Samsung Frame Elevates Expectations for Televisions of the Future

Samsung Frame

Samsung Frame TV

The Most Beautiful Television You’ve Never Seen

Starpower Samsung Frame Elevates Expectations For Televisions Of The Future

TV technology continues to get better and better every year. TV’s which were once big plastic boxes are now wallpaper thin. There are even TV’s such as the Sony OLED which produces sound from the screen itself. There are TV’s with super rich color and some with 4K resolution. HDR TV’s. Smart TV’s. TV’s with displays over 100-inches!

But what happens when you are done watching TV? When the display is off. How does that look in your living room or bed room? Do you see it as a big black rectangle taking up space? While we love them, sometimes our televisions can bring the overall look and feel of a room down. But what if you can keep the immersive, 4K picture quality and have your TV blend in with the furniture and interior design of any room?

Designed with Style

Samsung has worked with Swiss designer Yves Behar to create a completely new category of television. It is called The Frame – the first piece of wall art that doubles as a TV. Make no mistake this is first and foremost a lifestyle product designed to enhance any living space.

The Samsung Frame Offers Design Versatility for Living Spaces

Imagine your TV is mounted above your fireplace; you happily watch a movie or your favorite show, and then you turn it off. Now, you have a blank dark screen above your fireplace. The Frame allows you to bring this blank space to life.

When powered off, The Frame will automatically enter into Art Mode which allows the TV’s screen to display exclusive works of art ranging from paintings to images from personal photo libraries. The Frame allows you to change the art on your wall in an instant – anytime the mood strikes.

Starpower Samsung Frame Elevates Expectations For Televisions Of The Future

Having a family get together? The TV allows you the ability to display personal pictures so you can put up that picture of Grandma and the kids on the display just in time for her summer visit. Maybe you want a painting or print? Samsung’s collection of curated art and mattes give instant access to more than 100 pieces of art to choose from with several categories including landscape, drawing, wildlife, architecture and more. Swiss designer Yves Behar has stated that many more art works will be sourced.

No matter what piece you select, your art will look real thanks to the display’s brightness sensor which intelligently detects ambient light. It adjusts the color and brightness settings so your art always looks real regardless of where it is or what the time of day.

Flexible Design Options for Any Space 

The overall design of the frame is Samsung has three customizable frame options you can add. Walnut, Oak and White frames easily attached to the outsize bezel to perfectly compliment the décor of any room.

Starpower Samsung Frame Elevates Expectations For Televisions Of The Future

When power on, The Frame delivers a superior range of brilliant color and rich contrast over Full HD thanks to 4K HDR Pro technology. It displays a wider range of light and dark in the same scene, adding detail to every picture. Samsung’s 4K Color Drive Extreme technology gives you exceptional color. With over one billion colors more than standard 4K UHD, you see a more vivid, realistic picture.

In order to keep the electricity bill down, The Frame has a built-in motion sensor which detects people’s movement. The TV will automatically activate power-saving mode when there is no one in the room and turn back on when someone enters.

Nothing ruins a room’s design more than lengthy wires. Samsung’s No Gap Wall-mount and Invisible Connection allows The Frame to be mounted on the wall just like a picture frame or painting without messy cables, making it a complete package for the living space.

The Frame by Samsung is a completely new category of TV that elegantly enables you to make any space more welcoming, more entertaining, and more inspiring.




Home Theaters Made Easy

Home Theater

Starpower and Star Interior Resources Make It Easy to Get the Home Theater of Your Dreams…

When you’re preparing to embark on the journey of transitioning a space in your home to a home theater or media room, the first thought or feeling you have may be an anxious one. There are so many elements to consider – equipment, construction, preparing the space, lighting, decor…where does it end?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a home theater company that offered comprehensive design and construction service? 

Good news! There is…

Starpower, in partnership with fellow star-company, Star Interior Resources make the perfect team to help you design, plan and construct your home theater or media room project.

From concept to design – Starpower and Star Interior Resources can provide you with the end to end services you need to get the job done on-time, on-budget, and most importantly done right.

Below is an example of the wonderful spaces we can create when we collaborate with Star Interior Resources.



