QLED vs. OLED – Different Names, Totally Different Technology



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OLED has previously dominated the industry through its claimed better contrast, wider color range, ultra thin display, and better durability than the rivaled LCD TV’s. However with the new QLED TV’s well on their way, people begin to wonder if OLED is still the top dog on the market. The unveiling of Samsung’s new QLED TV’s has given rise to speculation on whether it can rival or surpass LG’s OLED tech.


Overview of OLED

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) TVs are largely successful as they do not require a backlight as do competing products. Instead they create light through the application of electricity through thin films of organic molecules. This gives OLED the ability to only use colors and emit light when needed. This makes OLED the only tech that can create an absolute black, making the color contrast near unlimited. Contrast ratio is considered one of, if not the most important aspects when it comes to creating a good quality picture. This makes OLED very attractive and desirable for an exhilarating home entertainment experience.

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Overview of QLED: Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode

QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode) was just recently released by Samsung who claims it to be, “The Next Innovation in TV.” Quantum Dot technology uses tiny particles between 2 and 10 nanometers in diameter. These tiny particles have the ability to give off more vibrant lights, brightness, and a wider diverse color range. It’s brightness ranges from 1500-2000 nits opposed to OLEDs 600 nits. Though the level of brightness is much higher than their competitor, QLED still manages to use only half of the power that OLED uses to run. Not only do these Quantum Dots give off a way higher range of brightness and color but they are also seeming to be more cost effective to produce. Samsung has also made strides in improving the contrast ratio with their new technology, however still not to the same level as the OLED.

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Breaking Down QLED

Though OLED has proven to be effective on the market and popular among consumer demand, the new QLED TVs seem to be a bigger bang for your buck. QLED produces a level of brightness and vibrant colors that have not been previously accomplished as well as being energy efficient. All while being more cost effective to mass produce and buy than OLED. Samsung’s new QLED tech seems to have the tools to launch itself into a huge success in the in-home entertainment market. It is seemingly more than capable to hold its own against competitors and possesses the potential to surpass even the most dominant in the industry.


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Smart Homes – Avid Golfer Tech Talk Feature (March 2017)

Smart Home

Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home


Looking to transform your house into a new smart home? We take an in-depth look at the process of installing home automation and help answer the questions to ensure your smart home is designed to respond to the way you live.


What should a homeowner consider when making a technology plan?

The most important thing anyone should consider is, how do you want your technology to serve you? Your home’s technology should be designed to respond to the way you live, not the other way around.

Keeping that in mind, every homeowner should understand that home tech is evolving very quickly, which makes it hard to keep up, much less understand the solutions available to you. In order to make an educated decision, you need to invest some time in understanding the options that are out there.
We hear all too often, “Oh, I live very simply. I don’t want too much technology complicating my life.”

Yet, these are the types of people that need us the most. Technology has the power to make your life simpler. But it must be installed, programmed and integrated by an expert who knows what they are doing. The simpler the solution or interface, the more complex the technology infrastructure that is required and more expertise is needed.


Where in the building/remodeling process should the technology plan be considered?

Technology needs to be considered early in the plan. Some questions are obvious such as, “How do we wire the home?” Some questions may not be as forthcoming such as, “Where do we put all of the gear?” It may seem silly, but we have seen multi-million dollar homes that fail to consider where to place racks of equipment.

Moreover, many of these items require proper ventilation that needs to be engineered into the design. Even if you do not fully decide on the technology being used, much of the planning should be made when the architect has the plans. In the event you miss the architectural phase, you will want to get advice as soon as possible.

Again, a properly designed home allows flexibility no matter what technology is ultimately chosen. Plus, for resale purposes, you certainly don’t want to be the home that was not intelligently designed for technology.

Obviously, there are different needs and budgets for different people. However, one thing that most people have in common is the need for a robust network. Yet, networking is the most commonly overlooked requirement for a successful marriage between technology and the user. Most of the new and evolving technologies require huge amounts of bandwidth, which will typically clog most wireless networks. Investing in the proper backbone that takes into account the almost certain need for expansion is important. Having a robust network plan opens up unlimited possibilities and options.

