D-Box Home Theater Technology

Home entertainment technology continues its never-ending evolution of top-notch home theater equipment innovations with the new D-Box simulators.

If you have ever been to an amusement park such as Six Flags, or Disney World, then you have probably experienced a 3D simulated movie showing. You remember. These are the cool movie shows that have you seated in a comfy chair, belted in, and then you shake, vibrate, turn, and move up and down to give you the full effect of the film. Well thanks to D-Box, you can have all of these features in the comfort of your own home!


D-Box Theater Seating

D-Box has created seating for your home theater that allows you to fully emerge into the film of your choosing. With D-Box, you can integrate pre-existing seating with the technology, or purchase seating that contains the technology that will complete the look and feel of your home theater. D-Box has over 900 films, television shows, and games that sync with their specialty seating to help you get the full effect of what appears on the screen.

Who thought this would be possible outside of an amusement park? I certainly didn’t. But it can certainly be said that we are never ceased to be amazed by the advances in technology.



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