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Building a New Smart Home – Home Automation - What You Need to Know

You are building your new custom home. You would like it to have the latest home technology and be future proof. You want to be able to play music in every room wirelessly. You may want to control your light and shades from your smartphone. Once the construction is complete, it’s difficult and complicated to go back and add these capabilities. It may lead to changes in orders, delays, missed deadlines, and unmet expectations.

Careful selection of your home technology provider early on and incorporating them into the home building process will ensure that you will get everything you need while being easy to use and integrate smoothly with the aesthetics of your new home.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, or you're simply ready to get started, schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with one of ou experts. We'll gladly walk you through your options and prepare a quote for your project.

Home Networking

You just installed a top quality music system in your house which you control from your smart phone. You invite 40 friends over for a party to show it off. Their phones all try to connect to your network. Your network is down and your cool new system is dead.

Home network is becoming one of the most important systems. You’ve got video streaming, wireless gaming, downloads, video conferencing, skype and business VPN connections all putting a burden on your network. You also have electronic thieves roaming around in the neighborhood trying to hack into your network.

You want a network with blazing fast speeds and impenetrable security. This cannot be achieved with few electronic items bought from the office supply store. If you mean business, then your network has to be enterprise grade or high end residential system.


What if Your New Home is Pre-Wired?

Pre-wired homes do cause some complications if you want to setup a cool house wide music system. However, Starpower’s offerings work great with finished homes too. Most of our technicians are wizards at running wiring to places which seem impossible to reach. Lots of our offerings have wireless capabilities if wiring is not possible at some places or you wish to go the wireless way.

Our experts can help you plan out your home networking and music system so as to make everything virtually concealed. You can place speakers inconspicuously on bookshelves, or in the walls and ceilings, and use a keypad, touchpad in each room or just your smartphone or tablet to control everything in your home.

Request a quote today. We'll have a system design specialist answer all of your questions and provide a quote for your project.

Starpower Home Automation Solutions

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