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Starpower Expo

The 33rd Starpower EXPO will be the Largest Ever, as it Returns with Never Before Seen Technology



The nationally hailed Starpower EXPO returns March 3rd – 5th, 2017.  This phenomenal event features consumer electronics technology that has never been seen by the general public, including Samsung’s first Q LED television and Sony’s new line-up of OLED televisions.

Representatives from the top manufacturers across the globe that will be present to give in-store demonstrations and consultations, including Sony, Samsung, LG, Klipsch, Revel, Martin Logan, SVS, SONOS and more!

Starpower has added millions of dollars of special buys for this event in anticipation of a record weekend. This year’s EXPO deals include a 55” 4K TV for $388, two 100% custom leather chairs for $999, an Epson HD projector for $388 and hundreds of other amazing buys. In addition to the daily EXPO deals, customers can take advantage of a 40″ television for $188 on Friday only, and a 32” HD flat screen for $99 on Saturday only available to the first 30 customers through the doors each day.
Customers who spend $2,000 or more on leather or complete home theater system will receive a pair of Platinum Level tickets to a Dallas Mavericks’ home game (select seats, select games, one pair per household, no cash value).

Special appearance by Dallas Mavericks superstar Devin Harris, Saturday 6pm – 7pm.

Once again, Ed Kellum & Son Appliances will also be included in this national event, showing off appliance brands Sub Zero, Thermador, Bosch, Wolf, Jenn-Air, Whirlpool, outdoor cooking from Alfresco and live cooking demos throughout the weekend in the Sub Zero, Bosch and Thermador Kitchens.

The Starpower EXPO 2017 will take place at the 15,000 square foot North Dallas showroom located at 15340 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75248. In addition, a 5,000 square foot tent has been erected to house the overflow of featured inventory. Doors will be open on March 3rd and 4th from 10am to 8pm and March 5th from 12pm to 6pm.

All other regional Starpower stores, located at Knox & Cole and in Southlake, will be closed during this special weekend. All stores will re-open for regular business hours on Monday, March 7th.

“Starpower EXPO began in 2001 and it is remarkable to think that this event now draws customers from all over Texas. We play hosts to thousands of people looking to purchase the latest technology at some of the hottest prices of the season.” Said David Pidgeon, President, and CEO of Starpower. Pidgeon continued “it is Starpower’s biggest event and there is simply nothing else like it.”

Shoppers or visitors to the event are advised to arrive early as there will be hundreds waiting to enter the location.

For more information about Starpower EXPO 2017 call (972) 503-6000 or shop the deals here.



CES 2017 Wrap-Up Review

Ces 2017

CES 2017 Wrap-Up by Starpower

This year, CES celebrated its 50th anniversary. CES is the largest global gathering of innovation and connectivity. The event once again took over the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo & Convention Center and many hotels throughout the Vegas strip. This year, CES broke its previous record by filling up 2.6 million net sq. ft. of showroom floor with products and demos from over 3,800 companies. As we walked through miles of incredible tech, we were blown away by the array of connected devices and impossibly thin TV displays.

CLEDIS – Our Top Pick of CES 2017


Want to turn your entire wall into one big TV screen? CLEDIS is a totally new tiling LED display using Sony’s unique visual technology. A CLEDIS display unit is sized at 17 7/8″ by 15 7/8″. Put each panel together and you have a huge screen. The panels blend in with each other seamlessly with no bezel in sight. This is something that must be seen to truly appreciate.

Hey Alexa! Exciting Amazon Alexa Integrations Ahead


It’s official. You can control your entire home with your voice. More products than ever are now offering compatibility with systems like Amazon Alexa.

We saw Alexa support from everything including lighting, DVRs, refrigerators, robot vacuums, home security systems, and even Whirlpool’s 2-in-1 washer and dryer system. Whirlpool announced many of its smart appliances will respond to Alexa commands starting in “early 2017.” Plus, Sony’s BRAVIA Android TV’s will get voice support from Alexa and Google Home by the end of March.

Want more than a voice-controlled smart home? Hyundai is integrating Alexa into its self-driving car and Huawei’s new Mate 9 smartphone will be the first smartphone to come with Alexa pre-installed.

