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Home Theater Seating – Starpower Buyer’s Guide

NFL Media Room - StarpowerIn movie theaters across the country today, the stiff and uncomfortable seating of yesteryear is gone, replaced with plush leather seats that often have a recline feature. While few things beat the pleasure of sinking into a favorite couch at home, the luxury seating experience is increasingly popular. When crafting your own home theater, seating should be one of your top concerns. It has an important role to play in the overall design of your space, too. The number of seats and where you place them will have an influence on and from your TV or projector along with your sound system.

What options are out there? There’s more to home theater seating than basic recliners, loveseats, and couches. At Starpower, we’re excited to offer an extensive selection of theater seating for sale, along with a professional design service at your disposal. First, though, let’s gather some of the facts to guide your next steps in the selection process. What are the advantages of these options, and how can you ensure you make the right choice for the best seating possible?

Why Look into Custom Seats?

You don’t know what you’re missing when you haven’t experienced something — that’s why we encourage buyers to stop in to one of our showrooms to see some of our seating options firsthand. We don’t provide “off the shelf” solutions — these are entirely custom made to order for each of our customers based on measurements specific to your space and preferences. The amount of options that you can choose from is seemingly endless, allowing you to enjoy creature comforts such as seats that feature:

  • A full recline range so that you can choose the seating position most comfortable and conducive to your viewing pleasure.
  • Cup holders, swiveling platforms attached to the armrest, and more convenient options for stashing your favorite snacks and beverages.
  • Pop-up control panels for managing your media, controlling your projector or TV, or engaging with other app-connected hardware.
  • 4D motion simulation attachments to make you feel like you’re really in the movie.


The best part of customization: you aren’t limited to a basic home cinema chair. Want to size up to a loveseat or even a longer row? It’s all up to you — but before you can make any of the most enjoyable decisions, you’ll need to understand the other critical design influences that must come into play.

Important Design Considerations Should Come First

The factor that will have the most significant influence on your decisions is the size of your media room. There are a few reasons for this. First, there are the obvious physical limitations: you can’t put more seats in the space than you can fit. Estimate the size of the typical audience in your home, then determine what type of layout will work best, e.g., whether you should implement rows. Second, the size of your room will impact the appropriate viewing distance from the screen to the seats. The third reason ties in to the second: just like viewing distance, where you sit also matters for balancing the sound system for the best bass response and the crispiest highs.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: measure the horizontal (not diagonal) distance of your TV or projector screen. Multiply that number 1.5 and 2 to get the minimum and maximum seating range you should consider. This zone is the area that yields optimum viewing conditions. Using this number, you can also work to figure out how many seats you can add if you’d like a little extra capacity for entertaining friends.

Make Sure Every Measurement is Correct

There’s more to it than spacing your seats far enough away from the screen. You need to make sure that everyone has enough room in their seats, and if you put in rows, there should be enough space for easy access even when the front row reclines. You should leave at least 14 inches between rows, with more when possible. Since the best home theater seating is completely custom, it’s vital to ensure you get these measurements right. Unfortunately, it can sometimes prove challenging to visualize the space when it is still under construction or otherwise in progress. How can you make sure you’re making the right notes?

Simple: engage professional assistance when planning your layout. With Starpower, we’ll come out to your home to see the space in person. With years of experience in the design and installation of seats for home theater applications, we know precisely what to look for and how to take the guesswork out of the entire process. You’re also welcome to start the measurements yourself —ask us what you need to look for to have an easier time.

Keep Your Seating in Good Shape for the Long Haul

Don’t forget to plan for the care and maintenance of your seating, too. When investing a significant sum in entertainment, it’s critical to ensure everything is in place. That includes knowing how to maintain the seats after installation. Keep these quick tips in mind:

  • Clean spills promptly — don’t wait for the credits to roll. Protect your leather by wiping away spills and using appropriate cleaning products to reduce the likelihood of staining.
  • Remove or vacuum debris from seats regularly.
  • Spot clean other areas as necessary.
  • Keep pets with sharp claws away from the furniture.

Home Theater seats - The Diplomat - StarpowerDiscover the Most Comfortable Seating Choices with Starpower

When you’re taking in a double feature on a lazy Saturday night, discomfort and dissatisfaction because of your seating should be the furthest thing from your mind. At Starpower, we’re not only adept at designing your seating area and providing a complete home theater installation, but we can customize seating for you, too. Half a dozen grades of leather, an incredible array of colors, and tons of different seating styles all add up to the level of choice you deserve for a space this important. Whether you need some fresh home theater seating ideas or you’re ready to start the purchasing process, Starpower is ready to help. Start a conversation today.

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