Residential Home Theater Project – Southlake, TX


Home-Theater-Design-And-Installation Home-Theater-Seating Home-Theater-Flower-Mound-Texas


Project Summary:

Located in Southlake, Texas – our clients were seeking a sleek, fun home theater design with an end to end finishes. Starpower’s Adrian Ballard (Southlake) teamed up with Star Interior Resources interior designer, Terri Becker, to make this incredible space. Featuring the best name brands like Sony, Martin Logan and Marantz along with custom leather seating from Starpower – this theater is magical.

Featured Products:

Projector Sony VPLW45ES
Screen 120″ Home Theater Screen
Receiver Marantz SR5011V
On-Wall Speakers Martin Logan SLM-X
Seating Penthouse Theater Seats
Flooring StarFloors
Pre-Wire Starpower Custom Install
Interior Design Terri Becker, Star Interior Resources
Ceiling Design Local Artist, Commissioned by Star
Construction Star Interior Resources


Ready to Get Started?


Ready to get started on your new home theater or media room? Contact Starpower today. We’ll work with you on the design, layout, equipment and design elements you want and need to make your home theater or media room the new “heart” of your home.



Smart Homes – Avid Golfer Tech Talk Feature (March 2017)

Smart Home

Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home


Looking to transform your house into a new smart home? We take an in-depth look at the process of installing home automation and help answer the questions to ensure your smart home is designed to respond to the way you live.


What should a homeowner consider when making a technology plan?

The most important thing anyone should consider is, how do you want your technology to serve you? Your home’s technology should be designed to respond to the way you live, not the other way around.

Keeping that in mind, every homeowner should understand that home tech is evolving very quickly, which makes it hard to keep up, much less understand the solutions available to you. In order to make an educated decision, you need to invest some time in understanding the options that are out there.
We hear all too often, “Oh, I live very simply. I don’t want too much technology complicating my life.”

Yet, these are the types of people that need us the most. Technology has the power to make your life simpler. But it must be installed, programmed and integrated by an expert who knows what they are doing. The simpler the solution or interface, the more complex the technology infrastructure that is required and more expertise is needed.


Where in the building/remodeling process should the technology plan be considered?

Technology needs to be considered early in the plan. Some questions are obvious such as, “How do we wire the home?” Some questions may not be as forthcoming such as, “Where do we put all of the gear?” It may seem silly, but we have seen multi-million dollar homes that fail to consider where to place racks of equipment.

Moreover, many of these items require proper ventilation that needs to be engineered into the design. Even if you do not fully decide on the technology being used, much of the planning should be made when the architect has the plans. In the event you miss the architectural phase, you will want to get advice as soon as possible.

Again, a properly designed home allows flexibility no matter what technology is ultimately chosen. Plus, for resale purposes, you certainly don’t want to be the home that was not intelligently designed for technology.

Obviously, there are different needs and budgets for different people. However, one thing that most people have in common is the need for a robust network. Yet, networking is the most commonly overlooked requirement for a successful marriage between technology and the user. Most of the new and evolving technologies require huge amounts of bandwidth, which will typically clog most wireless networks. Investing in the proper backbone that takes into account the almost certain need for expansion is important. Having a robust network plan opens up unlimited possibilities and options.

If you want to outfit your home, where are the points/rooms that should take priority?

As I mentioned before, networking must take a high priority. From there, you should prioritize based on how you use your home. For example, most people only use a few rooms. Those few rooms are a good way to prioritize budget. However, you should think of the entire home as a canvas for purposes of technology design.

For example, many people do not consider lighting control as a high priority. However, people that have lighting control love it. Have your lights come on at sunset, go through cycles of on/off while you are traveling, light up pathways in the middle of the night and create security scenes that make you feel safe when coming home alone (not to mention the one button “all off” feature). And this is just one of the great technology features for the home.

Some of the hottest categories in home technology are security surveillance, outdoor entertainment, whole house sound systems, theaters, motorized shades and home automation – being able to control everything from one app on your smartphone. Again, it is easy to get carried away with any or all of these categories. An intelligent design affords flexibility and takes into account all of these possibilities, even if they are not an immediate priority.


How much of the home build/remodel budget should you allot for technology?

A rough rule of thumb is 10 to 15 percent of the home value when you consider all the technology options. Of course, every home and homebuyer is different so these are not absolute percentages. No one should ever spend more than they are comfortable with. Spending too much makes people resent the technology and, often times, avoid enjoying all that technology can do to improve life at home.

