Why We're Different

Programming is the key ingredient to bring the separate pieces of your new home automation system together. Our programming Department Manager has been with Starpower for over ten years and is one of the best in the industry. Our programmers are highly trained and undergo continual training to ensure they are up to date on the latest remotes and programming technology. 

We take pride in our installation process and want to exceed the expectations of customers who choose Starpower for their home automation solutions. Our team is thoughtful and thorough in every aspect of their work. Starpower looks forward to working with you to create the home of your dreams. 

Starpower is one of the few companies in the world that actually employs everyone involved in your installation. From the salesperson, the installer, the management, the service staff and, yes, the programmers. Our team works in concert, without the finger pointing, to insure your programming is engineered to work seamlessly on your system. Plus, by having our own programmers, your priority is our priority. You don’t have to wait for some third party. Our team is dedicated to only one thing- you being thrilled with your system.