Garage Build-Out: Project Summary

Creating a superb solution for a garage project included building an advanced, invisible sound system. And when we say invisible, we mean it. Look closely. Even closer. You won’t see it. These speakers are actually inside the sheetrock walls and ceilings. You did read that correctly; Starpower has incorporated technology which allows sound to be built within the walls and ceilings without harming the quality of sound produced. Now, you can have supreme audio quality without compromising aesthetic design. You actually paint over the surface without harming the sound. When we say you do not have to sacrifice sound quality, we mean it. Counter-intuitively, the sound actually fills the room through engineered placement so you are never in a “dead spot.”

Of course, what is sound without bass? Subwoofers are positioned behind walls where the only exposure is a series of small grill plates that look as if they are part of the air conditioning and ventilation system. All of this comes in a sonically balanced design, which is sure to create envy when the homeowner cranks up the volume. Also featured in this room is Sony’s latest 85-inch 4K Ultra HD with a sound bar custom designed to become a part of the chassis. is was done by attaching the sound bar along the very bottom of the TV, then carefully embedding it into the imported Italian cut stone.  The entire system is designed to enable the TV to run either exclusively in the seated area or turn the entire garage into one, big stadium.  The owner can choose from many sources or simply play a slide show of their favorite photographs, in amazing 4K quality, while serene music plays in the background.

In this owner’s “garage heaven,” even the space outside of the garage was revamped. The project incorporated an in-ground landscape sound system, which brings the same (or completely different) sound to any location on the estate. This landscape system incorporating commercial quality sound concealed in speakers resembling lighting features and landscape. Subwoofers are carefully positioned below ground. Imagine the great parties that will be held in and around this garage! Picture yourself driving home, rolling down your windows and listening to sound coming from everywhere on your property.

All of this is, of course, controlled with iPads, iPhones and touch panels. Our team made it easy to control via the latest in home automation technology, where buttons respond quickly to the owner’s commands. While not everyone will spend these resources providing such a home for their automobiles, it is fun to imagine all of the great possibilities of technology. I am proud of our innovative team and their ability to think outside the box and provide incredible solutions to interesting projects. I learned an important lesson in my 19 years at Starpower, nothing is impossible.

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