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Starpower and Star Interior Resources Make It Easy to Get the Home Theater of Your Dreams…

When you’re preparing to embark on the journey of transitioning a space in your home to a home theater or media room, the first thought or feeling you have may be an anxious one. There are so many elements to consider – equipment, construction, preparing the space, lighting, decor…where does it end?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a home theater company that offered comprehensive design and construction service? 

Good news! There is…

Starpower, in partnership with fellow star-company, Star Interior Resources make the perfect team to help you design, plan and construct your home theater or media room project.

From concept to design – Starpower and Star Interior Resources can provide you with the end to end services you need to get the job done on-time, on-budget, and most importantly done right.

Below is an example of the wonderful spaces we can create when we collaborate with Star Interior Resources.



Residential Home Theater Project – Southlake, TX


Home-Theater-Design-And-Installation Home-Theater-Seating Home-Theater-Flower-Mound-Texas


Project Summary:

Located in Southlake, Texas – our clients were seeking a sleek, fun home theater design with an end to end finishes. Starpower’s Adrian Ballard (Southlake) teamed up with Star Interior Resources interior designer, Terri Becker, to make this incredible space. Featuring the best name brands like Sony, Martin Logan and Marantz along with custom leather seating from Starpower – this theater is magical.

Featured Products:

Projector Sony VPLW45ES
Screen 120″ Home Theater Screen
Receiver Marantz SR5011V
On-Wall Speakers Martin Logan SLM-X
Seating Penthouse Theater Seats
Flooring StarFloors
Pre-Wire Starpower Custom Install
Interior Design Terri Becker, Star Interior Resources
Ceiling Design Local Artist, Commissioned by Star
Construction Star Interior Resources


Ready to Get Started?


Ready to get started on your new home theater or media room? Contact Starpower today. We’ll work with you on the design, layout, equipment and design elements you want and need to make your home theater or media room the new “heart” of your home.



Feel the Action with D-Box!


D-Box motion seating – Creating immersion through motion.

Are you ready to take your home theater seating to the next level?

Even if you are just at the beginning phase of creating the ultimate media room, the D-Box Motion Code system adds an entirely new element to your home theater! Get in the action and feel like you’re part of the film, TV series or video game with the D-Box Motion Code system.

Starpower Feel The Action With D-Box!

The D-Box Motion Code system uses motion effects specially designed for each film, TV series or video games, which are sent to a motion generating system and integrated within the home theater seat. The result is a perfectly synchronized motion experience with all onscreen action. How cool is that? Currently, D-Box is available on more than 900 titles for your viewing pleasure. Many of the top studios in Hollywood have begun embedding D-Box on many Blu-Ray formats and theatrical releases for you!


The D-Box Motion Code system is available on both existing seating and new home theater seating.

So whether you’re looking to buy new media room furniture or update an existing home theater seat, the D-Box Motion Code system is for you!  D-Box vibrating chairs offer the ultimate viewing experience; the software can be integrated within certain manufacturers seating models, these include Acoustic Innovations, CDGI, Cineak, Cinematch, Continental Seating, Design NS, Fortress Seating, Front Row Seating, Jaymar, Oray, TK Living, United Leather and VIP Cinema Seating.


There are two components to the D-Box vibrating chairs system, the motion platform, and the motion controller.

Both work in conjunction for an awesome motion effect experience. The platform, which is both discrete and lightweight, can easily slide under your home theater seat. The motion controller is the brainpower behind the D-Box Motion Code system. It is the link between your Blu-Ray or DVD player and the motion effect generating system that is embedded in your home theater seating. It read the motion code in real-time, and then transmits these effects to the motion generating system all while in perfect sync with your films, TV series or video games!


D-Box at Starpower

Want to experience this action for yourself? Visit one of our four Starpower locations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona and feel the D-Box Motion Code system for yourself!  Update your home theater seating with D-Box vibrating chairs and offer yourself and your guests an experience they will never forget!


Designing Your Complete Home Theater

Starpower Designing Your Complete Home Theater

Design a Home Theater with Starpower

Escape into your favorite movie or sporting event with a complete home theater package! Transform any room into front row seats and without the price of tickets!

That’s right… you can turn your living room into your own personal movie theater – and at Starpower, we make it happen.



How to Design Your Home Theater

At Starpower, we know how stressful planning your new home theater can be. That’s why we’ve made the process easy! Get your dream home theater in 3 easy steps.


