Media Room Summary

Yes, it’s true. The jerseys and collectibles you see here are all our customers. There are so many, we can’t fit them all in one room! You can see many more around the corner and at our other locations. OK, enough bragging.  We have a lot of fun doing athletes and celebrities homes. But that is not all we do. We built a company making sure all of our clients receive the “Star Treatment”.  We will custom create a room of your dreams for any budget. The room you see here is equipped with a 110 inch 2.35:1 2-way masking screen (fancy talk for a cinema wide screen with no black bars when watching movies) from Stewart Filmscreen, custom made Starpower leather seating, incredible sound from Revel speakers, sound processing by Anthem and a killer projector that matches the cinema wide screen so you can watch that movie the way the director intended.  You will definitely be the place to be on any movie night and Sunday afternoons.

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