If you want to outfit your home, where are the points/rooms that should take priority?

As I mentioned before, networking must take a high priority. From there, you should prioritize based on how you use your home. For example, most people only use a few rooms. Those few rooms are a good way to prioritize budget. However, you should think of the entire home as a canvas for purposes of technology design.

For example, many people do not consider lighting control as a high priority. However, people that have lighting control love it. Have your lights come on at sunset, go through cycles of on/off while you are traveling, light up pathways in the middle of the night and create security scenes that make you feel safe when coming home alone (not to mention the one button “all off” feature). And this is just one of the great technology features for the home.

Some of the hottest categories in home technology are security surveillance, outdoor entertainment, whole house sound systems, theaters, motorized shades and home automation – being able to control everything from one app on your smartphone. Again, it is easy to get carried away with any or all of these categories. An intelligent design affords flexibility and takes into account all of these possibilities, even if they are not an immediate priority.


How much of the home build/remodel budget should you allot for technology?

A rough rule of thumb is 10 to 15 percent of the home value when you consider all the technology options. Of course, every home and homebuyer is different so these are not absolute percentages. No one should ever spend more than they are comfortable with. Spending too much makes people resent the technology and, often times, avoid enjoying all that technology can do to improve life at home.

My best advice – meet with a company that has been there a while and seen the mistakes that have been made. Get comfortable with the person guiding you. If you are not, ask for someone else or go seek help elsewhere. There are some good technology businesses out there. And, unfortunately, there are many that claim to be and are not. Take the time to research and explore your options.  You’ll know the right fit when you find it.




Originally published by Avid Golfer, March 2017. Image Credits: AvidGolfer.com

CES 2017 Wrap-Up Review

Ces 2017

CES 2017 Wrap-Up by Starpower

This year, CES celebrated its 50th anniversary. CES is the largest global gathering of innovation and connectivity. The event once again took over the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo & Convention Center and many hotels throughout the Vegas strip. This year, CES broke its previous record by filling up 2.6 million net sq. ft. of showroom floor with products and demos from over 3,800 companies. As we walked through miles of incredible tech, we were blown away by the array of connected devices and impossibly thin TV displays.

CLEDIS – Our Top Pick of CES 2017


Want to turn your entire wall into one big TV screen? CLEDIS is a totally new tiling LED display using Sony’s unique visual technology. A CLEDIS display unit is sized at 17 7/8″ by 15 7/8″. Put each panel together and you have a huge screen. The panels blend in with each other seamlessly with no bezel in sight. This is something that must be seen to truly appreciate.

Hey Alexa! Exciting Amazon Alexa Integrations Ahead


It’s official. You can control your entire home with your voice. More products than ever are now offering compatibility with systems like Amazon Alexa.

We saw Alexa support from everything including lighting, DVRs, refrigerators, robot vacuums, home security systems, and even Whirlpool’s 2-in-1 washer and dryer system. Whirlpool announced many of its smart appliances will respond to Alexa commands starting in “early 2017.” Plus, Sony’s BRAVIA Android TV’s will get voice support from Alexa and Google Home by the end of March.

Want more than a voice-controlled smart home? Hyundai is integrating Alexa into its self-driving car and Huawei’s new Mate 9 smartphone will be the first smartphone to come with Alexa pre-installed.

Rejoice! OLED is Here to Stay

Sony Announces New OLED TV


Sony is going full OLED! On Wednesday, Sony revealed its XBR-A1E Bravia 4K OLED TV, the company’s new flagship TV. OLED allows for incredible black levels, lifelike color, dynamic contrast, blur-less image, and a wide viewing angle. Sony has truly impressed us and CES attendees alike with their all-new design, new sound technology and an improved X1 Extreme processor. One of the most amazing features on this TV is the fact that it does not have any visible speakers. Sony has literally made the screen the speaker. Two actuators are mounted to the back of the display and vibrate the display to produce the sound. Our demo included the beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and we were blown away at the sound level and sound quality. Not to mention, the deep black levels and vibrant colors of the space battle scenes.

