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Theater Style Seating – Customized Seating for your Home Theater

A home theater is about more than a big screen, a dark room, a killer sound system, and an intuitive remote control setup. While all these factors are crucial to your enjoyment of your home theater, there is one other piece of the puzzle that is just as vital: your personal comfort. Giving some careful thought to theater-style seating for your new media room will transform the space from a marvel of state-of-the-art technology into a place where you and your guests truly love to spend time. At Starpower, we can help you design the ultimate home theater with our dynamic theater seating solutions.

Choosing a Seating Style

When you go to a movie theater to see the latest blockbuster release, you take note of every part of the experience. How big is the screen? How crisp is the sound? Are you truly getting that explosive, bombastic movie-going experience you love? These questions—and their answers—tend to be what we remember about going to see a movie, along with the film itself. However, comfort can also make a huge difference in your overall enjoyment. The thing about comfort is that, if you don’t notice it, someone probably did something right. If you don’t think about how padded your seat is, or how good the headrest is, or whether you’re craning your neck to see the screen, then you are probably pretty comfortable.

At Starpower, we want to help you achieve that perfect balance: where you are so comfortable that you can focus entirely on what’s on the screen and the sound from the speakers. We can work with you to craft custom theater seats that completely match your vision and comfort expectations. Look, feel, and design are all important details to us when it comes to theater seating.

We typically ask customers to start by checking out our available theater-style seating styles. We currently have seven different styles available. These include:Home Theater seats - The Diplomat - Starpower

Each style, as you’ll see, is distinctly different in overall aesthetic and design. The Formula One has the look and feel of a race car seat, while The Diplomat has a more classic armchair design. Review each style to get a sense for what you’d want the furniture to look like in your home theater.

Customizing Your Theater Style Seating

Home Theater Seating - Penthouse 2One of the most fun parts of planning a home theater through Starpower is that you don’t just get a home theater chair sold to you as is. Instead, we work with our clients to customize crucial components of the theater seating equation, from the color and aesthetic of the chair to the unique accessories it boasts.

Start by customizing the look and feel of your bespoke theater seats. To craft our seven styles of theater seating, we partner with a premium leather furniture marker. This partnership enables us to choose from six different grades of leather, 50-plus microfibers, and 100 colors. If you want a soft leather seat in a brilliant red hue, we can provide it. If you want a tan leather chair that matches what you have in your car, we can do that, too. With a near-infinite array of leather, microfiber, and color combinations, it’s possible to have a theater seating style that is genuinely unique to you and your screening room.

Customization doesn’t stop at the material we use on your seats, either. On the contrary, we can also take our styles and tweak them to suit specific size and dimension specifications. When planning your theater configuration, you may determine that each seat needs to match a particular set of dimensions to fit properly. We can match those dimensions. Alternatively, you might decide that instead of having separate seats as you would in a theater, you’d prefer an adjustable headrest sofa that can seat the whole family together. Starpower can convert any seating style into rows of standalone seats, loveseats, sofas, or whatever you prefer.

As far as theater seat accessories go, we can offer a variety of add-ons or special features to increase the comfort and convenience of your theater. We can incorporate reclining and swiveling functions, pop-up control screens, cupholders, tray tables, storage units, tablet holders, phone charging ports, reading lights, adjustable headrest pillows, and more. We can even equip our seats with motion-response technology, which simulate shakes and vibrations depending on the action going on in your movie. With all these feature options, you can keep things simple, skewed toward state-of-the-art movie theater technology, or stay somewhere in between.

Don’t Forget Configuration

As you are planning your dream theater seating arrangement, don’t forget the importance of seating configuration. You can have the most maxed-out, tech-savvy seat on the market and still have a sub-par viewing experience if you are too close to the screen, too far from the screen, or blocked from the screen by other chairs or obstacles.starpower home theater seating

A considerable part of the seating configuration can and should be planned out long before you buy your theater seats. While you are designing and building your theater room, there are things you can do to plan for an optimal seating configuration. One of the best practices is to incorporate a slanting floor into your design. There is a reason most commercial movie theaters are set up in this fashion. This slanting, “stadium-style” seating ensures that everyone has a good vantage point to see the screen and enjoy the film. The chances of having your view blocked by someone in front of you who happens to have a big head are mostly a thing of the past, thanks to the stadium seating model that most theaters have adopted.

Even if you can’t do much with a slanting floor—perhaps you are renovating an existing area and are limited in your options—you can be strategic with how you situate chairs to avoid sightline problems or other issues. As you position chairs, make sure you know what you are planning for regarding seat dimensions. If you are buying recliners, incorporate those dimensions into the equation as well. You don’t want to pay extra for a dozen recliners only to find that only the front row can ever recline fully.

Start Planning Your Custom Theater Style Seats Today

At Starpower, we are happy to help you customize your dream home theater experience. In addition to custom-manufacturing seating, we can also recommend the best projectors, TV screens, speakers, and remote-control systems to bring your vision of the perfect home theater to life. To get started, contact us today.

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