Sony Home Theater System

Setting up your Sony home theater system is an exciting opportunity for customization and personalization. This setup is your theater, after all, and that means you can enjoy selecting everything from the carpeting and the walls to the seats and the snacks. However, it’s the equipment behind the scenes that helps to pull everything together into a cohesive experience that replicates the theater-quality you want. Are you interested only in considering the top-rated home theater systems? If five-star quality is what you’re after from front to back, there’s one brand name that should be at the top of your list for considerations: Sony.

Why Sony?

With a history that stretches back nearly 75 years, there’s no arguing over Sony’s pedigree. Though many people will recall flagship products such as the Walkman or the PlayStation, Sony’s diverse electronics division today dominates many areas in the home entertainment market. A Sony home theater receiver, for example, can deliver impactful sound even on complex entertainment systems with multiple system inputs. Sony TVs have an excellent reputation for picture quality and longevity, and the list goes on — when you want a top tier home theater, this is one brand you shouldn’t miss during your considerations. What are some of the specific ways your setup could benefit from incorporating Sony products into its design? There are two key areas to consider: sight and sound.

Powerful Projector Options Set a Sony Home Theater Apart

When the type of home entertainment setup you’ve started to imagine for yourself aims to duplicate a theater setting as closely as possible, projectors should be at the top of your list. Mounted to the ceiling and casting a bright image onto a screen across the room, projectors allow you to save space, hide cabling along or in the ceiling, and bring along a host of other benefits. Projection is one area where Sony particularly excels, leading the market with projectors that can output very bright pictures, which allow for a wider range of lighting conditions in your entertainment area.

Consider the Sony VW295ES projector, for example. This unit might look sleek and even a little unassuming, but under the hood is powerful hardware that can pour out an image with a brightness of up to 1500 lumens — powerful enough to allow viewing in conditions other than total darkness. The unit is more than bright: it produces incredibly crisp images, too, with a true 4k resolution so you can enjoy those UHD Blu-Rays you’ve started to add to your collection. Paired up with the right receiver and Sony home stereo, you have a killer package ready for immersive home screenings.

Set Yourself Up with Modern Screens for High Fidelity Viewing

Not everyone wants to opt for projectors — for example; you may want to ba your movie watching and streaming with live television to catch the latest big sports games. What should you look for when you want the purest picture quality with the quick and responsive capabilities to display fast-paced action? You’ll want to look for a TV, but not just any TV — a Sony 4k OLED TV. At Starpower, we’re proud to provide a range of ultra HD TVs by Sony as part of our home theater packages; they’re among the best of the best for a reason, and that’s the OLED technology.

First came CRT televisions, then LCDs made big screens smaller before finally, LEDs made them thinner and brighter. The next evolution is here, and it is the organic light-emitting diode — the OLED. What makes this display method so unique and so ideal for a home theater? Due to the unique way OLEDs create color, they do not require a strong backlight such as LCD and most regular LED TVs. An OLED can, therefore, display “true” blacks by powering off entirely. The result is an incredibly rich image with more vivid, true color replication than was ever possible before. With a Sony OLED TV, you can take advantage of the best picture quality available for your money.

Set Up a Living Room Sound System That Packs a Punch

Once you’ve got the picture sorted, it’s time to think about a central unit for your system — and a way to ensure that your sound output is as clear and true as possible. A Sony home theater wouldn’t be complete without one of the company’s well-engineered receiver options. Many of the most popular options, such as those you can explore with Starpower, support digital audio pass-through, allowing you to forward an audio signal to a Sony soundbar or surround sound system. Most of the receivers we can design into systems include support for up to 7.2 surrounds but will also work with even a basic 2.1 soundbar setup.

Your receiver matters because it creates convenience in controlling the many different components of your system in one place. With a generous number of HDMI input ports, you can connect your cable or satellite TV, Blu-Ray players, game consoles, and more while seamlessly switching between them. Want to play music, too, and enjoy it wherever you are at home? Ask about receivers that support multi-zone audio for an even more robust home theater.

Craft the Perfect Sony Home Theater System with StarpowerHome Theater and Media Room Design - Starpower

From the receiver to the projector or TV you choose, Sony offers an expansive and versatile range of products ideal for creating a modern home theater you can enjoy for years to come. At Starpower, the design and installation of these custom setups is our specialty. Not only do we carry numerous top-rated Sony products, but we can help you mix and match other equipment to suit a variety of preferences and budgets. When you want to be able to put your feet up and enjoy rich, rumbling bass and crisp highs in surround sound while bathed in the warm light of your new OLED TV, we’re here to make it happen. Connect with your local Starpower team today for a free consultation and quote.

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