The International CES is an annual 4-day conference showcasing thousands of innovative products across more than 15 product categories. There are many exciting products and ideas for 2014 that Starpower gets to experience first-hand, along with top technology brands Sony, Samsung, LG and many more.


    1. Pandora made an announcement at CES that they will have a car-specific platform with fewer ads, which will also create easier targeting for marketers. They will launch 15- and 30-second ads specific to automotive listeners across all 400 vehicles and automotive devices that feature Pandora. The main highlight for listeners is that Pandora will have fewer ads to the free listeners than any other Pandora platform (premium subscribers will continue to have ad-free listening).
    1. A major topic at CES is Samsung and LG’s new 105 OLED. This new TV combines two of the major innovations of last year’s CES, 4K resolution and OLED. The curvature of the TV combined with the 4K resolution makes this TV cutting edge. You can even control the curvature with your remote!
  1. “The Internet of Things,” a popular buzz phrase, has become a major focal point at CES this year. Samsung is unveiling a “Samsung Smart House” at the convention. This will enable users to control all of their home devices through one single application. The three main features of this release are its Device Control, Home View and Smart Customer Service. Device control will allow users to control their homes from their smartphone or Smart TV, Homes View will show a live feed to any appliance cameras in their home and Smart Customer Service will let them know when it is time for an appliance to be repaired or replaced. The Samsung Smart House will connect refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, camera phones, watches and more through an integrated platform and server.