Gaggenau Flex Induction Cooktop 200 Series – Frameless – Width 36″ (90 cm) - CI292600

Gaggenau - CI292600

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Cooking zones: 1 induction cooking zone, 21 cm (2200 W, with booster 3700 W), automatically switches to, 26 cm (2600 W, with booster 3700 W) and to, 32 cm (3300 W, with booster 3700 W).
Operation: Twist-Pad control with removable magnetic knob. User friendly control with bicoloured display (white / orange). Cooking zone and cooking area marking. Electronic power control in 17 power levels output levels.
Features: Flex function for rectangular cooking areas. Cooking sensor function (in use with cooking sensor CA 060 600). Frying sensor function. Booster function for pots. Booster function for pans. Keep warm function. Stopwatch. Cooking timer for up to 99 minutes. Short-term timer. Options menu. Power management.
Safety: Main switch. Operation indicator. Pot detection. Child lock. Safety shut-off.
Planning notes: Operates with magnetic (induction) iron pots and pans only. For an optimal heat distribution, the use of sandwich bottom cookware is recommended. The wok pan WP 400 001 cannot be used with this appliance. Immersion depth 107 mm. Intermediate shelf is recommended. Appliance must be fixed from underneath. Cooktop clamping range: 20 – 40 mm.
Rating: Total rating: 2.3 kW. Total Amps: 24 A. 220 – 240V / 60 Hz, 208 – 240 V / 60 Hz. Plan for a 67″ connecting cable without plug (hardwire required).

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