Samsung Televisions: The Ultimate Viewing Experience

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QLED: The next innovation in TV


Introducing QLED TV, you’ll immediately notice a difference. Experience a brilliant picture, enhanced by a billion unique colors created by Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Dots. As smart as it is beautiful, QLED TV senses which devices are plugged in and controls them with one remote, giving you an incredibly intuitive TV experience. Get perfect color with more than a billion shades and 100% color volume with exclusive new Quantum Dots.

 VIDEO: Q |4K Elite Black unveils outstanding blacks, bringing new life to dark scenes.




Samsung SUHD TVs

Samsung's most immersive design yet features Quantum Dot Color, an updated smart TV and HDR 1000 for clear, sharp contrast. 

Samsung SUHD TV’s Quantum dot color technology brings life to the screen delivering picture quality that’s so lifelike, you’ll see the subtle hues in bright sunlight to the hidden details in the dark shadows.

Greens should be kept in true-to-life green. Featuring the latest Quantum Dot technology, our SUHD TVs unlock up to a billion color combinations to produce a picture that’s vibrant and truer-to-life.


Samsung Sound Bars

Don’t just hear sound. Feel it. We’re putting sound on a pedestal with our collection of soundbars, like the Soundbar with Dolby Atmos®, to bring immersive audio to everything you watch.

Bring the highest-quality audio to your TV with the Soundbar with Dolby Atmos. Featuring multiple built-in speakers that point up and out, it puts you in the center of the action—so rain feels like it’s falling from above you and all around you.


Four upward-firing speakers send sound to the ceiling. Rain feels like it’s above you and helicopters sound like they’re flying overhead.


Each speaker is precisely placed to move sound through the room, so footballs whoosh past you and cars race right by you.


Even the smallest, most subtle sounds are brought to life with crystal clarity.


Samsung has designed their Soundbars in curved and straight styles to pair perfectly with your big screen. Built with side-firing speakers, they make it possible to hear crisp audio no matter where in the room you’re sitting.