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Which is Better? Sealed Box Subwoofers vs. Ported Subwoofers.

Well, to answer this question we need to ask you one more question.

Are you going to use the subs in your home theater system or your audio system?

If you need a subwoofer for your home theater system, ported (or bass reflex or vented) subs would be a better choice. You want to feel the bass of action sequences, jets screaming by, and bombs exploding while you are enjoying your favorite blockbusters. The “boomy” ported subs can deliver this in a better way and more easily than the sealed box subs. Ported boxes have a vent that reinforces low bass frequencies. Ported subwoofers require two to three times less power to produce same amount of bass as compared to sealed box subwoofers. However, sealed box (or acoustic suspension) subwoofers will provide tight, clean and accurate bass. The audio output is quality driven and clean across entire frequency band. If you are looking for a subwoofer with punchy bass for your audio listening experience, sealed box would be the way to go.


Bass Management – the importance of having your bass calibrated correctly

Let’s say, you have already bought the best speaker system based on your preferences. Now what? Is it enough to connect them properly? No its not! To get the best audio experience it is very important that the calibration is done properly. Your system can be set up in most optimized way by bass management. If this is not done correctly, you might not hear the entire soundtrack, or the speakers may sound muddy or distorted. Bass management will improve your audio experience greatly with what you have and at no extra cost. Check out the bass management guide here.


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How to Choose the Right Subwoofer

Starpower How To Choose The Right Subwoofer

How to Choose the Right Subwoofer

So you’re shopping for a home theater subwoofer? I will be the first to admit to choosing a subwoofer can be a confusing task. So let’s get a few things straight, and hopefully, we can make your subwoofer shopping experience a tad easier.


How Subwoofers Work in a Home Theater or Media Room

Most basic home audio systems and home theater amplifiers have regular floor-standing speakers. This system is all that is necessary when listening to music. But when watching a film, the LFE (Low-Frequency Effects) channel is unable to produce the full effects of the film’s bass through these regular speakers. The LFE is an audio channel specifically designed and reserved for the bass produced in movies.

A home theater subwoofer operates through the LFE channel and allows for an incredible audio experience. Now here is where it gets confusing. The first decision you need to make before choosing a subwoofer is how you want your room arranged. Do you have the room for a large sub? Do you want to be able to hide the sub in the corner? These questions are important because this will help you choose whether you would like a front firing sub or a downward firing sub. Do not let these names confuse you; there is actually very little difference in the sound quality of the two. The forward firing subwoofer is smaller and can be placed anywhere in the room except for flat against the wall. The downward firing subwoofer has a simpler design and can be placed literally anywhere in the room.


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Starpower has curated a series of subwoofers that will give your room a heart-pounding, deep and beautiful sound you want. The type of sound that lets your guests know you’re serious about your sound. Your friends will be jealous. Your neighbors, well…that’s a different story. From Klipsch to SVS, Martin Logan to SONOS, we’ve got the subwoofer you want.


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Take Control of your Sound System with Sonos

Sound Systems and Home Automation in Dallas/Fort Worth and Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ

Imagine managing your entire sound system throughout your house with one control. This my friends is the Sonos sound system — the latest and greatest feature in home automation and home entertainment. All of the different pieces of the Sonos sound system can be controlled globally on your tablet or smartphone to play a single radio station or allow you to choose individual stations in each room!


SONOS Sound System

Sonos sound system makes listening to music fun and easy. Your phone or tablet app will display each unit of the Sonos sound system in your living space. You can wirelessly control every piece of the Sonos sound system in your house from a Mac, PC, Sonos Control or download the free app to your tablet or smartphone. This is such a great feature because of the element of individual control. Have every player in the house play the same music or chose different songs in different rooms —  it’s all up to you!


How to Get Started with Sonos

Getting started with Sonos is easy. You can start with the basics and grow your system, or you can go all in. Start with a Play:1 and a Sonos Connect and then expand the system wirelessly everywhere throughout your living space. You can start with one room and one player-connect your first device to a router and play all your favorite music instantly. Take it to the next level and add more players to a room and play them together in stereo.

Sonos sound system allows you to add players to as many rooms as you want! These players are all linked wirelessly together to give you the control you desire! Do you already have a stereo or home theater in your house? No problem! Use the Sonos Connect player and let it stream all the music you want!

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The Sonos Sound System:

  • Sonos Bridge (BR100) – This unit is the centerpiece of the entire system. It connects to your wireless router with an internet cable and allows over $100,000 internet radio stations including, some that you would otherwise have to pay subscription fees to enjoy.
  • Sonos Controller (CR200) – This is a remote control unit that will control the system. The free downloadable app for the iPhone and tablet has the same function as the controller.
  • Sonos Charging Controller (CC200) – For use with the controller
  • Sonos Wireless Dock (WD100) – This unit is for connection of a 4th generation music player to your system for access to your playlist
  • Sonos Powered Stereo Amp (ZP120) – This unit is to connect stereo speakers and a subwoofer. Is it the only stand-alone stereo unit available
  • Sonos Non-Amp Zone Player (ZP90) – This unit is used to connect to a separate amp/tuner to distribute signal to speakers connected to the amp/tuner
  • Sonos Play 5 (S5)- This self-amplified unit has 5 built-in speakers. Just plug it in, follow the connection instructions contained in the settings feature of your phone app and it’s ready to go. It can be used with another Play 5 in the same room to provide stereo sound
  • Sonos Play 3 (S3) – This is also a self-amplified unit that has 3 built-in speakers


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