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Starpower offers complete security solutions for your home or office. From camera equipment to 24/7 monitoring, we've got you covered.

Home Security

Security is something everyone needs to take seriously. If your home has been broken into or had your place of business vandalized, you have had to learn the hard way the expense and time it takes to recover the lost and damaged items. Without a security system in place, homes and businesses are left vulnerable to theft and your life could be changed forever.

Installing a video security monitoring system for your home or place of business can seem overwhelming and costly.  With so many components, monitors and systems to choose from, which one is best to protect yourself, your family, your products, and goods? Leave the questions to Starpower and we will provide you with the right answers for your specific situation.

To learn more about Analog v. IP security cameras, read our latest blog here.

Starpower Proudly Offers: 

LUMA Intuitive GUI

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Record, playback, fast forward, snip video, and capture screenshots with a click or tap through our newly engineered NVR and DVR interface. It’s simple to navigate, and shared between both recorders. Sleek visuals and intuitive controls let you forget the old guessing games and gives you apeace of mind.

End User App - iOS® and ANDROID™ READY

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Need to check on what matters in real time? You will appreciate the smart, straightforward Luma apps for iOS® and Android. See what's happening live, or play back recordings to see what you might have missed. Did we mention they're also free?




Equipped with up to sixteen channels, and up to 2TB pre-installed internal storage, these NVRs will revolutionize the way you set up surveillance systems.


Plug & play capabilities and Power over Ethernet with Wirepath IP Cameras makes setup a breeze. Power all your cameras directly at the NVR without having to fuss with a separate power source or dedicated network switch.


Using OvrC, you can easily organize customer and device information including home addresses, port-forwarding addresses, DDNS names, devices by location and much more.



Get crisp 1080p HD analog picture through HD-TVI technology, smooth compatibility for Wirepath® cameras and many other brands, plus a speedy install thanks to our streamlined new interface.


Luma DVRs feature up to 1080p resolution thanks to ultra-sharp HD-TVI technology. Combine any Luma analog camera with these sleek-looking recorders, and you’ll never see analog the same way again.


The Luma analog cameras deliver up to 1080p ultra-sharp HD video. Many models are equipped with a video test port, local power and local OSD joystick at the camera for easy "on the ladder" setup. A full line of accessories provides flexible mounting options and enhanced wire management for those challenging applications.


Using OvrC, you can easily organize your personal information and device information including home addresses, port-forwarding addresses, DDNS names, devices by location and much more.



Luma HD-TVI analog dome cameras deliver razor-sharp video like you’ve never seen before, with up to 1080p resolution. Features vary per series, with options including true wide dynamic range to autocorrect your image during strong backlighting, Sense-Up capabilities to automatically slow the shutter speed and display a color image even in dim lighting, and dual-voltage to ensure functionality in any system. All cameras include a video test port and local OSD joystick to simplify the install, making them the perfect complement to our Luma DVRs.


We have countless home security monitoring systems and business security products and technologies to choose from that range in features, price, and functionality.

Some of the ways we can help protect you include:

  • Fully integrated alarm systems for your home and/or business
  • Hardwire and wireless alarm systems
  • Motion detectors
Security cameras
  • Fully integrated surveillance systems
  • Digital video recorders
  • Security monitoring videos
  • Securing lighting controls
  • Dialing pads, dialer voice and cellular control panels
  • Door alarms
  • Driveway alarms
  • Audio speakers
  • and much, much more

Feel safe, be protected, stay secure. Visit our showroom in Dallas, Fort Worth, Southlake, Phoenix or Scottsdale and allow us to consult with you on your security system need.

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