Transform Your Media Room with Reclining Theater-Style Seating

home theater installationOnce you have the essential electronic components for your home theater, it’s time to consider how you’ll best enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. Regular furniture won’t cut it when you have the latest HD TVs and high-fidelity sound, and there are essential conveniences that they lack. If you truly want to entertain your guests and immerse yourself in a cinematic experience, you need to have reclining theater-style seating that will make you so comfortable that you can focus entirely on the film.

Starpower has crafted a line of reclining theater-style seating that allows you to select from many options. Each home is different, so you’ll choose from thousands of possible variations to figure out exactly what furniture is best for you. After all, it’s only with the most comfortable seating that your entertainment can truly transport you away from home and into the film.

Let Starpower transform your home theater into the perfect place to bring your friends for the next football game or must-see TV event.

The Difference That Comfort Makes

If you want a first-hand experience of the movies that move you most, second-hand furniture won’t cut it. Styles change over time, and furniture naturally wears down over time, so you should consider what an update can do for you. New furniture offers several advantages that outclass what you already have:

  • Furniture is designed to be supportive, but over time it will lose tension in springs or firmness in its filling. The best solution is to replace it with superior-quality furniture that will sustain you for years to come.
  • Inferior furniture may feel comfortable at first, but throughout a movie, you may need to fidget or shift to a better position. This kind of distraction removes you from the point of your entertainment and demands an upgrade.
  • You can make your home the ideal destination for your friends when it’s time for the game. If you have the most comfortable chairs with built-in conveniences, everyone will want to come over and enjoy your premier entertainment setup when your team most needs your support.

When you recall how it first felt when you bought your current furniture, you may remember how excited you were to get home and settle in for the evening. You can recover that feeling and take it to the next level by selecting the best home theater seating available.

Home Theater Seating - Penthouse 2How to Make the Ideal Choice When You Want to Host

As you start the process of finding your perfect media room furniture, the first thing you may notice is how broad the selection is. There are many chairs, each with subtle differences, each compelling in their own ways. Rather than force yourself to decide on your own without all the information, there’s another way to approach the problem. Starpower has partnered with Ed Kellum & Son to provide a personal in-home consultation to get you started.

Take advantage of our good taste, knowledge, and excellence to create a plan for your home theater. Our team will come to your home and discuss your options with you. Let us know where you’d like to build your theater or show us what you already have in place. We’ll review several recliner chair options that suit your theater and clearly explain why each may work well. Even more important for coming to a good decision, our consultation will also include information regarding what sets each chair apart. When you’re facing a choice between many excellent options, it can be hard to decide.

The Big Picture: Reclining Theater Chairs That Make the Best Home Theater Seating

One of the challenges in selecting furniture for your home theater is that each option we provide has so much going for it. Every Starpower chair represents the pinnacle of comfort and viewing experience. There are several qualities you’ll find in each of our chairs:

  • Premium Materials. You can tell the difference between genuine leather and imitation. Starpower chairs exclusively use 100% top grain leather with your choice of six different grains.
  • Customization. Make these chairs your own by selecting from over 100 colors. Whether you prefer an individual recliner chair, intimate loveseats, or several theater-style rows of seats, the option is in your hands. Take it a step further by requesting tailor-made chairs to your exact dimensions for unrivaled comfort.
  • Upgrades. Give yourself and your family the gift of convenience with upgrades such as a cup holder, tray table, tablet holder, reading light, or headrest pillow. For the height of immersion, ultra-real motion response simulators let you feel the action as it appears on the screen.

We also have multiple styles from which you may choose. Will you select the elegant, traditional design of The Diplomat? Perhaps the contemporary design of The Pacific speaks to your taste? Or does The Penthouse perfectly match the rest of the furniture in your home? Let us help you discern which style best resonates with you.

Where to Find the Best Media Room FurnitureMedia Room Projectors and Speaker Systems; Starpower Southlake

There’s no better place than Starpower to find the best selection of recliner chairs for your theater. We are a premium supplier of well-crafted furniture that provides an unparalleled experience. You can experience these theater chairs for yourself by visiting one of our locations in North Dallas, Uptown, and Southlake, or our location serving the Phoenix area in Scottsdale, AZ. You may also request a complimentary in-home consultation to get our professional opinion on the best furniture to select for your room.

There’s never been a better time to create or upgrade your home theater. We can help assemble it from scratch or schedule a consultation to discuss new ideas. You can begin by using our room planner and envision how your new leather reclining theater-style seating will fit.

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