URC Platinum Smart Home Package - Platinum

URC - Platinum


Starpower’s URC Total Control Silver Smart Home Package offers you the ability to control up to six zones of your A/V with your iPad, iPhone, Android devices and universal remotes – pricing starts at $5,999.

System Highlights:

Best solution for 6 or more zones.
Ready for future expansion and smart home
capabilities, beyond 6 zones.
Control your A/V with your iPad, iPhone or Android
and universal remote.
1 surround sound zone with TV or projector and
2nd zone audio*.
Provides access to SiriusXM, Pandora, Rhapsody,
vTuner music services and more.
Up to 6 additional sources can be controlled
(DirecTV®, FiOS®, Blu-ray, AppleTV, etc.).
Programming included.

Package Includes:

MRX-15 Advanced Network System Controller
1 TDC-7100 7” Tabletop Touchscreen Controller
1 TRC-1480 Remote Control w/ Alexa Voice Control ‡
1 DMS-1200 Multi-Zone Amplifier
1 Denon HEOS Link
5 Programming


Single room system controls up to 4 sources & 6 zones of house audio: Up
to 6 additional Sources (Cable, Satellite, Bluray, Apple TV, etc.).
2. Control of 1 TV or Projector.
3. Control of 1 AV Receiver, including 2nd zone audio if equipped (may need a
DAC or optical cable if client is using Apple TV for audio to house audio).
4. Includes 1 source-selection button for 1 non-controllable device (Wii, PS,
PC, etc.) on AVR zone.
5. House audio 6 sources x 6 powered zones via the 2221200D amplifier.

Upgrades & Add-Ons:

SP-6EX Premium In-Ceiling Speakers $450.00 each
SP-6OD-WH Outdoor Speakers $450.00 each
Extra TRC-1480 Remote Control w/ Alexa Voice Control ‡ $899.00 each
Extra DMS-1200 Multi-Zone Amplifier $2,199.00 each
DMS-100 Single-Zone Amplifier $599.00 each
Ecobee 5 Thermostat** $249.99 each
TRF-ZW3 Z-Wave® Gateway (enables addition of Door Locks & Lighting) $299.00 each
Door Locks** $249.99 each
Lighting Dimmers, Switches or Lamp Modules (up to 600 Watt)** † $99.00 each
1000 Watt Dimmers** $135.00 each
4×4 HDMI Matrix Kit w/3 receivers $3,549.99 each
8×8 HDMI Matrix Kit w/6 receivers $8,499.99 each

This packages does not include speaker wire, surge protectors, cables for sources, delivery or installation.  
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