Sony SXRD™ 4K Ultra HD Projector - VPLVW285ES Sony SXRD™ 4K Ultra HD Projector - VPLVW285ES – Starpower Home Entertainment Systems, Inc.

Sony SXRD™ 4K Ultra HD Projector - VPLVW285ES


  • $4,999.99

What separates true 4K projectors like the VW285ES from "4K-compatible" models is pixels. The 'VW285ES's picture has 8.8 million pixels, while 4K-compatible models typically have around 4 million. Full 4K creates that "looking-through-a-window" sense of realism.

4K Ultra HD delivers four times the picture detail of full HD 1080p, and really comes into its own on larger screens. The difference between HD and 4K is certainly visible on TV-sized screens, but when you're projecting onto a screen that's 100", 120" or even larger, the enhanced clarity and sense of depth is profound.

Key Features:

    • Ultra High Definition home theater projector
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR 10 and HLG) for extremely wide contrast and high brightness levels with HDR content
    • widescreen 16:9/17:9 aspect ratio (can also display 4:3 material)
    • 3 SXRD panels with Full Digital Cinema 4K resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels each)
    • recommended image size: 60" to 300"
    • light output: 1500 ANSI lumens
    • Reality Creation upscaling improves high-definition video sources to near-4K quality
    • TRILUMINOS™ Display technology for a wider color range
    • 10-bit processing enables over one billion colors
    • Motionflow™ XR frame interpolation for improved motion clarity on HD sources
    • 3D-ready with built-in RF emitter (active 3D glasses sold separately)


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