URC Programmable Wi-Fi Color Total Control LCD Remote - TRC-820

URC - TRC-820


With performance and price like no other, the TRC-820 provides 25 years of URC® control experience in a single remote. It features an ergonomic design and 2-inch color, high-resolution LCD screen for added functionality, while its custom buttons, icons and functions make programming easy. This remote allows fast access to Cable TV, Blu-ray, music, temperature adjustments, lighting, security, and more. And because it is Wi-Fi-based, users can easily connect and control devices throughout the home. The TRC-820 even includes access to real-time video from connected cameras and status updates regarding music, lighting, and more.

Key Features:

•  2-inch, brilliant color LCD
•  Customizable function labels for each of six hard buttons can be programmed on LCD screen
•  Displays live video for surveillance when used with URC or other compatible cameras
•  Works with all URC Advanced System controllers, including the MRX-20, MRX-10, and MRX-8

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