theater system, you can take the experience of your home media room directly outside. The experts at Starpower are savvy and skilled and can install some of the industry’s best outdoor theater system components such as outdoor speakers, lights, video and outstanding design. Once it is all said and done, you may never come back inside.

An outdoor home theater will definitely keep you out under the stars. Starpower can customize, design and install a movie screen, projector and outdoor speakers to give your backyard the ultimate movie theater experience. They can make your equipment blend in with the scenery with outdoor speakers shaped like rocks or skillfully created to look like a brick. All of our outdoor speakers are water-resistant and look great and work wonders. If you would like a custom-made permanent system, we can do that! If you prefer an inflatable screen, we can do that too!


What do you need for the ultimate outdoor movie experience? 

Here is a quick checklist:

  • A screen – You choose between a stationary screen or an inflatable screen.
  • A projector – Starpower has many to choose from; you decide the quality and price range you want, and we will find one that fits your needs.
  • A Blu-Ray Player -You can get away with using an upscaling DVD player, but if you’re looking for top-notch quality, we recommend the Blu-Ray way!
  • Speakers- As always, Starpower has a ton to choose from, and will ensure that whatever your budget is, we have the right speakers for you.
  • Comfy chairs, blankets and of course, popcorn!


Starpower Outdoor Home Theaters

Allow the folks at Starpower to give you the outdoor theater system you will be proud of, and your neighbors will envy. Call your nearest Starpower representative and have them out to walk you through the process to receive the latest, greatest, and hottest in outdoor home entertainment. Or Request a Quote now.

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Breaking Down 4K Technology from Sony

Starpower Breaking Down 4K Technology From Sony

New Technology from Sony

4K Ultra HD: Four times clearer than regular HD

Once you’ve seen the world in 4K Ultra High Definition, there’s no looking back. With Sony 4K Ultra HD, breathtaking detail is depicted with pinpoint accuracy for the most natural images. You also get the widest color spectrum Sony has ever offered. It’s quite simply the most immersive, highest resolution TV experience possible.

It’s like 4 HD TVs in one.

See more on TV than ever before with over 8 million individual pixels (3,840 x 2,160) compared to about 2 million (1,920 x 1,080) on your current HDTV1. Advanced picture processing also ensures that every single pixel displays images with superb brightness and authentic detail. It’s the highest resolution picture Sony has ever produced on a TV.

Upscale everything you watch to 4K Ultra HD.

Sony’s unrivaled 4K X-Reality Picture PRO Processor enhances everything from sports to TV shows to Blu-Ray Disc movies. Based on ten years’ experience upscaling movies to 4K in over 15,000 theaters worldwide, Sony has developed and perfected a processor so advanced, it can upscale HD content to 4K quality. This guarantees that everything you watch today is heightened with the expanded color and clarity that only Sony can deliver.

See colors never seen on a TV before.

Spoil yourself with the widest color spectrum Sony has ever offered on a television. Unique to Sony, TRILUMINOS Display technology creates incredibly true, natural shades of colors – just the way you want them. Hard-to-reproduce reds, aqua blues and emerald greens are displayed beautifully, so landscapes and seascapes look more vivid. Faces look better, too, with natural skin tones. It’s all thanks to a new TRILUMINOS display that gives images a heightened sense of depth.

Movies four times clearer than HD.

Introducing the world’s first in-home media player to bring you 4K Hollywood hit movies (sold separately). Four times clearer than HD, Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K service allows you to rent or purchase feature films, TV shows, documentaries and more9. The 4K Ultra HD Media Player comes preloaded with a collection of free video shorts.

Well connected.

Stream beautiful video from favorite sites like Netflix®, YouTube and HuluPlus with built-in Wi-Fi®. You can connect to even more movies, music and apps by wirelessly mirroring what’s on your compatible Android smartphone. Put simply, if it’s on your phone, it can be on your TV.


The dynamic LED difference.

It’s all about perfecting a natural look. Dynamic Edge LED backlighting with local dimming delivers pitch-black night scenes and illuminates bright scenes that pop with vibrant color. Rather than illuminating the entire screen, contrast is boosted in just the right areas for a more realistic picture.

Lifelike motion.

Watch the sprinter break off the blocks and race smoothly as the camera follows him from left to right. Even quick motion seen in action movies appears amazingly realistic as Motionflow XR 960 technology, which takes motion clarity beyond refresh rates, smoothing out the picture where the camera can’t for clearer, more natural movement.

2 players. No split screen.

Say goodbye to split screen. Now you and a friend can both experience your own big-screen view of the action as you go head-to-head in games like Call of Duty®: Black Ops II. SimulView gaming presents 2 different full screen pictures at once, making it so each player sees only their unique point of view across the entire screen while wearing SimulView glasses. There’s already a growing collection of fun-filled PS3 games with SimulView technology.


Control your TV with your smartphone or tablet.

Get more from watching television with TV SideView. Control the TV or browse the channel guide with your smartphone, XperiaTablet or other tablet device (Android or iOS), all without interfering with what you’re watching on the TV. Learn more about the show you’re watching right now, like cast and episode details. Search what’s available to watch on your TV, the web, YouTube or on apps like Netflix then select to view it on the TV big enough to share with the whole room. Go social and tweet about what you’re watching from your mobile device or see what fellow fans are tweeting about in real time.

Hi-Res Audio shelf-top player with 500 GB hard drive and built-in 40W x 2 Class AB amplifier, supports DSD and the full range of Hi-Res file formats, Intuitive playback via front panel, iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets plus Wi-Fi built in for easy transfer from your PC, Analog FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters.

Shop Sony at any Starpower location, North Dallas on the Tollway just north of Beltline, Uptown at Knox & Cole, and Southlake across from Town Square.




We have one of the largest selections in 4K Technology in Texas. You can also Request a Quote online now!

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