Rejoice! OLED is Here to Stay

Sony Announces New OLED TV


Sony is going full OLED! On Wednesday, Sony revealed its XBR-A1E Bravia 4K OLED TV, the company’s new flagship TV. OLED allows for incredible black levels, lifelike color, dynamic contrast, blur-less image, and a wide viewing angle. Sony has truly impressed us and CES attendees alike with their all-new design, new sound technology and an improved X1 Extreme processor. One of the most amazing features on this TV is the fact that it does not have any visible speakers. Sony has literally made the screen the speaker. Two actuators are mounted to the back of the display and vibrate the display to produce the sound. Our demo included the beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and we were blown away at the sound level and sound quality. Not to mention, the deep black levels and vibrant colors of the space battle scenes.

LG’s Signature OLED TV W: Wallpaper Thin OLED TV


TVs don’t get much thinner than this! LG’s Signature OLED TV W is a jaw-dropping wallpaper thin OLED display that is both light-weight and bendable. It’s impossibly thin yet still displays incredible lifelike color, image quality, and contrast. The brains of the TV are hidden within the soundbar which is capable of bringing Dolby Atmos cinema sound to your room. This is the first TV of its kind to bring both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos together.

Bring on the 4K Blu-ray players


Sony has announced its first consumer 4K Blu-ray player, the UBP-X800. It supports Ultra HD Blu-ray as well as HDR and 4K video streaming. The player will also support both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound. The player can handle “virtually every optical disc format,” including DVD, CD, SACD, and 3D Blu-ray. Prepare to see more and more content roll out on 4K Blu-ray throughout the year.

LG Floating Speakers


You read that right! Floating Speakers! Want music to fill your room or outdoor space? Or maybe you want a wireless speaker that floats in mid-air? LG showcased its new line of wireless speakers including the innovative PJ9 levitating speaker. What’s cooler than the PJ9’s levitating act is that the new line of speakers all offers 360 degrees of omnidirectional sound. Plus, they are waterproof for up to 3 feet and have 10-hours of battery life.

Klipsch Heritage Line


Klipsch took a different approach with their speaker design. Instead of futuristic, Klipsch showed off their Heritage line which mixes styles of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Don’t let the retro style fool you. These speakers still pack Klipsch’s incredible sound technology and offer Bluetooth connectivity at the flick of a switch. What’s in store for the future at Klipsch? They are working on some new titanium speakers that will rock your world.

Mark Levinson Joins the Turntable Revolution!


Audiophiles rejoice! Mark Levinson has announced its first turntable in its 45-year history! The No. 515 is for true audio lovers. This $12,000 record player features a triple belt drive, a vibration-damping polymer core, and 20-pound aluminum platter.

Welcome to 2017: The Year of 3D Printing


3D printing is nothing new at CES but Polaroid has made it much easier to use and more accessible. The company has introduced a line of 3D printers and 3D pens which allows you to easily create tools, artwork, jewelry or whatever you can imagine. The printers have an expected MSRP between $499 and $799 and the pens have an MSRP between $129 and $149.

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Ces 2017

CES 2017 Preview by Starpower

The world’s greatest tech show, CES, officially kicks off this Thursday, January 5th. The show is packed with new product announcements, countless exhibits and incredible innovations. This year marks an important milestone for CES, as the show celebrates its 50th anniversary. Over 170,000 attendees are expected in Las Vegas to witness the latest and greatest tech. What can you expect to see this week from #CES2017?

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality


At the forefront of CES are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. This year, VR will inhabit two halls at the convention center. We expect leading VR companies like Oculus, Samsung and HTC to demonstrate its capabilities with other media. In December, Oculus added a social component to the VR space with “Rooms” and the ability to make phone calls. We also expect to see all-new peripherals and hardware for these devices. The success of games like Pokémon GO have also put augmented reality on everyone’s radar. We hope to see more devices taking advantage of this emerging technology.