LG’s Signature OLED TV W: Wallpaper Thin OLED TV


TVs don’t get much thinner than this! LG’s Signature OLED TV W is a jaw-dropping wallpaper thin OLED display that is both light-weight and bendable. It’s impossibly thin yet still displays incredible lifelike color, image quality, and contrast. The brains of the TV are hidden within the soundbar which is capable of bringing Dolby Atmos cinema sound to your room. This is the first TV of its kind to bring both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos together.

Bring on the 4K Blu-ray players


Sony has announced its first consumer 4K Blu-ray player, the UBP-X800. It supports Ultra HD Blu-ray as well as HDR and 4K video streaming. The player will also support both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound. The player can handle “virtually every optical disc format,” including DVD, CD, SACD, and 3D Blu-ray. Prepare to see more and more content roll out on 4K Blu-ray throughout the year.

LG Floating Speakers


You read that right! Floating Speakers! Want music to fill your room or outdoor space? Or maybe you want a wireless speaker that floats in mid-air? LG showcased its new line of wireless speakers including the innovative PJ9 levitating speaker. What’s cooler than the PJ9’s levitating act is that the new line of speakers all offers 360 degrees of omnidirectional sound. Plus, they are waterproof for up to 3 feet and have 10-hours of battery life.

Klipsch Heritage Line


Klipsch took a different approach with their speaker design. Instead of futuristic, Klipsch showed off their Heritage line which mixes styles of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Don’t let the retro style fool you. These speakers still pack Klipsch’s incredible sound technology and offer Bluetooth connectivity at the flick of a switch. What’s in store for the future at Klipsch? They are working on some new titanium speakers that will rock your world.

Mark Levinson Joins the Turntable Revolution!


Audiophiles rejoice! Mark Levinson has announced its first turntable in its 45-year history! The No. 515 is for true audio lovers. This $12,000 record player features a triple belt drive, a vibration-damping polymer core, and 20-pound aluminum platter.

Welcome to 2017: The Year of 3D Printing


3D printing is nothing new at CES but Polaroid has made it much easier to use and more accessible. The company has introduced a line of 3D printers and 3D pens which allows you to easily create tools, artwork, jewelry or whatever you can imagine. The printers have an expected MSRP between $499 and $799 and the pens have an MSRP between $129 and $149.

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What is 4K Ultra HD?

Sony Oled 4K Ultra Hd


 What is 4K Ultra HD?

The answer is simple. Higher resolution images. Multiply the number of pixels on your current 1080p screen displays (1,920 x 1,080) by four, and that’s how many pixels are in 4K Ultra HD displays…around 8 million (3,840 x 2,160). The more pixels there are the more detail that can be brought to an image. Those 8 million pixels make all the difference. 4K Ultra HD will unlock more of the story in your favorite movies and TV shows. With 4 times the resolution of current 1080P, you’ll notice details of characters and scenes that you’ve never been able to see before.

4K Televisions - What'S The Difference




Get four times the picture resolution of full HD 1080p. The increased pixel density allows you it sit very close for a fully immersive experience                        Improve the picture quality of your current TV shows and movies to near 4K Ultra HD quality. Access a library of apps capable of 4K like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Youtube. Plus, experience 3D video playback, or stream Sony PlayStation 3 games on select 4K Ultra HD TVs.



Big movie studios, such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, have been recording and remastering movies in 4K for years. Sony began offering 4K projectors as early as 2004. The projection of 4K movies took hold of the masses in 2011 as more 4K movies were released and more theaters adopted the new technology. Today, there are more ways than ever to get 4K content.