1. Schedule Your In-Home Consultation

First, schedule an in-home consultation with our experts. Our experts walk-through your space, listen to your goals and preferences and take measurements. Remember when I said we said we make it easy? Schedule your appointment online and the walk-through fee is waived. You’re welcome!



Book And Appointment At Starpower



2. Select Your Equipment

This is where the experts come in! Our loyal staff of sales experts and custom installers are the authority in the industry. We’ve seen and done it all and can find any solution to meet your needs.

From projectors to screens, theater seating made to your exact specifications and more – we’re here to design your dream.

Want to get an early start?

Shop Projectors

Shop Theater Seating

Shop Speakers



3. Visualize and Finalize Your Room

Our incredible team will help you visualize your space to ensure we’ve met your every need. Starpower’s 3D Room planner allows you to see your dream come to life! Below are actual renderings completed by our experts.

Media Room 3D Rendering

Home Theater 2D Rendering


Now you’re ready! A home theater or media room is not a purchase you will regret. At Starpower, we make it easy to enjoy! Get started today.

Book Your In-Home Consult, or give us a call (972) 200-9067.


Home Theater Packages

Starpower makes it easy to get the home theater of your dreams.

Shop some of our most popular home theater packages, by clicking the learn more button.




About Starpower Home Theater and Audio Video

Home Theater and home audio video retailer, Starpower, was established in Dallas, Texas in 1995. For more than two decades, Starpower has provided the finest audio, video, and home theater equipment to our customers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth and Phoenix/Scottsdale areas.


Home Theater Seating | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | Starpower

Starpower Home Theater Seating | Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) | Starpower

Buying Home Theater / Cinema Seating

When it comes to choosing your home theater/media room seating, you may have your work cut out for you. What started as a simple task, can quickly turn into a gigantic new project. When you’re considering a home theater furniture purchase, there are some important questions to consider.

Read below to find out more.


What Questions Should I Ask When Planning a Home Theater?

How many home theater seats do I want/need?

What type of cinema seats am I looking for? Single Chair, Double Seater, Sofa, etc.

What style of home theater chair(s) do I prefer?

Do I want multiple rows of seats?

Do I want risers to elevate the 2nd and 3rd rows?

Do I want my chairs to have manual or power recline?

What colors are best for my space?

These are all questions Starpower home entertainment can work with you to answer.



Where Are Starpower’s Home Theater Chairs Manufactured?

Starpower works with one of our best manufacturers of Home Theater seating in the country—United Leather.

United Leather is a Dallas, Texas-based company that has been manufacturing for nearly 10 years. What is so cool and unique about United Leather? They treat every customer like royalty. Every piece of their furniture is made-to-order with only the finest in high-quality materials. They offer 6 grades of leather in over 100 colors, as well as micro suede, or fabric the owner has previously chosen and purchased.  What is really cool about this manufacturer is that whether you are going for a Hollywood look, an urban metro scene, modern contemporary or Santa Fe Southwest, United Leather Chairs in Dallas has dozens of looks that will fit your specific discrete style.

Perhaps an aspect of the royal treatment United Leather furniture makers consider that others do not is the use of top-notch foam core, and special suspension. These two characteristics work hand in hand with the look of the chair to give you a chair that is sure to make you feel like you have VIP passes at the classiest theater in town.

Because United Leather takes pride in its furniture, no matter the design and color of your throne, it is sure to give the royal treatment for far longer than any other brand.


Do you offer Home Theater Packages?

Yes! Starpower makes it easy to get the home theater of your dreams. Shop some of our most popular home theater packages by clicking learn more below.



About Starpower Home Theater and Audio Video

Home Theater and home audio video retailer, Starpower, was established in Dallas, Texas in 1995. For more than two decades, Starpower has provided the finest home theater seating and equipment to our customers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth and Phoenix/Scottsdale areas.

The Home Theater vs. The Media Room

Starpower The Home Theater Vs. The Media Room

Home Theaters vs. Media Rooms – What’s The Difference?

Ya’ll have heard me use the term media room and home theater a million times, and some of you may wonder what is the difference? Well, there is a HUGE difference between a home theater and a media room. Both are awesome entertaining areas but they also have different purposes.

Here are a couple of pictures to help you see what we mean when I say “media room” versus “home theater.”

