To Mount Your TV or Not to Mount Your TV

I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t have a passion for flat screen televisions or a woman who loves to see the cords from her husband’s flat screen television strung across the wall to the nearest outlet. The compromise for this situation? The television for him and a TV wall mount for her.

TV wall mounts for large flat screens are designed for convenience and cleanliness. Most of these mounts hold the cords within the metal column mounting posts and allow movement of the television (via remote control) and leave the space looking sleek and stylish and free of the distraction of the power cords.

Omnimount wall mounts is a leader in television mounts and have a mount to meet any one of your television mounting needs! They specialize in LEDP75 mounts and many others. These mounts offer a full range of motion but can also pull flush with the wall to reserve space, all with the convenience of the remote control. Another factor that is sure to impress the women is the lack of room that is taken up when her significant other makes use of a mount instead of an entertainment center, or a piece of furniture.

And just in case you’re sitting at your desk reading this and thinking that Omnimount couldn’t possibly have a mount large enough to hold your huge television, then listen to this….they do custom work too! If you have a speaker system, a television, or anything else you think would look great mounted on the wall, or hanging from the ceiling, I think the boys at Omnimount can handle it. But just in case you don’t believe me, head on over to Starpower and get some help deciding what Omnimount wall mounts might work best for you.


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