For on-demand streaming, you can fire up Netflix or Amazon Instant Video to get movies and TV shows delivered in 4K quality. Each service offers exclusive movies and shows which were filmed or remastered in 4K. More streaming media services, such as Vudu and Hulu, have announced plans to release 4K content within the year. You can watch a multitude of different videos in glorious 4K on YouTube. YouTube has been streaming 4K videos since 2010. To get the best 4K experience you will need a fast broadband connection. 4K content will become increasingly accessible as Google, Verizon, and AT&T have been rolling out gigabit internet services around the U.S.


Make the jump into the next generation of television with the best of the best.




Bring the movie theater experience to your home at the right price.


Starpower What Is 4K Ultra Hd?




Starpower What Is 4K Ultra Hd?

Jvc-D-Ila 4K-E-Shift4-Projector-Dla-X950R

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We carry the latest in 4K with the most advanced tech to deliver the most advanced tech to deliver the finest picture and home theater experience. Can’t wait to experience the next generation of television? Our teams can deliver directly to your home. Our very own five-star installation teams provide personalized installations of your 4K purchases. Plus, the latest in audio, video, security, custom-made leather seating, and even offer full control from your phone or tablet!

Why You Should Buy Electronics from an Authorized Retailer

Starpower Why You Should Buy Electronics From An Authorized Retailer

You’re in the market for a new TV, and you see a hot deal from an unauthorized retailer. You consider the purchase,

“Why is buying from an authorized retailer important?”

you think to yourself. Well, Starpower is here to help with some cardinal rules for purchasing electronics.


Always Buy Home Electronics from an Authorized Retailer  

Always buy from an authorized dealer. When you buy electronics from an authorized dealer, you are assured a high level of reliability and quality. Starpower buys their products directly from the manufacturers in order to bring you the vest best-quality assured item possible, therefore Starpower is an authorized dealer.


Before you buy from an unauthorized dealer-here are some things to consider:

  • Some dealers will not honor the warranty or rebate offers on products that are not sold through an authorized dealer.
  • Some dealers will sell refurbished products without informing you of this.
  • Some dealers will remove accessories out of a sealed package and sell them to you separately for an additional cost.
  • Some dealers will remove the serial number or even entirely remove them so the manufacturer cannot track the item.

Let’s go a step further-you want to buy your TV at a place that has a known service center because although uncommon, problems still occur.


Why you want to buy from an authorized dealer with a service center:

  1. Quick Response: When you have a problem, Starpower is quick to respond. We have our very own service center that deals with your questions/concerns and problems.
  2. Better knowledge: The service center employees have all the knowledge needed to best help you.
  3. Intimate manner: We’re good listeners-we understand your problem and do our best to be in constant communication with you in order to fix your problem efficiently and proactively.

Before you go into your purchase wanting to save a couple bucks, we urge you to think big picture. Although you may pay more up front, it could prevent paying the big bucks later on.

One of our experts at our four Starpower locations in Dallas, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas, and Southlake, Texas; as well as Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona would be happy to answer any questions you have about Starpower and what it can do for you!

How to Choose the Right Subwoofer

Starpower How To Choose The Right Subwoofer

How to Choose the Right Subwoofer

So you’re shopping for a home theater subwoofer? I will be the first to admit to choosing a subwoofer can be a confusing task. So let’s get a few things straight, and hopefully, we can make your subwoofer shopping experience a tad easier.


How Subwoofers Work in a Home Theater or Media Room

Most basic home audio systems and home theater amplifiers have regular floor-standing speakers. This system is all that is necessary when listening to music. But when watching a film, the LFE (Low-Frequency Effects) channel is unable to produce the full effects of the film’s bass through these regular speakers. The LFE is an audio channel specifically designed and reserved for the bass produced in movies.