Media Room

Dedicated Home Theater

An Overview of Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Features of a Media Room

Here is a breakdown that will explain the difference. Think about your friends. You probably have a friend who is the king or queen of Super Bowl parties. He or she has a big screen television, awesome sound equipment, and the kind of seating that allows for a lot of people to cram together and watch the game while visiting, snacking, and entertaining.  This friend has a Media Room. A media room is the ultimate must-have for an entertainer.


Features of a Home Theater

So what if you are a bit more of the reserved type and you want your space to be a quieter place to sit and watch the best or the latest film in the industry?  You can establish it as your “home theater” space. It’s easy to compare this space to a movie theater—in fact—think of your experience in a theater.  It’s quiet, comfy, highly technical, and dark, this is exactly what your home theater should be like too.

Some of the most important qualities of a home theater might include:

  • A projection screen or very large television
  • A  good home theater projector
  • Cinema lighting with one-touch light dimming capabilities
  • 3D surround sound
  • Temperature control
  • Wall acoustics
  • Cinema seating such as leather theater chairs

Regardless, does your vision includes an area for entertaining your friends or a special space that takes the at-home movie experience to all new levels, if you want to do it, we want to help you. Anything you can imagine, we can accomplish at Starpower. Come down today, and whatever your style may be, we can help you achieve it.



About Starpower Home Theater and Audio Video

Home Theater and home audio video retailer, Starpower, was established in Dallas, Texas in 1995. For more than two decades, Starpower has provided the finest audio, video, and media room and home theater equipment to our customers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth and Phoenix/Scottsdale areas.


D-Box Takes it to Another Level…Again! | D-Box | Starpower

Starpower D-Box Takes It To Another Level...again! | D-Box | Starpower

D-Box Home Theater Technology

Home entertainment technology continues its never-ending evolution of top-notch home theater equipment innovations with the new D-Box simulators.

If you have ever been to an amusement park such as Six Flags, or Disney World, then you have probably experienced a 3D simulated movie showing. You remember. These are the cool movie shows that have you seated in a comfy chair, belted in, and then you shake, vibrate, turn, and move up and down to give you the full effect of the film. Well thanks to D-Box, you can have all of these features in the comfort of your own home!


D-Box Theater Seating

D-Box has created seating for your home theater that allows you to fully emerge into the film of your choosing. With D-Box, you can integrate pre-existing seating with the technology, or purchase seating that contains the technology that will complete the look and feel of your home theater. D-Box has over 900 films, television shows, and games that sync with their specialty seating to help you get the full effect of what appears on the screen.

Who thought this would be possible outside of an amusement park? I certainly didn’t. But it can certainly be said that we are never ceased to be amazed by the advances in technology.



Experience D-Box at a Starpower Location Near You

As always, Starpower home theater entertainment keeps up to date with the latest and greatest in technological advances.  Stop by one of our stores located near Frisco, Plano, Addison, North Dallas, Dallas, Uptown, Southlake, Fort Worth, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, soon to advance your home theater with a D-Box Simulator.


Mount It!

Starpower Mount It!

To Mount Your TV or Not to Mount Your TV

I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t have a passion for flat screen televisions or a woman who loves to see the cords from her husband’s flat screen television strung across the wall to the nearest outlet. The compromise for this situation? The television for him and a TV wall mount for her.

TV wall mounts for large flat screens are designed for convenience and cleanliness. Most of these mounts hold the cords within the metal column mounting posts and allow movement of the television (via remote control) and leave the space looking sleek and stylish and free of the distraction of the power cords.

Omnimount wall mounts is a leader in television mounts and have a mount to meet any one of your television mounting needs! They specialize in LEDP75 mounts and many others. These mounts offer a full range of motion but can also pull flush with the wall to reserve space, all with the convenience of the remote control. Another factor that is sure to impress the women is the lack of room that is taken up when her significant other makes use of a mount instead of an entertainment center, or a piece of furniture.

And just in case you’re sitting at your desk reading this and thinking that Omnimount couldn’t possibly have a mount large enough to hold your huge television, then listen to this….they do custom work too! If you have a speaker system, a television, or anything else you think would look great mounted on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling, I think the boys at Omnimount can handle it. But just in case you don’t believe me, head on over to Starpower and get some help deciding what Omnimount wall mounts might work best for you.


