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Home Theater System from Starpower

Many homeowners dream about having a Home Theater System, and for good reason. Why face crowds of people glued to their phones and overpriced concession stands when you could settle into your favorite seat at home for a personal screening of both your favorites and newly available titles? Whether you’re ready to commit to a project right now or you’re planning a home remodel that could allow you to remake a room as an entertainment space, you’ll need to consider a wide range of differing technologies. Bringing all these elements together is the heart of a home media room project.

What if you could simply grab everything you needed in one swoop? Package deals not only make your life easier, but they can also help to save you time, money, and frustration since you should be able to trust that all the packaged components already work together. At Starpower, our home entertainment specialists have put together a variety of packages to suit every type of budget and profile. Our Home Run Package is one of our most popular and cost-effective choices for those who want a sleek, modern space. What have we bundled into this package to make it a Home Run for homeowners?

Well-Designed Media Room Packages Suitable for Any Space

One of Starpower’s core strengths is our design ability. Before you can dive into the details of a package and the equipment it contains, you should know that you have a space that can function effectively as a home theater. With free consultations and even an in-home visit for measurements and discussion, Starpower allows homeowners to access an in-depth design service that produces bespoke home theaters.

Every home is unique. We understand this and take the time to learn important facts, such as the acoustic profile of your media room. This data will ultimately influence the placement of your audio equipment and even the orientation of the seating. By producing a well-planned and entirely conceived design for our clients, we ensure they can unlock the full value of the packages we provide, such as the Home Run.

DLA NX9 8K D-ILA Projector with High Dynamic RangeProjector or Television Screen? The Choice is Yours

This choice is one of the toughest you’ll have to make, but we make sure it’s the only major one you’ll need to consider during this phase of designing your home theater. Do you want the crisp high definition of a 4k TV, or a projector and screen set up for a bigger, more cinema-like experience? We’ve created two separate Home Run options to cater to differing preferences. For those who prefer the responsiveness of the image and ability to watch in brighter light, we’ll supply one of the latest 65″ 4K TVs on the market. If you prefer a projector, we’ll set up a high-contrast 100″ screen perfect for pairing with the powerful projector included with your package. No matter your viewing preferences, we can adapt to satisfy.

We Equip You With an Immersive Audio Experience

One of the most significant factors in the cinematic experience is sound. It’s tough to beat the rich and varied tones you’ll hear in the cinema, right? With today’s setups, you can replicate it and enjoy it even in an intimate setting. The Home Run Home Theater System contains a complete 7.2 surround sound set up, including a powerful subwoofer for your home theater that will let you feel the rumble and roar of the action in your favorite films. During the design phase, we identify the ideal positions for ceiling-mounted speakers, too. By the time we’re finished, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the sound of the movie.

Enjoy Easier Control Options to Harmonize Every ComponentKlipsch RP-110WSW Wireless Subwoofer

With tons of different equipment working simultaneously, you’ll need something reliable for controlling it all; the high-end receivers we supply in Home Run packages make connecting all these components simple. In fact, you can even expand your system and add more later. Want to add the capability for Bluetooth to your home theater for easy media sharing or music listening? Just ask — we’ll be happy to bundle in wireless speakers and other equipment to enhance your experience.

It’s not just about coordinating signals, though. Our home theater system remote control setup ensures you never have to hunt down three or four different clickers to turn on the projector or start a movie. Instead, we centralize everything for your convenience.

Don’t Forget to Ask About Adding Custom Theater SeatsHome Theater Seating - Penthouse 2

So, you have a screen, speakers, and a remote in hand — but where are you going to sit? It’s a good question and one that we can help you to answer. Starpower provides a vast selection of seating options replicating popular theater styles. With leather recliners, you can lay back and relax every movie night. Ask about how we can add customized seats to your Home Run package; you choose the material, the color, and the style.

Take Advantage of Our Professional Installation Services, Too

We don’t leave you with a bunch of boxes to open and figure out on your own. With Starpower, our patrons can enjoy a turn-key experience that’s tough to replicate. After finalizing the details, our installers will arrive at a predetermined time to carry out the complete installation of your new system. From pulling and running cable and installing speakers in the ceiling to performing a test run, our friendly team takes care of everything. We’ll even show you how to use everything before departing — but don’t hesitate to ask questions. Our post-sales support is robust and accessible.

Connect with Starpower for a Blockbusting Home Theater

From designing the layout of your new media room to helping you select the perfect jam-packed Home Run package variant that’s right for you, Starpower puts your needs first every step of the way. With our attention to detail carrying through to every home theater installation job, you can trust in excellent results that you, your family, and your guests will love for years to come. Explore all our product offerings and packages now, or contact us for more information about how our Home Run Home Theater System could be right for you.

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