A home theater subwoofer operates through the LFE channel and allows for an incredible audio experience. Now here is where it gets confusing. The first decision you need to make before choosing a subwoofer is how you want your room arranged. Do you have the room for a large sub? Do you want to be able to hide the sub in the corner? These questions are important because this will help you choose whether you would like a front firing sub or a downward firing sub. Do not let these names confuse you; there is actually very little difference in the sound quality of the two. The forward firing subwoofer is smaller and can be placed anywhere in the room except for flat against the wall. The downward firing subwoofer has a simpler design and can be placed literally anywhere in the room.


Shop Subwoofers at Starpower

Subwoofers At StarpowerStarpower Subwoofers
Starpower has curated a series of subwoofers that will give your room a heart-pounding, deep and beautiful sound you want. The type of sound that lets your guests know you’re serious about your sound. Your friends will be jealous. Your neighbors, well…that’s a different story. From Klipsch to SVS, Martin Logan to SONOS, we’ve got the subwoofer you want.


Starpower Audio/Video – Subwoofers and Speaker Systems

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Home Surround Sound | What System Is Best For You?

Starpower Home Surround Sound | What System Is Best For You?


We all know that somewhere deep inside of us there is a rock star, dramatic actress or star athlete hiding away, daring to come out. With high-performance and heart-pounding sound, the new state-of-the-art surround sound systems for homes today transform the living room into an easily accessible and more comfortable movie theater.

There is a surround sound system for every type of space, with one simple Starpower consultation, it won’t take long to decide which surround speakers are best for you. The most commonly owned sound systems for homes that include a surround sound package for a room wired for music, is a 5.1. These numbers (5.1, 6.1, 7.1) actually refer to the number of available sound channels, but also refers to the number of actual speakers present. 6.1 surround speakers are becoming the standard for most home theaters. Upgrading to surround sound 7.1 provides the consumer with the most detailed sound effects available at this time. When surround speakers are set up properly with a 7.1 there is less loss of sound. It is a common complaint of consumers that with the 5.1 and 6.1 those sitting outside of the “sweet spot” do not get the total effect of the sound.  Surround sound 7.1 has two speakers more than the 5.1 and allows for a larger “sweet spot.”

Is the 7.1 right for you? Well, this depends on the size of the room you plan to install the system in. A standard sized room would be best suited with a 5.1, but if your room is large enough to accompany the volume, and the extra speakers of the surround sound 7.1, then this system will definitely make you proud.

Contact a Concierge now to know more and have the finest shopping experience.

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Experience the Immersive Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projector

Starpower Experience The Immersive Sony 4K Home Theater Es Projector

Sony ES Projectors at Starpower

Starpower is the very first retailer in the whole country to get their hands on the new Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projector. The Sony 4k Home Theater Projector is the world’s finest home theater projectors available and it’s available for the first time at Starpower! This Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projector utilizes the very latest technology and produces a picture you
wouldn’t believe making all your current Blu-ray movies and HD content look incredibly clear with detail that will make you feel like you’re right in the action.

Now, you can own the Sony 4K Home Theater Projector that the movie producers use! Not only is this the best picture available on the market today, but the installation and control are both seamless. The Sony 4K Home Theater Projector offers the same viewing experience that is found in over 9,000 commercial movie theaters.


Delivering 4X the Resolution of 1080p

While delivering over four times 1080p resolution, anamorphic 3D images and HD to 4K- nothing can compare. Combine that with a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and with 2000 ANSI lumen brightness (this is more than TWICE the brightness of HDTV), this projector will pull you into your favorite movies like no home theater you have ever experienced before.

The resolution of the projector far exceeds that of HDTV, Sony uses the new SXRD 4K panel that has a resolution of 4096-by-2160 pixels. This projector also possesses an integrated IR transmitter that works with the rechargeable Sony 3D glasses included with the projector.


