Gaggenau 400 Series Speed Microwave Oven – Stainless Steel-Backed Full Glass Door – Width 24″ (60 cm) - BM450710

Gaggenau - BM450710

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Cooking Modes: Microwave operation with 5 output levels: 1000, 600, 360, 180, 90 W. Oven operation with 4 heating methods:, Convection at 100 °F from 210 °F to 480 °F,, Broil
convection from 210 °F to 480 °F,, Broil
circulated air from 210 °F to 480 °F,, Broil with 3 levels of intensity, maximum output 2000 W. Heating methods with microwave output levels 600, 360, 180 and 90 W freely combinable. 15 automatic programmes with weight indication, customisable:, 4 defrosting programmes, 4 cooking programmes, 7 combination programmes, Option to save individual recipes. Sabbath mode with constant temperature of 185 °F.
Operation: One touch control panel and an interactive visual display. Rotary knob and TFT touch display operation. Information key with use indicators. Side-opening door opens up to 180° angle.
Features: Innowave. Fast heating setting. Four rack levels. Actual temperature display. 60 W halogen light on the side.
Safety: Thermally insulated door with triple glazing. Triple door lock. Child lock. Safety shut-off. Cooled housing with temperature protection.
Cleaning: Hygienic stainless steel interior with glass ceramic base. Interior back wall with catalytic coating.
Planning notes: Door hinge not reversible. Plan the niche without back wall. The front of the appliance extends 1 7/8 ” from the furniture cavity. If the handle (optional accessory) is retrofitted, the outer edge of the door handle extends 3 11/16″ (94 mm) from the furniture cavity. Consider the overhang, incl. the door handle where applicable, when planning to open drawers next to the appliance. When planning a corner solution, pay attention to the 110° door opening angle. The electrical outlet needs to be planned outside of the cut-out niche.
Rating: Total rating 0.95 kW. Total Amps: 24 A. 220 – 240V / 60 Hz, 240 / 208 V / 60 Hz. Plan for a 71″ connection cable without a plug (hardwire required)

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