My best advice – meet with a company that has been there a while and seen the mistakes that have been made. Get comfortable with the person guiding you. If you are not, ask for someone else or go seek help elsewhere. There are some good technology businesses out there. And, unfortunately, there are many that claim to be and are not. Take the time to research and explore your options.  You’ll know the right fit when you find it.




Originally published by Avid Golfer, March 2017. Image Credits:

Home Theater Seating | The Quality Test | Starpower | United Leather

Home Theater Seating

High-End, Custom Home Theater Seating, Media Rooms, and Living Rooms is growing in popularity at a rapid rate. New home theater stores may not have the quality furniture manufacturer you need for beautiful, durable theater seating Vendors are everywhere, and shopping can get confusing. For the average consumer, it can be difficult to tell if you’re getting the level of quality that you’re paying for.



At Starpower, want to help you in identifying the quality of your home theater furniture by showing you what to look for in the home theater furniture that you purchase.

Starpower offers the finest custom Home Theater Seating and Home Theater Furniture throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas and in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona – contact Starpower today.




Affordable Home Theater Furniture Can Be Custom Made

Starpower works with the finest leather seating manufacturers in the country. In fact, our primary furniture manufacturer is located right here in Texas, in the Design District in Downtown Dallas.

Starpower Home Theater Seating | The Quality Test | Starpower | United Leather

Every piece of furniture you purchase from Starpower is 100% custom made in the USA. In fact, the same leather artisan creates your entire order to ensure consistency in the assembly of your home theater chair or sofa.

Every piece of home theater furniture is made to your exact specifications.

Need design assistance? Leave it to our experts and Request a Quote now.





Why is USA Manufacturing of Home Theater Seating Important?

When a manufacturer ships their product overseas, they are generally worried about one thing – shipping costs. In order to increase shipping efficiency, overseas manufacturers will only create pieces of furniture that fit “nicely” into t.heir shipping creates. The word “custom” is simply not a part of the vocabulary.

At Starpower, we approach the home theater furniture a little differently. We believe in creating furniture that fits your room and your preferences. Do you want extra-wide seats for more snuggle room? Or how about extra high chair-backs for extra neck support?

No problem! We’ll create your custom theater seating.

It doesn’t stop there – we also offer sofas, sectionals, recliners, and benches.


How Do I Know If My Home Theater Furniture is High Quality?

There are several indicators for establishing the quality of your leather furniture. We’ve outlined some of the most important below:

Type of Leather

What is Top Grain Leather? 

Top Grain Leather is the second highest grade because it is split from the top layer of blemished hide then sanded and refinished. This is how they get rid of scars and scrapes and light cow brands. Top grain leather does not age nicely with use. It is strong and durable, but not good enough for Saddleback. They sanded off the strongest fibers of the hide leaving mainly the horizontal (easily pulled apart) fibers. By the way, did you know that leather shaving are used as filler in cheap dog food? The bigger the pile of shavings in the dog food, the bigger the piles elsewhere.


What is Genuine Leather?

Genuine leather is the third grade of leather and is produced from the layers of hide that remain after the top is split off for the better grades. The surface is usually refinished (spray painted) to resemble a higher grade. It can be smooth or rough. Ever heard of suede? Suede is tougher than cloth and is excellent for lining, but it’s not a good idea to use it in areas where it gets stress.


What is Bonded Leather?

Bonded leather is the dust and shavings of the leather glued and pressed together. It is the PT Cruiser of the leather world… pure junk. Leftover scraps are ground together with glue and resurfaced in a process similar to vinyl manufacture. Bonded leather is weak and degrades quickly with use. Some of our competitors will use bonded leather instead of quality leather to cut corners.


Frame Quality

All of Starpower’s home theater furniture comes with a LIFETIME FRAME WARRANTY. If your home theater doesn’t come with the same – ask the retailer why.

All of the solid wood used in our home theater furniture is kiln dried, leaving only 2-3% moisture which allows us to offer for a lifetime warranty on our furniture – we believe in our product that much!


Finishing Quality – Back Panel Material, Nail Heads, etc. 

Nailhead Furniture Details

Many people love the look and design aesthetic of nailhead borders on their custom home theater or living room furniture. But many complain or worry that the nailheads will fall off over time.

That WILL NOT happen with a piece of custom-made home theater furniture from Starpower and United Leather. See the photo below? Check out the size of that nail!

