Home Theaters vs. Media Rooms – What’s The Difference?

Ya’ll have heard me use the term media room and home theater a million times, and some of you may wonder what is the difference? Well, there is a HUGE difference between a home theater and a media room. Both are awesome entertaining areas but they also have different purposes.

Here are a couple of pictures to help you see what we mean when I say “media room” versus “home theater.”

Media Room

Dedicated Home Theater

An Overview of Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Features of a Media Room

Here is a breakdown that will explain the difference. Think about your friends. You probably have a friend who is the king or queen of Super Bowl parties. He or she has a big screen television, awesome sound equipment, and the kind of seating that allows for a lot of people to cram together and watch the game while visiting, snacking, and entertaining.  This friend has a Media Room. A media room is the ultimate must-have for an entertainer.


Features of a Home Theater

So what if you are a bit more of the reserved type and you want your space to be a quieter place to sit and watch the best or the latest film in the industry?  You can establish it as your “home theater” space. It’s easy to compare this space to a movie theater—in fact—think of your experience in a theater.  It’s quiet, comfy, highly technical, and dark, this is exactly what your home theater should be like too.

Some of the most important qualities of a home theater might include:

  • A projection screen or very large television
  • A  good home theater projector
  • Cinema lighting with one-touch light dimming capabilities
  • 3D surround sound
  • Temperature control
  • Wall acoustics
  • Cinema seating such as leather theater chairs

Regardless, does your vision includes an area for entertaining your friends or a special space that takes the at-home movie experience to all new levels, if you want to do it, we want to help you. Anything you can imagine, we can accomplish at Starpower. Come down today, and whatever your style may be, we can help you achieve it.



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