Go Outside and Play with Starpower’s Outdoor Living Solutions

For customers who love being outdoors or out back with friends and family, Starpower home theater systems has the perfect media solution to keep you under the stars or lounging under the warmth of the sun. Our featured line of outdoor living space creations can turn your backyard patio into an audio-visual entertaining dream. For many of our clients who desire to entertain friends with music and sharp sound while swimming, entertaining or grilling out, we offer custom outdoor speaker components and complete audio surround sound solutions for patios and backyards.

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Complete A/V Solutions for Your Outdoor Space

Starpower’s seasoned and expert designers will walk with you through your backyard and consult with you on the endless possibilities:

  • Outdoor environmental speaker components
  • Diverse lines of outdoor speaker designs
  • Weather resistant surround sound systems
  • Outdoor remote touch control systems
  • Weather resistant TVs
  • Outdoor theater screens
  • Outdoor movie projectors
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Outdoor specialty electronic components
  • Outdoor A/V accessories

Designed for All of Your Outdoor Music Needs

Starpower can provide your complete sound system that brings your music to life outdoors. Blend sound seamlessly into the environment, providing maximum power and performance with minimal visual interference. Whether you’re playing soft background tunes or rocking out for a party, our professional grade audio systems fit every outdoor space.

Outdoor Video

For the outdoor viewing enthusiast, our line of weather resistant flat screen TVs are perfect for outdoor mounting onto patio walls or above your outdoor brick fireplace mantle where friends and families gather often to watch the program of their choice without moving from the comfort of their patio chairs. We also offer lawn-side theater screens and projectors so that you can turn movie watching night into an experience your kids will remember forever.

Starpower provides residential and commerical audio/video installation services. We generally only install equipment purchased at a Starpower showroom in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas or in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona. Contact us today for more information our installation policies.

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