4K & 8K TVs

4K TVs have never been more affordable. Almost anyone upgrading their TV is moving to a 4K display. We expect to see more 4K content in 2017. But, what 4K display is the best, Quantom Dot or OLED? Samsung says Quantum Dot is the future of TV screens. LG’s OLED technology has produced some of the best picture we have seen and Sony is expected to show off their all-new OLED 4K displays at this year’s show. We expect to see some TV vendors showing off their new generation of 8K TVs.

Wireless Audio


Apple’s AirPods have set the trend for wireless peripherals in 2017. New technologies like Bluetooth 5.0 has helped improved wireless range and connectivity. We expect to see more wireless devices and improved wireless technology in everything from wireless charging to improved wireless audio. Plus, more interesting uses of the tech like LG’s floating wireless speaker which offers a 360-degree sound emanating from a “turbine blade-inspired design.

Connected Home

Amazon, Apple and Google all have their own ecosystem of smart home devices. This year, we expect to see a lot more connected door locks, lights, security cameras, coffee makers and, yes, thermostats. Maybe, some smart washing machines?

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16th Annual Normathon at Starpower


Join the Ticket at Starpower in North Dallas for Normathon 2016!

The 16th Annual What-A-Burger Norm-a-thon will be the focus of the Norm and Donovan show on Sportsradio 1310 & 96.7FM The Ticket from Nov. 28th through its culmination with 18 hours of broadcasting live on Dec. 28, 2016, from the Starpower mega-location on the Tollway at Arapaho.

This week’s long effort raises money for the Austin Street Center for the Homeless which has been recognized nationally for its remarkable work combating homelessness.

Last year’s Norm-a-thon blew away all previous records for money raised by this event reaching $500K! That brought the 15 year total for cash raised through the What-A-Burger Norm-a-thon to a whopping $2,500 Million-plus! The event has touched and bettered the lives of literally thousands of people in its 15-year existence and it’s all due to the incredible generosity and care of the listeners to The Ticket who’ve responded with ever-increasing support for the event.

Besides the title sponsor of What-A-Burger who jumped on board with their support from the very inception of the concept, the success of the event has been incredibly boosted by the support and generosity Starpower and Crest Cars.

The What-A-Burger Norm-a-thon again consists of several “moving parts” including:

  • Raffling off TWO Brand-New INFINITI QX30 provided by Mike Brosin and Crest Cars.
  • Our “Twelve Days of Christmas” offers one wonderful auction item for bids each day of the Norm and Donovan Show (10 a. m.-noon weekdays on Sportsradio 1310 & 96.7fm The Ticket) beginning on Dec. 8th and continuing through December 23rd. A complete list of these terrific items and the day each will be offered for bid will be posted soon!
  • On the Norm-a-thon day itself (Dec. 28th at Starpower) there will be AWESOME items offered for bids throughout the day. The silent auction bidding starts when the Norm-a-thon takes the air at 6 a. m. and will continue through exactly 10 p. m. when bidding will be closed and the high bidders are certified. This year’s list will be posted soon!
  • We’ve always offered door prizes especially for and ONLY for those who come to the Norm-a-thon live at Starpower and wish to contribute. You’ll surely want to drop buy Starpower to see the remarkable number of terrific in-person guests. But we’re hoping this fantastic door prize makes it a must for you to come buy, purchase some chances and stay for the show at some point during the day.

Car Raffle Information

For the last several years the centerpiece of the Norm-a-thon effort to raise money for Austin Street Center has been raffling off a spectacular vehicle from Crest Cars in Plano. But this year your past generosity has encouraged us again to take a true leap of faith. For this Norm-a-thon we’re auctioning off TWO fantastic Brand-New INFINITI QX30 Crossovers from Crest Cadillac.

The All-New/ Brand-New INFINITI QX30 Crossover in black with Graphite interior


  • 208hp 2.0L Turbo / 33mpg
  • Bold Styling
  • Expressive wheels
  • Signature LED lighting


Donation Information


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URC TKP 7600 – Tech It Out Recap (Video)

Starpower Urc Tkp 7600 - Tech It Out Recap (Video)

Universal Remote Control – Home Automation – TKP 7600

Starpower brings you the latest from Universal Remote Control live from Starpower’s Tech It Out Lunch and Learn in Southlake, Texas. Watch as URC representative Mike Manchesi demonstrates the capabilities of the brand new TKP 7600 7″ Touch Panel for URC’s Total Control Home Automation System.
Tech Out URC in the video below to learn more and to start your home automation journey today!