Sony Projectors at Starpower

You’re going to want to stop by Starpower today to view the world’s finest home theater projector, the Sony 4K Home Theater ES Projector. Stop by one of our four Starpower locations in Dallas, Texas; Forth Worth, Texas and Southlake, Texas; as well as Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona and let one of our experts tell you more about the unbelievable Sony 4K Home Theater

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Go Outside and Play – Create Your Dream Outdoor Living Environment

Starpower Go Outside And Play - Create Your Dream Outdoor Living Environment

Outdoor Living Made Easy by Starpower

It’s spring, and you want to be outside, so it’s time to get that perfect outdoor system. Create your dream Outdoor Living Space with Audio, Video, and Appliances by Dallas/Fort Worth/Scottsdale most trusted resource

In the last few years, there has been a noticeable shift in the way we use our backyard. In fact, some say it is no longer their “yard,” but an extension of their home. Today, you see so many creative and innovative uses. Barbecues have turned into full-blown kitchens, umbrella tables have turned into large dining rooms with serving buffets, coolers have turned into walk-up bars complete with beer taps, refrigerators, and sinks, and lawn chairs have transformed into living rooms including fireplaces and HD television screens.

It is quite impressive what people are choosing to do in their backyards. And why shouldn’t we transform these areas? You paid good money for the real estate. You should enjoy every inch of your property.

One thing I have noticed is, while tens of thousands of dollars are being spent on appliances, stonework, and furniture…all good investments by the way… but we sometimes forget one of the biggest pleasures of relaxing outdoors -the music.

Note: if you need to shop for the outdoor accessories listed below, take a moment to visit one of the site links below:

Music sets the mood, welcomes visitors to your backyard wonderland and just makes everything better. No summer seems complete unless we have a little Jimmy Buffet playing “Margaritaville” while we sip those magical drinks around the pool.
One thing to consider is that using your backyard for entertaining brings about a different listening environment than your home theater. Traditional on-wall outdoor speakers, or “rock” speakers, often result in “hot spots” where the music sounds almost perfect in a specific area but not very good in the majority of the yard. Both hot spots and dead spots can be quite annoying.

Many believe just adding more speakers will fix the issue. However, often times it does not. Part of the problem is the technology used in traditional outdoor speakers is designed to project sound to a particular point (hot spot). This contradicts most people’s goals of filling the backyard with sound. Filling an area with sound is best accomplished by using commercially engineered audio systems.

I am sure you have heard these systems before but may not have realized. Think of outdoor shopping centers where entire outdoor parking areas are filled with sound. Or a resort where you stayed and listened by the pool. Whatever the experience, I’ll bet you remember it. You probably felt connected to the environment by not having to move your chair to find a good place to site, nor did you have to scream your conversation to be heard. One thing you probably won’t remember is seeing the speakers. That is because they are mostly hidden. Buried underground or disguised behind shrubbery, these systems perform best when they are not even seen.

Commercial quality sound systems perform superbly in open-air environments and offer a sound that “fills” rather than “projects.” There is a lot of technical explanation, but what is important is that, if properly designed, a commercial landscape system will create a “full” experience.

Starpower Go Outside And Play - Create Your Dream Outdoor Living Environment

Until recently, these systems were too costly and used rarely used outside of high dollar commercial applications. Manufacturers of these systems historically custom made each of them, resulting in high costs. But standardizing solutions and a lowering of the cost of this technology has increased demand for these types of sound systems. You will still spend slightly more on this system than traditional speakers, but the spectacular systems are well worth the cost. The backyard literally becomes your own private concert venue, complete with heart-pounding bass and a rhythm you “feel” rather than listen to.

At lower volume levels, the system still performs by warmly filling the air around you with your favorite music. One of the key advantages is that it does not overwhelm- it naturally enhances the outdoor environment as if it is not even there.
Systems such as these complete, with everything you need to begin playing music, start around $2500. One wonderful feature is these systems are scalable, as you may want to start out covering a smaller portion of the yard and then build up over time. There is some underground wiring for these systems that can be installed by you or a landscaper. It will be important that you have a proper design; this is not something that you will want to do “off the shelf.” An expert needs to guide you, but it is simpler than you think.

