What is OLED?

OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) TVs use a revolutionary technology with self-lighting pixels for vivid color and infinite contrast. OLEDs work by putting electricity through certain materials that glow these specific colors. No other TV technology creates light directly like this. This allows OLED TVs to be thinner, lighter, more efficient, and better-performing than most current television technology. Each pixel can be shut off, for an absolute black (no other tech can do this), meaning an actual infinite contrast ratio.

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The Best 4K OLED TVs of 2016


OLED TVs – Perfect Black

Contrast Ratio is considered the key indicator of picture quality. LG OLED TV has self-lighting pixels that can switch off completely to achieve perfect black for infinite contrast, so images come alive with breathtaking detail. Colors look best against a pure black background, images are now more vibrant and detailed.


OLED TV Design

OLED technology enables a design that is ultra-thin and light. The majority of the TV itself consists of a panel-on-glass design, exceedingly thin at just 2.57 millimeters (one-tenth on an inch), with the OLED panel mounted directly on a piece of glass, complete with rounded transparent edges.


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