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Planning Your Home Theater & Living Room for Football Season

TV/Audio Installation in time for Game Day!It’s almost here — the first whistle, the opening kickoff, and the first exciting drive down the gridiron are all just around the corner as the start of the next NFL season lays just beyond the horizon. Whether you’re a fan of the Cowboys or one of the many other teams in the league, the start of the season is an exciting time. Finally, after months of the dreary off-season, you can sink into your favorite seat every Sunday to cheer on your favorite players and question the quality of the officiating.

With all that excitement building up, now is also the perfect time to ask yourself: is your home ready to play host to all the big games?

Whether you want to develop a football-themed media room, or you want a home theater system for your living room that can deliver the best sports experience possible, there are lots of factors to consider. If you want to create the ultimate space to enjoy watching sports, it’s worth looking at all those elements — from the seating in your space to the sound system to the most essential component of all: your TV. Where do you even begin?

At Starpower, we can help you get set for kickoff with plenty of time to spare. Our extensive showrooms make it easy to get a look at your options in person, while our highly experienced team of designers and installers stands ready to help you transform your space into the man cave of your dreams. Check out our quick guide to what you need to know to get ready for football.

Picking the Best TV for Sports Made Simple

There’s no doubt about it: the TV is the most important part of your media room when it comes to watching sports. However, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a TV specifically for watching sports. Here are the necessary stats to keep in mind as you browse our options:4K Ultra HD TV - Starpower

  • Size of the TV vs Viewing Distance. Depending on the size of your media room, you may need a much larger TV simply by design — the farther back you sit from the screen, the larger it should be for maximum viewing enjoyment. Of course, if you want to simply go as big as possible, nothing is standing in your way.
  • Refresh Rate. Sports are characterized by fast action, lots of movement, and the need to catch small, important details. The “refresh rate,” measured in hertz (Hz), tells you how quickly the TV can update the image on the screen. The higher the rate, the smoother the picture on the screen will be — and that’s what you need to see whether that pass was incomplete or not.
  • HDR Capability. Along with fast, smooth motion on your TV, you’ll also want to be sure that the colors are vibrant and deep. While some manufacturers express colors and contrast ratios with numbers, you’re better off looking for modern TVs that have video processing capabilities such as HDR, or high dynamic range, which can make the colors on screen really “pop.”
  • Viewing Angles. While ideally, everyone will be sitting to view the TV head-on, that may not always be possible in your media room. Take care to ensure that the TV you purchase has a viewing angle that does not distort the picture for those sitting off to the side.

What about projectors for sports fans? Depending on your budget and your media room, these can be a good option, too, but in some cases may require a larger initial outlay if you want to achieve the best-looking result possible from a projector. The good news: since you’ll typically mount a projector in the ceiling, there are fewer cables to run down at the seating level. Ensuring that everything has been appropriately sized and calibrated for your screen, however, is vital — otherwise, you may end up with a picture that’s never quite fully on the projector screen. Modern projectors can do an excellent job with sports, but you may not always get the same level of sharpness and responsiveness as with a high-end OLED or QLED TV. Your Starpower team can provide additional insight to demystify the options you have in this area.


Structure the Seating to Make the Most of Your SpaceNFL Media Room - Starpower

Does your media room turn into a solo man cave during the NFL season, or does it become a home away from home for your friends that are also friends? The answer to that question will have a significant influence on the type of theater room seating you consider. Ultimately, the choice comes down to creating a comfortable space for just a few people, or a more versatile space that can comfortably seat a large group without negatively impacting the viewing experience. While there’s always a middle ground to seek, start with an understanding of your desired seating arrangements before you move further along in the process. Not only will your seating impact the type of TV or projector screen you need to purchase, for example, but it will also influence where and how we position speakers for your home audio system installation.

While all that sounds highly technical, you can leave the measuring and positioning to our crack team of installers — you get to enjoy the fun part: choosing the seating you want in the space. With six grades of leather, a hundred different colors, and almost two dozen options for seating styles, Starpower’s custom seating selections make it easy to fill out your viewing area. Kick back, relax, and even recline while you enjoy the convenience of built-in cup holders and the ultimate in comfortable luxury seating.


Outdoor Speaker Placement - Starpower Theater Room Design Add Mounted Speakers and Enjoy Big Sound

The sound of the punt, the sound of the heaviest hits between the players, and every whistle and penalty announcement — you should be able to hear it all with crystal clear clarity. With the right sound system, you can feel as though you’re sitting in the stadium yourself, surrounded by cheering fans. As part of developing your media room, we can help you identify the best solutions for listening to sports while enjoying high-quality images, too. While we supply plenty of high-end wireless sound systems and soundbars from noted manufacturers, including Bose, we can also undertake more intensive installations that may require some minor modifications to the room.

Mounted speakers, for instance, will give you the best coverage throughout the whole room — and they can be a part of a wireless system, too. You may even opt for a complete surround sound system with Dolby Atmos technology so your sports cave can function as a home movie theater, too. For the best functionality, it’s critical to ensure compatibility between your visual components and the audio components. Leave all the jargon about pass-through, watts, Wi-Fi, and more to your Starpower team, though — you supply your preferences, we’ll share our ideas, and together we’ll remake your media room.


Be Ready to Enjoy Every Kickoff in Style with Starpower

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Whether you’re thinking about going all out to completely redesign your media room for the best football viewing experience possible or you’d just like to make some upgrades, Starpower is the perfect partner to make it all happen. From our experience in picking out the best TVs for football games to our in-depth technical knowledge of sound systems and their installation, we can assist you as much as you require. Tap into our understanding and our product catalog to make sure you’re ready in time for the preseason games. Contact us today to get started.

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