The latest 75” Sony 4K Ultra HDTV displays a picture so clear, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of all of the action.

With such high quality, there is nothing to remind you that what you’re seeing is limited to a TV screen. Under the hood is Sony’s Processor X1. The X1 boasts better picture quality from any source with improved contrast, color, and clarity. The newest feature in Sony’s latest 4K is Android TV which brings the world’s most popular mobile platform to the television.

This online video review shows you exactly how impressive the features of this TV are:


 Sony XBR65X850C Benefits

Complete clarity and vibrant colors allow you to see every detail of the content you are viewing.  However, enhanced 4K Ultra HD capabilities are not all this Sony TV has to offer. You can use voice control to search for your favorite shows efficiently, connect with Google for online streaming, use your cell phone as a remote control, experience precise motion clarity with Motionflow™ XR 960, stream PS3 games directly to your TV, and control your TV with ‘one-flick’ of a touchpad remote control. This 75” Sony 4K does all of the work so you don’t have to.

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Sony XBR65X850C at Starpower

We currently have the newest 75” Sony 4K Ultra HDTV on display in our Southlake and Knox showrooms. Experience the future of 4K for yourself. Play around with the voice control, online streaming, and 4K features first-hand at our Southlake and Knox locations. Upscale your experience with the 75” Sony 4K Ultra HDTV at Starpower.

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