Starpower Highlights the Features of the New Sony OLED A1E 


Sony OLED A1E Series Overview

Sony’s new OLED A1E TV’s are on sale now and catching the eyes of those looking for their next home-run in their in-home entertainment experience. The new OLED adopted display has given Sony the ability to produce unrivaled pure blacks creating jaw-dropping contrast. Paired with its new design, audio tech, and X1 Extreme Processor Sony has created a spectacle for a TV.



Sony has paired its OLED A1 with a new design called the One-Slate. The TV is composed of two parts. One being the panel itself, and the other being a dual function kickstand which tucks the inputs and outputs into it. Along with a subwoofer built into the stand. The reasoning behind the added kickstand is to eliminate the gap between the bottom of the panel and the cabinet that the TV sat on to help the viewers focus on the picture. This design adds to the pleasurable picture, however, might also possess some drawbacks. Having a kickstand would mean that the TV cabinet that is being used would have to be completely free of clutter. Because any consoles or boxes that currently sit in that gap, that the stand is trying to get rid of, would have to be moved elsewhere since they would be in the way of the TV.

Sony-Oled-A1E-Back Panel-Starpower-Dallas-Phoenix


X1 Extreme Processor

The A1’s key to success is the combination of the OLED display and its X1 Extreme Processor. The secret to the great performance of OLED is its light emitting pixels that make up the entire screen. Since these tiny pixels are capable of creating its own light, it possesses the ability to only use the pixels that are required and essentially turn off the ones that aren’t. Creating absolute black and amazing vibrant color popping images because of the contrast being created. The Sony X1 Extreme Processor only enhances this advantage. The processor has the ability to focus on pockets of color on an image-by-image basis. For example, if it were to see a blue sky it will know to make that a richer more vibrant blue than a normal color. This upscales the quality and enhances the specific details of the different images that are being displayed. The processor also adds to the total brightness levels to create even more vibrant colors. The combination of both OLED and the X1 Extreme Processor tech creates an unbelievable image that rivals for the best on the market.


Acoustic Surface 

The A1 has significantly brighter images and has great viewing angles however the true innovation is in its new sound system called, “Acoustic Surface”. Acoustic Surface is where the display itself transmits sounds through vibrations rather than a separate set of speakers. This sound actually comes directly from the screen which helps to sync up the sound with the video more accurately.


The Bottom Line – OLED A1E Series at Starpower

People are unsure if the new design and expensive price is worth what is seemingly being promised and whether or not the new Acoustic Surface tech will produce effective sound. However, Starpower customers continue to be amazed at the picture quality as well as the sound quality when they demo the new technology on our showroom floor. Our bottom line? We think this series of televisions features best-in-class picture quality that will knock your socks off. The combination of the OLED blacks and the X1 Extreme Processor makes beautiful images that are unrivaled by competitors. And it is that quality that makes the Sony A1E TV’s a spectacle to witness in your home.



See the New Sony A1E Series at Starpower today!

Experience the technology the way it was intended to be seen. Don’t settle for the big box retailer experience – come into Starpower and demo the new Sony A1E Series today. And join Starpower and Sony Thursday, April 27th from 6 pm – 8 pm for a special Sony A1E event. Sony representatives will be on hand to answer all of your questions. Shop Starpower in Dallas, Southlake, Addison and in Scottsdale, AZ.



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