URC TKP 7600 Video Recap

The touch panel boasts a gorgeous display, swipe navigation, and built-in two-way audio/video intercom between touch panels.

Just imagine – no more screaming at the kids from downstairs…ah!

In addition, the panel’s built-in camera doubles a surveillance camera.
If you prefer a more traditional method of control, you can pick up one URC’s best in class universal remotes. All URC remotes feature one-button-touch functionality making for an excellent user experience.

Interested in learning more about URC Home Automation? Click the button below.

Learn More About Home Automation


About Starpower Home Theater & Audio/Video

Starpower’s programmers are the best in the country and in the field of home automation. Our customized automation packages will take your home or office from a thing of the past to a modern, efficient, one-touch system that will save you time, energy and allow an easy, stress-free experience. Imagine full-featured touch panel remotes with control over everything that plugs in. Visit one of our conveniently located showrooms in Dallas/Fort-Worth and Scottdale, Arizona, or request a quote today!

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Welcome to the Future of Head-Fi: Sennheiser HE-1 Headphones

Sennheiser Headphones


In 1991 Sennheiser created the best headphones in the world called the Orpheus. Now, they have done it again with the Sennheiser HE 1. In otherworldly sound and timeless beauty. Perfectly engineered. Equipped with unique features and state-of-the-art technology these headphones transform music from something you listen to, into something you live in.

Witness a transcendental level of sonic sensory overload defying anything you’ve heard before it. Handcrafted in Germany from finest material, only a limited number are available around the globe.

Starpower is one of the few locations chosen by Sennheiser to be able to bring the HE 1 sound experience to our customers.

As an added bonus, the Sennheiser HE 1 will be surrounded by Sennheiser family members, such as HD 800 S, HDVD 800 and IE 800, to introduce you to the full range of Sennheiser premium sound.

RSVP now to get your personalized confirmation identifying the time slot of your exclusive audience with the world’s greatest headphone.

Be ready to be spoiled forever once you experience the power of the Sennheiser HE1.

Event Location: 15340 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75248

Limited spots available – RSVP today!

RSVP: or 214.545.0181

Check out our events calendar here.


Starpower Southlake Sell Off Event 2016

Southlake Sale


Please visit our new Southlake Showroom at 1600 E Southlake Blvd.


Starpower is re-locating our current Southlake Location to our brand new Starpower Luxury Living Showroom just down the street at 1600 East Southlake Blvd.

Before we go, we would rather sell the entire inventory than move it! Now that we have decided to sell it all, you will have the chance to save big on everything at our Southlake store.

We have to clear the thousands of items to avoid the expense of moving. Our inventory, including 4K TVs, Projectors, Speakers, Audio Gear, Control Systems, Soundbars, Wireless Sound Systems, Security, and even our famous Leather Theater Seating will be reduced to never-seen-before pricing.

Brands including: Sony, Samsung, Mark Levinson, Martin Logan, Crestron, Integra, Paradigm, LG, Sonos, Klipsch, Revel, and many more will be marked-down to ridiculous prices up to 80% off – many items which are never discounted.


This is an exclusive event for the Southlake location, across from Southlake Town Square. Discounts are reflected for the inventory on-hand at the Southlake store and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. No oversells, no back orders, holds or phone orders can be permitted.


This is a limited time promotion to clear our showroom, when the items are gone, they are gone. Starpower’s famous in-house Custom Installation services will be available to perform 5-Star installation on any item purchased. Our new location will be opening soon and we look forward to seeing you at our Grand Opening. But until then, take advantage of hundreds or thousands in savings at never before seen pricing.

Contact Information

For more information, contact us at (817) 421-3300.

About Starpower

Starpower is the leading expert in home theater systems. We also understand that not everyone has the same need or desire. Whether you have your eye on the latest flat-panel or you need your entire game room completely transformed into a state-of-the-art media room, we’ll take your visions and create the perfect plan to reach those goals. Our all-encompassing and fully integrated electronic products will change your TV and movie watching and music listening experiences.

