The Top 9 Man Cave Essentials

These days, everyone wants the perfect man cave for a comfortable retreat from the day-to-day worries. After a long work week, it’s always a pleasure to return to a place that’s truly your own. So, what does the ideal man cave offer? Below, we’ve assembled our list of the top-nine man cave essentials. Feel free to add more than what we list here to make the place your own, but your cave won’t be complete until you’ve checked off every item on this list.

Making Comfort Your Priority

These basics are the start of every man cave. Use these as the foundation of your zone and build up from there into the next categories, but it’s advisable to not skip over any of these:

  • Recliner – First and foremost, you need comfortable seating. It’s not the same to watch the big game or your favorite movies if you don’t have the right seats to keep you comfortable for the duration. The only option is to go for genuine leather recliners. With the right source for your seats, you can choose from dozens of different styles and microfiber colors, as well as different grades of leather.
  • Refreshment – No man cave is complete without a mini-fridge containing your favorite drinks. If you plan on entertaining frequently, you should consider a larger unit, but get something that can at least keep water, a six-pack, and a few soft drinks cold for when you want to quench your thirst without having to run to the kitchen. It’s not a bad idea to couple this with a small cabinet for chips, pretzels, and other quick snacks.
  • Memorabilia – Make your man cave your own by showcasing memorabilia from your proudest moments. Clear a space for your championship trophy, your diploma, and the photos that make you the happiest. This spot is great to showcase your kids’ talents as they get a little older so that you can always keep them in a special place. Make sure to include sports jerseys, commemorative books, and anything else that highlights your heroes.

Surround Sound Ideas - StarpowerUp and Coming: The Class Act

The last thing you want for your man cave to be is a shallow replica of what you’ve seen on TV. There are several ways you can add some depth to your setup and encourage proper male bonding with the guys.

  • Classic Gaming – Gentlemanly comfort isn’t complete without a pool table, dartboard, or other classic games. When you have your friends over for a guys’ night in, there’s little better than playing a few hands of poker with a drink in the other hand. Add in low-hanging billiard lights to create an old-school ambiance and make the scene complete.
  • Book Nook – The study is making a comeback in a big way for those who want to add a bit of class to the man cave. Adding in a bookcase and filling it with classic literature is a great way to show that your mind’s a muscle that you care about, too. American classics such as The Great Gatsby and Moby Dick are good ones to have in your collection – even if you haven’t read them yet. You can add biographies on sports figures and people prominent in your favorite hobbies to add a personal touch.
  • Bar – A big part of entertaining is having what you need on hand to make the right drinks. We recommend stocking at least vodka, gin, bourbon, whiskey, scotch, vermouth, bitters, and rum, as well as appropriate mixers including tonic, club soda, and a few flavors of soft drinks. We recommend specifically having some Jack Daniels on hand to make the always-classic Jack and Coke, or Jack and Ginger.

The Main Event: Home Stereo System and Components

It’s all fun and games until it’s time to sit down for the main event. Whether you’re watching the Superbowl, Stanley Cup, or the season premiere of your favorite show, you need entertainment equipment that can live up to the challenge.

  • Big Screen – There are two options when it comes to man cave big screens: projectors and HD TVs. Both technologies have made astounding advances in the past few years, so either one can provide high-fidelity images when you need them the most. Projectors take a little more setup and can be finicky if the light’s not right but can be an economical choice if you want an extra-large screen. TVs are going to be easier to work with but may run a little more expensive for the same size image compared to projectors. Consider your budget and space, then speak with an experienced consultant who can give you the benefit of their knowledge.
  • Receiver – Without a high-end receiver, your sound just won’t cut it. A great image isn’t the same if you can’t hear everything that’s happening, so make sure not to skimp on the receiver quality. Ultra HD sound is an absolute necessity, and we recommend going with a system that has at least 7.2 channels for the full surround sound experience. The receiver is the core of your home stereo system components, so invest in it accordingly.
  • Surround Sound Speakers – You need high-quality speakers to match your receiver. Depending on your man cave’s architecture, you should consider a powered subwoofer for the strongest bass. This feature is particularly important if you enjoy the cinema experience and want to host movie nights for your friends. There’s a near-limitless selection of high-quality speakers to choose from, so it’s essential that you speak to someone who knows this subject inside out.

Let Starpower Help You Find Your Man Cave Essentials

While you can’t find everything on this list at Starpower, you can find recliners, TVs, compact refrigerators, projectors, receivers, and surround sound options to make the best sound system for your man cave at Starpower. Even better, the team can provide one-on-one consultation and help you plan out your man cave so that you get everything accounted for before you begin construction. Take a few moments to dream up what you’d like your man cave to have, make a list, then give us a call to get started.

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