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What Type of Theater Chairs are Best for a Home Theater?

Whether you’re ready to watch the game or pop in your favorite movie, a top quality home theater with cinema furniture will keep you comfortable all the way through. Starpower home theater seating offers 100% leather theater chairs with a modern look that fits all styles.

One of Starpower’s most popular styles of cinema seating, The Penthouse, works great as a stand-alone recliner or in a sectional.

Want more people to feel the comfort? You can customize Starpower’s home theater seats into a two-arm love seat or create the ultimate cinema experience with a row (4 seats) of Starpower cinema seating. Finish it off with cup holders on both sides. At Starpower, we offer the finest in leather seating. But, make sure you can identify a quality piece of leather furniture.


Theater Seating Layout and Design

One of the benefits of ordering your theater seating from Starpower is that you will receive a 100% custom piece of furniture that meets your exact specifications. Starpower’s cinema seating experts can depict your seating arrangement in a 3D room rendering, such as the one below, to ensure every detail is as you would like it.

Home Theater Seating Layout

Whether you’re looking for 3 rows of chairs with risers or a pair or perfect recliners for your media room, we can create a theater seating set-up that works for you.

Starpower’s seating is made with the highest quality leather and is hand-made in the USA for more details, continue reading below or request a quote below.


How Do You Identify a Quality Leather Theater Chair?

A fine piece of leather furniture starts with the hide. If you want the best of the best, top full-grain leather is the finest quality of hide available. Top full-grain hide requires no buffing or sanding, which gives you the strongest and most durable piece of furniture available.

Beyond the quality of hide, a superior piece of leather furniture will have no “splits,” “vinyl match” or “leatherettes.” Splits refer to a segment from the underneath of the hide that has been “split off” from the grain. Split hides will usually be thicker and stiffer. Vinyl match is a vinyl that has been patterned and colored to match the leather, and would normally be found on the outside backs and arms of a sofa or chair. Theater chairs that have this treatment could not be described as 100 percent leather. Likewise, leatherette is an artificial plastic or vinyl product used commonly by furniture manufacturers to cut cost. The reason you do not want to have the “vinyl match” is that over time, leather will change and get even softer, but the vinyl will stay the same.

Starpower Theater Seating


In addition to purchasing leather home theater seating with a quality hide, it’s important to have a sturdy frame built to your exact specifications from the finest lumber available. Undoubtedly, a quality furniture frame can make the difference between a piece of furniture that lasts a couple of years versus one that will last a lifetime.


Custom Theater/Cinema Seating

Once you’ve selected the finest leather and framing available, it’s time to evaluate the customization options available that will ensure you’re investing in theater seats that meet all of your needs. Today, there are customization options available to make you feel like a superstar. From motorized reclining mechanisms to stainless steel cup holders, in-arm remote controls, and hidden storage, the options are truly endless. Once you own great leather seating, you won’t want to watch television on anything else.


Starpower Offers the Ability to Customize Your Leather Home Theater  Seating With:

  • 6 grades of leather
  • 100 Leather colors
  • 50 Microfiber colors
  • 20 Cinema Styles



Starpower Theater Chairs Also Offer These Additional Options and Accessories

  • VIP Package: This upgrade provides you with the luxury to alter any or all dimensions of the seating (length, width, or height) by up to three inches in any direction.
  • Stitching and Trim: Complement your leather with your choice of four stitching styles, any color of welt cord and a variety of nail heads. We can even personalize your seating with custom embroidery.
  • Reclining Mechanisms: We offer a variety of the highest quality manual and motorized mechanisms to fit your cinema.
  • Cup holders: Choose from stock stainless steel, anodized black, anodized brass or match the cup color to the leather.
  • Tabletops: Add a removable tabletop that fits into your cup holder, or choose our exclusive in-arm table tray that disappears into the arm of the chair when you don’t need it.
  • Storage Units: We can build storage units right into your seating, perfect for remote controls, pillows, blankets and other small items.


About Starpower Theater Seating

Ultimately, you don’t have to be an expert to know what you want and what you like. Come visit Starpower located in the Dallas and Southlake, Texas area and the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona area. Our team can answer any questions you may have about Penthouse theater seating and custom leather furniture.


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