And the finished corners of our furniture are lined (inside) with a protective foam to ensure your leather lasts for years to come!


Customer Service Quality

When you order fro Starpower, your order is custom made for you (it’s event wrapped in a pretty bow before it’s installed on your frame). But the customer service you’ll receive after your order is one of the most impressive aspects of our furniture.

Custom Theater Seating - Dallas - Phoenix

Every order contains a custom tag for your order. This tag can be used to track your order throughout the lifetime of your furniture. If you move out of state and damage an arm-rest, we’ll use this tag to re-create a new armrest to the specifications on your tag.

When your order is ready to ship – it will receive a Made in the USA tag which will contain the details of your order.

is the staging area for Starpower shipments – isn’t it pretty?!



The Ultimate Theater Seating Quality Test

When evaluating the quality of your home theater furniture – there is one simple test you can execute – smack your hand on the side of your furniture – under the arm and above the floor.

If your hand meets a solid material like wood, you’ve purchased a quality piece. You’ll know because you’ll hear a solid “smack” on the wood.

If your hand meets a hollow spot between pieces of framing wood, you’ve sacrificed quality.

Want to know more? Take the quality test at Starpower today!


Home Theater Furniture at Starpower

Shop our most popular leather style online.



Are you looking for high-end quality home theater furniture? Visit any Starpower location throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas or in Scottsdale or Phoenix, Arizona.


Feel the Action with D-Box!


D-Box motion seating – Creating immersion through motion.

Are you ready to take your home theater seating to the next level?

Even if you are just at the beginning phase of creating the ultimate media room, the D-Box Motion Code system adds an entirely new element to your home theater! Get in the action and feel like you’re part of the film, TV series or video game with the D-Box Motion Code system.

Starpower Feel The Action With D-Box!

The D-Box Motion Code system uses motion effects specially designed for each film, TV series or video games, which are sent to a motion generating system and integrated within the home theater seat. The result is a perfectly synchronized motion experience with all onscreen action. How cool is that? Currently, D-Box is available on more than 900 titles for your viewing pleasure. Many of the top studios in Hollywood have begun embedding D-Box on many Blu-Ray formats and theatrical releases for you!


The D-Box Motion Code system is available on both existing seating and new home theater seating.

So whether you’re looking to buy new media room furniture or update an existing home theater seat, the D-Box Motion Code system is for you!  D-Box vibrating chairs offer the ultimate viewing experience; the software can be integrated within certain manufacturers seating models, these include Acoustic Innovations, CDGI, Cineak, Cinematch, Continental Seating, Design NS, Fortress Seating, Front Row Seating, Jaymar, Oray, TK Living, United Leather and VIP Cinema Seating.


There are two components to the D-Box vibrating chairs system, the motion platform, and the motion controller.

Both work in conjunction for an awesome motion effect experience. The platform, which is both discrete and lightweight, can easily slide under your home theater seat. The motion controller is the brainpower behind the D-Box Motion Code system. It is the link between your Blu-Ray or DVD player and the motion effect generating system that is embedded in your home theater seating. It read the motion code in real-time, and then transmits these effects to the motion generating system all while in perfect sync with your films, TV series or video games!


D-Box at Starpower

Want to experience this action for yourself? Visit one of our four Starpower locations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona and feel the D-Box Motion Code system for yourself!  Update your home theater seating with D-Box vibrating chairs and offer yourself and your guests an experience they will never forget!


Crestron Shades – Are They Right for You?

Starpower Crestron Shades - Are They Right For You?

Are Crestron Shades Right for You?

If you’ve read our Home Theater Guide or Media Room Guide, you know the importance of having amazing shades in your home.  Crestron makes life super easy with their automated lighting solutions. Not only are these shades gorgeous, but they’re smart! Doesn’t get much better than that.


Why Shades? Comfort & Convenience

Imagine opening or closing an entire wall of window treatments at the touch of a button — it’s possible with Crestron shading solutions. Presets can ensure the perfect amount of light is allowed in throughout the day, creating rooms that are always as cool, comfortable and bright as you want them to be. One touch, from within your home or away from it, can recall the perfect lighting schemes for entertaining, relaxing, reading, watching TV or shutting everything off just before bed.


