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Are you tired of seeing exposed cords draped across the wall and floor from your television to the nearest outlet? What about the cords you have hidden behind silk plants, or that four-inch gap between your television and entertainment center?

Do you wish your audio/video system fit properly and could display nicely alongside your television but your entertainment center does not have the ability to do so?


Starpower – The Cord Whisperers

Gone are the days of ugly entertainment centers made of particle board that threaten to one day crumble leaving your expensive technology on the floor. Starpower Custom home theater cabinetry experts will put the right design together for you making your audio visual system something to talk about.

Starpower home theater systems gets it. They know that function plays the largest role, yet beauty and design come in a very close, almost equal second. Starpower offers the finest in materials, amazing carpentry skills, experience, and expertise and is prepared to meet every one of your cabinetry demands.

Is your style sleek contemporary?  Rustic or traditional? Starpower‘s design experts offer well made cabinets for electronics and components that will protect your audio/video systems, hide cords, and give your living room that finishing touch.

Starpower Custom Cabinetry for Audio/Video Equipment

Starpower’s custom home theater cabinetry team can prove their claims through the artistic cabinet’s of their past and the cabinets they promise to create in the future. Your entertainment center does not have to be an out of place cabinet that awkwardly sits in the living room; your entertainment center could be a piece of artistic handiwork, crafted to show off your unique style. Starpower custom cabinetry experts promise to meet whatever your demands for a custom made cabinetry may be.


Starpower Residential and Commercial Installation Services

Lose the camoflauge and get in touch with the stylish side of electronic systems. Ready to get started? Request a Quote today!





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