Home Theater Seating & Media Room Furniture Checklist

Build a home theater or media room, and you can bring the thrill of the cinema into your house to be enjoyed by the entire family and guests. You can also make the most of your free time and introduce yourself to the ultimate audio-visual experience. What we can say for sure is that you won’t regret transforming your property into a media entertainment hub. However, building the perfect home theater is far from straightforward.

You need to know what TV and speaker specifications mean. You also need to know about technological advancements within the industry and how to choose items of furniture that will enhance your movie-watching and music-listening experience as well as perfect your media room décor.

At Starpower, we have all the televisions, speakers, source inputs and even furnishings you need to turn your living room into a home theater. Below, we detail some top tips to help you create the media room of your dreams (and one that will remain at the cutting edge of technology for years to come).

Preliminary Questions to Ask

Before you start building your home theater, you need to plan the layout of your room while bearing in mind its lighting and acoustics. Will you transform your entire living room into a media room or are you more interested in a home theater sectional design? Here are some other questions you need to consider:

  • Is your room carpeted? Carpets can have a dramatic effect on how sound, particularly the bass tones, are carried throughout your room. While hard floors can cause uneven bass sounds and unwanted echoes, carpets can absorb undesirable audio effects.
  • How much ambient light is in your room? If you intend to position a TV in your new home theater, you should remember that ambient light can cause glare and surface reflection. Similarly, projected images may appear washed out or blurry.
  • What type of walls do you have? While drywall is less reflective than wood paneling, it can still generate vibrations that hamper your acoustics. Consider using acoustic treatments to perfect the sound quality in your media room.
  • Where will you position your speakers? You might need to seek professional advice to find out whether you should install ceiling or wall speakers (our recommendations are based on the acoustics of your room and its required surround sound formats). Also, think about whether you want the components to be hidden or in plain view.
  • How far away from the screen will you sit? While the size of your room will play a primary role in helping you decide which size TV to buy, you also need to consider the distance between you and the screen.

Now you have an idea of what you want your home theater to achieve; you can start planning the finer details.

Choosing the Right Visual Experience

When it comes to buying your media room equipment, the first thing you’ll likely want to browse is televisions and projectors. To make your home theater as future-proof as possible, you should choose either a 4k ultra HD television or a 4K projector-screen combo. You can amplify the size of the screen if you choose a projector but remember that you’ll need a way to control the light in your room if you select this option. We don’t recommend purchasing a new television with a resolution lower than 4k as most movies are now developed for that format. Even streaming websites such as YouTube and Netflix offer content in 4K.


Perfecting the Sound

Poor audio can ruin even the best visual experiences, meaning you need to think carefully about which speakers to buy and how to set them up. You’ll need to buy:

  • Home Theater Receiver or Amp: A home theater receiver enables you to centralize your system. For example, you can use your receiver or amp combo connect all your audio-visual inputs.
  • Loudspeakers: Now that you have the means to control your audio, you need a way to distribute sound around your home, which is where speakers come in useful. The size of your room may dictate which speakers you can purchase. We recommend visiting one of our stores to test our different systems. For the ultimate home theater experience, you’ll probably want a 5-channel setup, which includes front left/right, center channel, and left/right surround speakers.
  • Subwoofer: Your subwoofer will be responsible for reproducing the lowest sound frequencies in music or movies (the bass notes). Again, you need to consider the size of your room and the construction of your walls to determine which subwoofer you need. You should also keep in mind whether your room is carpeted or fitted with hard floors. Testing out a range of subwoofers is the most uncomplicated way to find the best solution for your needs.
  • Source Components: Finally, to complete the audio-visual aspect of your media room, you need some source inputs, which could include a DVD player, CD player, turntable, cable TV, and Internet streaming.


starpower home theater seatingOnce you’ve installed a top-of-the-line home theater system, it’s time to make your media room comfortable – you might spend a considerable number of hours on your private entertainment hub when you have free time. Most importantly, you need to think about:

  • Living room theater seating: We believe the best way to create an indoor entertainment utopia is to invest in customized home theater seating. Our seats are available in six grades of leather and over 100 colors. We also have 20 cinema styles to browse. Some theater seats are curved while others are straight. You can purchase as many seats as you like depending on the size of your family and intended use of your media room. Book a consultation if you need recommendations.
  • Other Furniture Ideas: In addition to seating, you’ll need to consider lighting options, window coverings, acoustic/sound control accessories, and the general interior décor of your media room.

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solutions in Dallas. In addition to 4k Ultra HD TVs, projectors and crystal-clear speaker systems, we sell custom seats, soundproofing products and more. We can also handle the design and installation of your media room so that you can modernize your home and revolutionize your indoor entertainment experience without lifting a finger. If you want to learn more about our capabilities, either give us a call or visit your closest Starpower store.

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