Types of Shades:

Roller Shades


Sleek and elegant rollar shades are a popular choice for their versatility and variety of styles. With silent QMT™ motors and the ability to hide rollers out of sight, this type of shade can be discreetly integrated into any décor. Create curtain walls by coupling up to six shades as a single group with one Crestron QMT™ motor, or choose larger tube and bracket sizes to accomodate more expansive windows. Dual roller shades can also deliver both light-filtering and blackout shades on the same window for multiple purposes within one room.

Roman Shades


Roman shades add visual impact to a room, with different fabrics, pleats, and folds creating unique aesthetic statements. Whether you want a more regal look, something traditional, or even a more modern flair, there’s a roman shade style to suit your taste.

Skylight Shades


Easily control the sunlight streaming through your skylights with automated shades. Crestron provides skylight shading systems with hidden cable guides to maximize window area, allowing natural light in while keeping unsightly cables out of the way. Skylight shades can be mounted outside, inside, or recessed for added flexibility.

Drapery Track


Draperies add a soft, graceful touch to your décor. Control pinch pleat, Ripplefold® and Accordia® styles on straight, curved, bent, and custom tracks to suit your unique environment. Even details such as motor, arm, and draw styles can be fine-tuned for touch sensitive controls, adjustable speed settings, and soft starts and stops, adding an element of dramatic motion to your window treatments.

Home Theater Seating | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | Starpower

Starpower Home Theater Seating | Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) | Starpower

Buying Home Theater / Cinema Seating

When it comes to choosing your home theater/media room seating, you may have your work cut out for you. What started as a simple task, can quickly turn into a gigantic new project. When you’re considering a home theater furniture purchase, there are some important questions to consider.

Read below to find out more.


What Questions Should I Ask When Planning a Home Theater?

How many home theater seats do I want/need?

What type of cinema seats am I looking for? Single Chair, Double Seater, Sofa, etc.

What style of home theater chair(s) do I prefer?

Do I want multiple rows of seats?

Do I want risers to elevate the 2nd and 3rd rows?

Do I want my chairs to have manual or power recline?

What colors are best for my space?

These are all questions Starpower home entertainment can work with you to answer.



Where Are Starpower’s Home Theater Chairs Manufactured?

Starpower works with one of our best manufacturers of Home Theater seating in the country—United Leather.

United Leather is a Dallas, Texas-based company that has been manufacturing for nearly 10 years. What is so cool and unique about United Leather? They treat every customer like royalty. Every piece of their furniture is made-to-order with only the finest in high-quality materials. They offer 6 grades of leather in over 100 colors, as well as micro suede, or fabric the owner has previously chosen and purchased.  What is really cool about this manufacturer is that whether you are going for a Hollywood look, an urban metro scene, modern contemporary or Santa Fe Southwest, United Leather Chairs in Dallas has dozens of looks that will fit your specific discrete style.

Perhaps an aspect of the royal treatment United Leather furniture makers consider that others do not is the use of top-notch foam core, and special suspension. These two characteristics work hand in hand with the look of the chair to give you a chair that is sure to make you feel like you have VIP passes at the classiest theater in town.

Because United Leather takes pride in its furniture, no matter the design and color of your throne, it is sure to give the royal treatment for far longer than any other brand.


Do you offer Home Theater Packages?

Yes! Starpower makes it easy to get the home theater of your dreams. Shop some of our most popular home theater packages by clicking learn more below.



About Starpower Home Theater and Audio Video

Home Theater and home audio video retailer, Starpower, was established in Dallas, Texas in 1995. For more than two decades, Starpower has provided the finest home theater seating and equipment to our customers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth and Phoenix/Scottsdale areas.

The Home Theater vs. The Media Room

Starpower The Home Theater Vs. The Media Room

Home Theaters vs. Media Rooms – What’s The Difference?

Ya’ll have heard me use the term media room and home theater a million times, and some of you may wonder what is the difference? Well, there is a HUGE difference between a home theater and a media room. Both are awesome entertaining areas but they also have different purposes.

Here are a couple of pictures to help you see what we mean when I say “media room” versus “home theater.”

Media Room

Dedicated Home Theater

An Overview of Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Features of a Media Room

Here is a breakdown that will explain the difference. Think about your friends. You probably have a friend who is the king or queen of Super Bowl parties. He or she has a big screen television, awesome sound equipment, and the kind of seating that allows for a lot of people to cram together and watch the game while visiting, snacking, and entertaining.  This friend has a Media Room. A media room is the ultimate must-have for an entertainer.


