Whirlpool 24″ Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub Stainless steel - WDTA75SAHZ

Whirlpool - WDTA75SAHZ


Clean up efficiently after dinner with this stainless steel Whirlpool dishwasher. Its five cycles and six options ensure plates and cutlery come out spotless, and the third rack provides room for long utensils and measuring cups. This 24-inch Whirlpool dishwasher has a stainless steel interior that retains heat for faster drying. How to Prepare for Delivery and Installation Learn how to get ready for the delivery and installation of your new dishwasher. Walk the path, check your hookups, order new parts, and empty your old dishwasher. Watch the video ›

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