Gaggenau 200 Series Visor Hood – Stainless Steel Handle Bar – Width 35 3/8” (60 cm) - AF210791

Gaggenau - AF210791

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Output: Air extraction:, 630 / 850 m³/h. 64 / 71 dB (A) re 1 pW. 50 / 57 dB (A) re 20 ¼Pa. Odour reduction air recirculation 94 %.
Features: Controls at front. 3 electronically controlled power levels and 1 intensive mode. Grease filter saturation indicator. Stainless steel grease filter, dishwasher-safe. Neutral white LED light (3600 K), continuously dimmable. Illuminance 708 lx. Light can be switched on separately. Integrated sound insulation for quiet operation. The fan is activated when the steam screen is extended. Patented technology for extension of the steam screen. Extendable steam screen up to 7 13/16. Airflow-optimised interior for efficient air circulation and ease of cleaning. Patented easy mounting system for simple installation. The package includes an one-way flap.
Planning notes: Patented air recirculation module with activated charcoal filter can be installed in the upper cabinet. The activated carbon filter can be changed from the front by simply pulling out the activated charcoal filter. The door of the upper cabinet must be fully open in order to change the activated charcoal filter. To be installed in an upper cabinet without base. The required cavity depth of the upper cabinet together with the lowering frame measures 13 3/16″. The required cavity height of the upper cabinet together with the lowering frame measures 23 5/8. Clearance above gas appliances min. 65 cm (more than total load gas 12 kW min. 70 cm). Clearance above electric appliances min. 28″. When installing a ventilation hood with air extraction mode and a chimney-vented fireplace, the power supply line of the ventilation appliance needs a suitable safety switch.
Rating: Total rating: 430 W, Total amps: 10 A. 120 V / 60 Hz. Connecting cable35.4″ with plug.

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