Features of a Home Theater

So what if you are a bit more of the reserved type and you want your space to be a quieter place to sit and watch the best or the latest film in the industry?  You can establish it as your “home theater” space. It’s easy to compare this space to a movie theater—in fact—think of your experience in a theater.  It’s quiet, comfy, highly technical, and dark, this is exactly what your home theater should be like too.

Some of the most important qualities of a home theater might include:

  • A projection screen or very large television
  • A  good home theater projector
  • Cinema lighting with one-touch light dimming capabilities
  • 3D surround sound
  • Temperature control
  • Wall acoustics
  • Cinema seating such as leather theater chairs

Regardless, does your vision includes an area for entertaining your friends or a special space that takes the at-home movie experience to all new levels, if you want to do it, we want to help you. Anything you can imagine, we can accomplish at Starpower. Come down today, and whatever your style may be, we can help you achieve it.



About Starpower Home Theater and Audio Video

Home Theater and home audio video retailer, Starpower, was established in Dallas, Texas in 1995. For more than two decades, Starpower has provided the finest audio, video, and media room and home theater equipment to our customers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth and Phoenix/Scottsdale areas.


Bye Bye Cords: Starpower’s Custom Cabinetry Systems

Starpower Bye Bye Cords: Starpower'S Custom Cabinetry Systems

Cord Management – Electronics – Cabinetry

Are you tired of seeing exposed cords draped across the wall and floor from your television to the nearest outlet? What about the cords you have hidden behind silk plants, or that four-inch gap between your television and entertainment center?

Do you wish your audio/video system fit properly and could display nicely alongside your television but your entertainment center does not have the ability to do so?


Starpower – The Cord Whisperers

Gone are the days of ugly entertainment centers made of particle board that threaten to one day crumble leaving your expensive technology on the floor. Starpower Custom home theater cabinetry experts will put the right design together for you making your audio visual system something to talk about.

Starpower home theater systems gets it. They know that function plays the largest role, yet beauty and design come in a very close, almost equal second. Starpower offers the finest in materials, amazing carpentry skills, experience, and expertise and is prepared to meet every one of your cabinetry demands.

Is your style sleek contemporary?  Rustic or traditional? Starpower‘s design experts offer well made cabinets for electronics and components that will protect your audio/video systems, hide cords, and give your living room that finishing touch.

Starpower Custom Cabinetry for Audio/Video Equipment

Starpower’s custom home theater cabinetry team can prove their claims through the artistic cabinet’s of their past and the cabinets they promise to create in the future. Your entertainment center does not have to be an out of place cabinet that awkwardly sits in the living room; your entertainment center could be a piece of artistic handiwork, crafted to show off your unique style. Starpower custom cabinetry experts promise to meet whatever your demands for a custom made cabinetry may be.


Starpower Residential and Commercial Installation Services

Lose the camoflauge and get in touch with the stylish side of electronic systems. Ready to get started? Request a Quote today!





Mount It!

Starpower Mount It!

To Mount Your TV or Not to Mount Your TV

I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t have a passion for flat screen televisions or a woman who loves to see the cords from her husband’s flat screen television strung across the wall to the nearest outlet. The compromise for this situation? The television for him and a TV wall mount for her.

TV wall mounts for large flat screens are designed for convenience and cleanliness. Most of these mounts hold the cords within the metal column mounting posts and allow movement of the television (via remote control) and leave the space looking sleek and stylish and free of the distraction of the power cords.

Omnimount wall mounts is a leader in television mounts and have a mount to meet any one of your television mounting needs! They specialize in LEDP75 mounts and many others. These mounts offer a full range of motion but can also pull flush with the wall to reserve space, all with the convenience of the remote control. Another factor that is sure to impress the women is the lack of room that is taken up when her significant other makes use of a mount instead of an entertainment center, or a piece of furniture.

And just in case you’re sitting at your desk reading this and thinking that Omnimount couldn’t possibly have a mount large enough to hold your huge television, then listen to this….they do custom work too! If you have a speaker system, a television, or anything else you think would look great mounted on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling, I think the boys at Omnimount can handle it. But just in case you don’t believe me, head on over to Starpower and get some help deciding what Omnimount wall mounts might work best for you.