Gaggenau Dishwasher – Fully Integrated – Width 24 ” (61 cm) – Appliance Height 81.7 cm / 32 3/16 ” - DF280760

Gaggenau - DF280760

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Operation: TFT display indicating remaining or end time, refill for salt and rinsing agent, inflow of water. Touch key operation. Information key with use indications. Sanitized indicator in the control panel. Delayed start timer up to 24 hours. Visual and acoustic end of program indicator. Remaining time projection.
Technical Features: Bright interior lighting. Glass protection. Aqua sensor. Load sensor. Automatic detergent function. Regeneration electronics. Flow-through water heater. Triple filter system, self-cleaning. Soft lock. Aqua stop.
8 programs:, Auto 113 °F – 122 °F. Auto 130 °F – 150 °F. Auto 150 °F – 160 °F. Standard Eco 122 °F – 131 °F. Wash and Dry. Quick Wash 113 °F (29 min.). Glass Care 122 °F. Pre-rinse. 4 cycle options:, Intensive. Power. Half Load. Extra Dry.
Features: Flexible rack system with smooth running rails on all levels and a soft-closing system on the upper and lower rack. 3rd rack for cutlery. Upper rack:, Over extension. Rackmatic with 3 levels, adjustable in height up to 2″. 6 folding tines. 4 folding racks. 2 glass support bars. Lower rack:, 8 folding tines. 2 folding racks. Dividable glass support. Cutlery basket. Maximum dish sizes (upper/lower rack), 8″/10″, 7″/11″ or 6″/12″ respectively. 13 place setting capacity. Maximum glass loading capacity 23 wine glasses.
Consumption Data: Total annual energy consumption 259 kwh. Water usage 2.5 gallons, Noise level 40 dB.
Planning notes: Height-adjustable feet. Appliance toe kick recess 3 15/16″. To display the remaining time projection, a minimum toe kick protrusion is required (1 9/16″ thickness of the furniture front). The maximum toe kick height must be reduced by 1 3/16″ to provide an optimal display of the remaining time projection. Rear feet adjustable at front. Door weight up to 18 lbs. Door panel dimension dependent on toe kick height of kitchen cabinets. Installation and usage also with furniture handle possible. The push-to-open function remains active. Ventilation openings required when installed as a tall unit. Connection to hot or cold water possible. Water connection with 3/4″ screw gland.
Rating: Total rating 1.3 kW. Total Amps: 12 A. 120 V / 60 Hz, Connecting cable 47 1/4” plugable.

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