OLED TV: The Latest and Greatest Displays

You have probably heard about OLED TVs and displays. You have heard that they are the best display technology in the market. But why doesn’t everyone own one? Because it’s expensive. But, finally it is available at a price at which an average consumer can buy one

The Difference Between OLED and Traditional LCD/LED

Starpower Oled Tv: The Latest And Greatest Displays

Although, just couple of letters are altered or added in their names, does not mean they are similar. Everything is different between them. OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. “Organic” refers to the carbon film before the glass screen. When an electric current is passed through, OLED panels omit their own light.

In LCD, cells require an external light source, like a huge backlight for brightness. This backlight is what makes the distinction in these technologies. A traditional LCD screen has a backlight called a cold-cathode fluorescent light also called as CCFL. It is uniform across the entire back of screen. This means that irrespective of the image being black or white, it is being illuminated by same brightness across the panel.

Engineers at major tech-giants like Samsung and Sony introduced a new technology for backlight, which was basically an array of LEDs. So, for portions of the screen where the picture is black, those respective LEDs won’t be turned on. This makes black portion of the picture appear blacker.

Starpower Oled Tv: The Latest And Greatest Displays

LEDs are a better solution than LCDs with CCFL technology. However, it has its flaws. LEDs face a problem called as ‘blooming’. In this effect LED light from bright portions of the image bleed to the black portions. The reason for this is the pixels themselves are not the elements producing the light. They have to rely on backlight to turn off on their behalf.

This is where things get drastically different when it comes to OLED. The light is produced by the pixels themselves. So, if they have to black they can completely turn off.


Advantages of OLED 

Starpower Oled Tv: The Latest And Greatest Displays

The biggest advantage to someone watching the television is extravagantly vibrant image. This is achieved by very dark blacks and brightness of whites the OLED panel can produce. Manufacturers use the term “infinite contrast” to describe how the “absolute” black is achieved instead of “relative” black where relative blackness is how dark a pixel can get when compared to the brightest pixel on the screen.

Apart from the image vibrancy, responsive and smoothness of the display are far better compared to the LCDs and LEDs. So, gamers and home cinema enthusiasts will doubtlessly love the experience. OLEDs have a refresh rate 1000 times faster (as low as 0.001 ms) than a standard LED backlit LCD panels.

Since the light source is very tiny, screen depth has also reduced. So, this means you are getting super deep blacks, bright whites, greater color accuracy, smooth responsive motion and a very thin and light form factor. Can’t get better than this right?

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