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At Starpower every media room job is unique. Our team of experts will listen to your needs and find the right solutions for you at a price that will meet any budget. We know that every client has different musical taste, favorite movies and viewing preferences. We will work tirelessly to tailor your new system towards those tastes.That’s why we’ve been voted Best in America several years in a row. At Starpower, we can design a room with simple accents, giving it a real-deal feel or extreme features taking you to another place entirely. We can even create 3D renderings of your room so you know how to plan your space!

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A traditional media room system consists of a TV, video sources, receiver and audio speakers.

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Media Room Design — Features to Consider

In many homes, the media room might be the living room or family room. The focal point in many family rooms is a fireplace in the middle of a wall with either blank wall space or cabinets flanking the fireplace. Placing a flat screen TV over the fireplace mantle is a very popular design option. This can be great, but make sure you consider the size of your TV and the distance of your seating from the screen you are viewing.

During your consultation with your Starpower expert, you’ll review the options available for placement to ensure you have the best video and sound no matter which room you’re in.

Surround Speakers

Surround speakers can be placed on the side walls or the rear wall. In media rooms, placement of surround speakers depends on the architectural elements of the room like windows and doorways. Ceiling mounted speakers are also a good option depending on the room.

If you have no room for speakers anywhere apart from at the TV, you might want to consider a speaker bar with multiple speakers in single compact cabinet. It can provide pretty good audio experience when coupled with a subwoofer and properly setup.

Speaker Placement

Placement of the speakers can make a world of difference in your audio listening experience. Starpower’s team of exeprts can help you find the best speaker placement for your set-up.

We can do this in a variety of ways including 3D renderings of your space to ensure the best sound quality for your room. You can shop Starpower’s collection of speakers here.


The subwoofer is an important component which enhance the audio experience. Important point to note here is that the subwoofer should not be placed at the center, close to the corner is a better option.

Center Channel Speaker

The most important consideration here is that the center channel speaker should be placed at the center of the screen, above or below it. All the dialogues in the audio come out through the center channel speaker.


One major factor to consider when building your media room is the lighting in the space. You should consider how the sunlight streaming in through your windows will shine on your TV and how that will affect your your visual experience during the day. Sunlight in the room may cause your picture to appear washed out or dull. This problem can be tackled very easily with curtains, window treatments or motorized shades. For more information, check out our shades and lighting page.

Controlling Everything – Automation

Imagine you or your family and guests struggling to turn on the system, this will surely spoil the fun. A well thought out and programmed remote control will make all the difference. Now you can conceal all your equipment and still reliably transmit the signal to them. Check out the collection of control and automation options offered by Starpower.

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If you don’t have a dedicated home theater—you still have options. Starpower specializes in converting communal spaces and bonus rooms into an ideal media rooms.

If you’ve visited our showroom, or if you’ve our Fanatic Media Room, you know that we can convert an extra bedroom or bonus room into a tech dream! From screen size and placement to speaker selection and placement, our experts can help you identify the perfect system for your set-up. Contact Starpower Today—we’ll help you get started or schedule a FREE in-home consultation with a system design specialist today.