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Revel Concerta2 2½-Way Triple 6.5” Floorstanding Loudspeaker - F36 (Black Gloss)


  • $999.99

The B112 subwoofer uses an exclusive 12-inch low-frequency transducer designed to produce very low frequencies at extremely high sound-pressure levels while, at the same time, maintaining extremely low distortion.

This new unit maintains a precise engineering balance between the voice coil, spider and surround that produces linear motion of all three for lower distortion by incorporating CAD/FEA optimized high-linearity motor geometry:
The extremely long (50mm) two-layer copper voice coil gives this transducer a very high Xmax, dramatically increasing output. A fiberglass voice coil former helps the voice coil withstand high temperatures, reducing power compression and helping increase output. A cardboard spacer added at the top of the voice coil former maintains motor geometry, creates a solid attachment joint and prevents deformation of the voice coil at high outputs. The spacer also eliminates the typical single fulcrum point between the spider and cone on the voice coil former, minimizing voice coil rocking modes during hi-power operation.

Key Features:
• HF Drive Component: 1” Aluminum Tweeter with Acoustic
Lens Waveguide
• LF/MF Drive Component: 3 x 6.5” Aluminum Cone Woofers
• Crossover Frequency: 600Hz, 1.8kHz
• Input Connections: Five-way binding posts
• Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1M): 91dB
• Nominal Impendance: 6 Ohms
• Recommended Amplifier Power: 30-200W
• Dimension(H x W x D): 44.25” x 9.65” x 12”
• Weight: 50 lbs

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