Buying Home Theater / Cinema Seating

When it comes to choosing your home theater/media room seating, you may have your work cut out for you. What started as a simple task, can quickly turn into a gigantic new project. When you’re considering a home theater furniture purchase, there are some important questions to consider.

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What Questions Should I Ask When Planning a Home Theater?

How many home theater seats do I want/need?

What type of cinema seats am I looking for? Single Chair, Double Seater, Sofa, etc.

What style of home theater chair(s) do I prefer?

Do I want multiple rows of seats?

Do I want risers to elevate the 2nd and 3rd rows?

Do I want my chairs to have manual or power recline?

What colors are best for my space?

These are all questions Starpower home entertainment can work with you to answer.



Where Are Starpower’s Home Theater Chairs Manufactured?

Starpower works with one of our best manufacturers of Home Theater seating in the country—United Leather.

United Leather is a Dallas, Texas-based company that has been manufacturing for nearly 10 years. What is so cool and unique about United Leather? They treat every customer like royalty. Every piece of their furniture is made-to-order with only the finest in high-quality materials. They offer 6 grades of leather in over 100 colors, as well as micro suede, or fabric the owner has previously chosen and purchased.  What is really cool about this manufacturer is that whether you are going for a Hollywood look, an urban metro scene, modern contemporary or Santa Fe Southwest, United Leather Chairs in Dallas has dozens of looks that will fit your specific discrete style.

Perhaps an aspect of the royal treatment United Leather furniture makers consider that others do not is the use of top-notch foam core, and special suspension. These two characteristics work hand in hand with the look of the chair to give you a chair that is sure to make you feel like you have VIP passes at the classiest theater in town.

Because United Leather takes pride in its furniture, no matter the design and color of your throne, it is sure to give the royal treatment for far longer than any other brand.


Do you offer Home Theater Packages?

Yes! Starpower makes it easy to get the home theater of your dreams. Shop some of our most popular home theater packages by clicking learn more below.



About Starpower Home Theater and Audio Video

Home Theater and home audio video retailer, Starpower, was established in Dallas, Texas in 1995. For more than two decades, Starpower has provided the finest home theater seating and equipment to our customers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth and Phoenix/Scottsdale areas.

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