Home Theater Seating | Theater Chairs | Dallas, Phoenix, Fort Worth, Scottsdale, Southlake

Starpower Home Theater Seating | Theater Chairs | Dallas, Phoenix, Fort Worth, Scottsdale, Southlake

Home Theater Chairs – Dallas, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Southlake


What Type of Theater Chairs are Best for a Home Theater?

Whether you’re ready to watch the game or pop in your favorite movie, a top quality home theater with cinema furniture will keep you comfortable all the way through. Starpower home theater seating offers 100% leather theater chairs with a modern look that fits all styles.

One of Starpower’s most popular styles of cinema seating, The Penthouse, works great as a stand-alone recliner or in a sectional.

Want more people to feel the comfort? You can customize Starpower’s home theater seats into a two-arm love seat or create the ultimate cinema experience with a row (4 seats) of Starpower cinema seating. Finish it off with cup holders on both sides. At Starpower, we offer the finest in leather seating. But, make sure you can identify a quality piece of leather furniture.


Theater Seating Layout and Design

One of the benefits of ordering your theater seating from Starpower is that you will receive a 100% custom piece of furniture that meets your exact specifications. Starpower’s cinema seating experts can depict your seating arrangement in a 3D room rendering, such as the one below, to ensure every detail is as you would like it.

Home Theater Seating Layout

Whether you’re looking for 3 rows of chairs with risers or a pair or perfect recliners for your media room, we can create a theater seating set-up that works for you.

Starpower’s seating is made with the highest quality leather and is hand-made in the USA for more details, continue reading below or request a quote below.


How Do You Identify a Quality Leather Theater Chair?

A fine piece of leather furniture starts with the hide. If you want the best of the best, top full-grain leather is the finest quality of hide available. Top full-grain hide requires no buffing or sanding, which gives you the strongest and most durable piece of furniture available.

Beyond the quality of hide, a superior piece of leather furniture will have no “splits,” “vinyl match” or “leatherettes.” Splits refer to a segment from the underneath of the hide that has been “split off” from the grain. Split hides will usually be thicker and stiffer. Vinyl match is a vinyl that has been patterned and colored to match the leather, and would normally be found on the outside backs and arms of a sofa or chair. Theater chairs that have this treatment could not be described as 100 percent leather. Likewise, leatherette is an artificial plastic or vinyl product used commonly by furniture manufacturers to cut cost. The reason you do not want to have the “vinyl match” is that over time, leather will change and get even softer, but the vinyl will stay the same.

Starpower Theater Seating


In addition to purchasing leather home theater seating with a quality hide, it’s important to have a sturdy frame built to your exact specifications from the finest lumber available. Undoubtedly, a quality furniture frame can make the difference between a piece of furniture that lasts a couple of years versus one that will last a lifetime.


Custom Theater/Cinema Seating

Once you’ve selected the finest leather and framing available, it’s time to evaluate the customization options available that will ensure you’re investing in theater seats that meet all of your needs. Today, there are customization options available to make you feel like a superstar. From motorized reclining mechanisms to stainless steel cup holders, in-arm remote controls, and hidden storage, the options are truly endless. Once you own great leather seating, you won’t want to watch television on anything else.


Starpower Offers the Ability to Customize Your Leather Home Theater  Seating With:

  • 6 grades of leather
  • 100 Leather colors
  • 50 Microfiber colors
  • 20 Cinema Styles



Starpower Theater Chairs Also Offer These Additional Options and Accessories

  • VIP Package: This upgrade provides you with the luxury to alter any or all dimensions of the seating (length, width, or height) by up to three inches in any direction.
  • Stitching and Trim: Complement your leather with your choice of four stitching styles, any color of welt cord and a variety of nail heads. We can even personalize your seating with custom embroidery.
  • Reclining Mechanisms: We offer a variety of the highest quality manual and motorized mechanisms to fit your cinema.
  • Cup holders: Choose from stock stainless steel, anodized black, anodized brass or match the cup color to the leather.
  • Tabletops: Add a removable tabletop that fits into your cup holder, or choose our exclusive in-arm table tray that disappears into the arm of the chair when you don’t need it.
  • Storage Units: We can build storage units right into your seating, perfect for remote controls, pillows, blankets and other small items.


About Starpower Theater Seating

Ultimately, you don’t have to be an expert to know what you want and what you like. Come visit Starpower located in the Dallas and Southlake, Texas area and the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona area. Our team can answer any questions you may have about Penthouse theater seating and custom leather furniture.