Summer is in full swing and now is the time to enjoy the backyard. So go outside and play-you will rediscover your backyard all over again.

Buying Electronics Online | Starpower Home Theater | Southlake, Dallas, Scottsdale

Buying Consumer Electronics Online - What You Need To Know

Buying Electronics Online

I often hear “Buying online is the cheaper way to go”. This is always an interesting statement. Whenever you can buy paper, toothpaste, books and other household items that can be clearly identified as the same- it makes sense. You always want to save money “apples to apples”.

Buying consumer electronics online, however, is different. Often times, online retailers, even manufacturer’s own websites, don’t always give you the facts you need to make a decision. For instance, Samsung, one of the best-known manufacturers of televisions has over 40 TV’s to pick from in the 46”-58” range. They range from $600 to $6000. Are we really better off going for the cheapest? Most expensive? What does your neighbor recommend? If there wasn’t a difference, why did they create so many? And why do I need a retailer like Starpower Home Theater?

I’ll save the obvious whining by many local retailers that it is important for society that you buy from your neighborhood rather than buying electronics online. Real life doesn’t work that way and people buy where they get the best overall deal. When you can save money, you should.

For example, 4K televisions are not all the same. 4K TVs can vary vastly in picture quality. Turned off- most TVs look the same. An online retailer does not have an interest in quality or value, but rather what they can make more money on.

What You Need to Know About Online Retailers of Consumer Electronics

Here is what you should know. On-line retailers do not carry everything. In fact, online retailers sell you what they will make the most money on. Many times, they will use the old bait and switch where they either change your product outright, sell you a bunch of overpriced accessories, must have warranties that will never be redeemed, or overpriced shipping. And guess what- if you don’t buy the expensive add-ons – you don’t get your “too good to be true” deal.

Even Apple, a successful online retailer, realized that a physical store must be present locally to ensure the best overall experience. They have opened and are in the process of opening hundreds of stores so Apple customers will continue to experience a high satisfaction with their product. This simply can’t be accomplished exclusively online. Buying Consumer Electronics online is no different.


Here are some things to remember when you shop online:

Online Sellers do not have to abide by any local business ethics (by law or by practice).
• Shipping is almost always extra and even more to upgrade your delivery service.
• Even with Free shipping, damage to your package can result in hundreds of dollars to return the product. With shipping paid for by the customer.
• B-Stock, factory returns, and refurbished electronics are often resold online. “B-Stock” items are not covered by most manufacturer warranties.
• If an online seller is not specifically authorized to sell the model number you are buying your warranty may be void.
• The accessories sold with the products, ie. mounts, cables, etc are usually low-quality items.
• They will push you to buy a warranty that isn’t necessary and is nearly impossible to redeem.
• Return policies are usually a burden and involve shipping costs out of the customer’s pocket.
• Most local retailers will not install products purchased online for liability reasons.
• Online retailers simply don’t care about whether this is the best product for their customers.

In the end, do your research online. Look at the deals and then bring the information to a qualified, established, expert with a solid reputation for dealing with electronics (ask your friends).


Buying Electronics Online from Starpower

High-quality local retailers such as Starpower Home Theater have a real incentive to do what is right for their customers. They design a solution that works long term, meets your overall needs and is the best value. Remember that a quality retailer will be there to resolve any questions or concerns you may have. If it’s a better deal online, a reputable dealer will tell you so. In the end, how much are you really saving? If you don’t buy from a local retailer, at least visit one and see what they have to offer. It’s for your own benefit.

Starpower offers a limited selection of our products online for your shopping convenience. However, if you’re just starting your research, we highly recommend stopping into one of our showrooms to “audition” the products you are looking for.

Want to see our selection?

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About Starpower Home Theater and Audio/Video

Starpower an organization of seasoned and decorated professionals committed to delivering excellence to our clients, since 1995. We offer the ultimate in luxury living – from home theaters to media rooms, custom leather theater seating to A/V receivers – we’ve got it all.