CEDIA 2016: Preview

Cedia 2016

CEDIA 2016 – Dallas, Texas


CEDIA has once again taken over Dallas! Beginning tomorrow, CEDIA 2016 will feature over 435 exhibitors, 125 manufacturer product-training sessions, and 115 workshops on everything from networking a home theater system to managing a growing business. The show floor will be open this week from Thursday, September 15th through Saturday, September 17th. Follow us this week as we explore all the new products, services and innovations to come out of #CEDIA16!


What are we excited to see?


New 4K Projector technology

At this year’s event, JVC will debut its first native 4K projector. Their native 4K HDR projector, will feature a newly-developed “Blu-Escent” laser light source with a claimed brightness of 3,000 lumens. This new technology is focusing on producing a smooth picture, bringing depth to Ultra HD and HDR content and approximately 20,000 hours of operation.




Roll-able Television

Rollable Television At Cedia 2016

Screen Innovations is shipping their all-new Zero-G starting tomorrow! What is the Zero-G? Think roll-able television. The screen is suspended in midair with no black drop between the viewing surface and the case. It actually rolls itself up from the bottom when not in use. That means, when you’re watching the game or your favorite movie, Zero-G drops out of the case and expands at a preset location giving you a “levitating” image, suspended by cables.


Home Security

Home Security Dallas Texas

Over 15 CEDIA exhibitors will be demonstrating doorbell cameras. These devices offer a new level of security, by notifying you when someone is on your property and letting you see and speak with anyone at your front door. We plan to see a wide variety of these devices from Ring, August, Channel Vision and Lilin. Most will provide wide angled HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording.


Starpower is the leading provider of consumer electronics and luxury living services in Dallas, Fort-Worth and Phoenix, AZ. Home Automation, Home Theaters, Home Security, 4K Television and more. Shop online at


Starpower Who Needs Tax?

Who Needs Tax? Not you!

Save even more on the things you deserve… all week long only at Starpower!

We’ve included everything so you don’t have to pay more! Save more on the hottest brands like Sony, LG, Sonos, Martin Logan, Klipsch, JBL, Paradigm, even the finest in leather seating!

Get TOTAL savings on the latest in cinema technology including OLED, 4K quality picture and surround sound like you’ve never heard before.

And with our award winning 5-star installation teams… the best in America… you’ll get it done right!


SONY 49″ Bravia 4K HDR TV – XBR49X800D
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SONY 55″ 4K HDR Smart LED TV – XBR55X930D
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SONY 65″ 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV – XBR65X900C

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LG 55″ Curved Smart 1080p OLED HDTV – 55EG9100
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EPSON PowerLite 1080P 3LCD Projector – HOMECINEMA 8345
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KLIPSCH Tower Speaker – RP-280FA
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KLIPSCH Powered Monitors Pair – R-15PM
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KLIPSCH Reference Premiere 5.1 HD Wireless System
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URC Total Control – Silver Package

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Custom-made 100% leather seating -THE SPECTRA starting at $888!

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Starpower Who Needs Tax?


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Starpower Who Needs Tax?


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The Starpower ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Starpower The Starpower Als Ice Bucket Challenge


Starpower CEO Supports the ALS Bucket Challenge

Yes. I accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge! The entire Starpower family and I fully support the ALS Association’s mission in finding effective treatments and a cure for ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. We are happy to raise awareness alongside the rest of the country in this great cause. The ALS Association helps patients and families cope with the day to day challenges of living with ALS by providing information, resources, and referrals to many sources, including a wide variety of community services. The ice bucket challenge is all in good fun and for a great cause. Now it’s your turn to spread awareness and help fight ALS! Below is more information on ALS and how you can help…

What is ALS?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.
A-myo-trophic comes from the Greek language. “A” means no or negative. “Myo” refers to muscle, and “Trophic” means nourishment–”No muscle nourishment.” When a muscle has no nourishment, it “atrophies” or wastes away. “Lateral” identifies the areas in a person’s spinal cord where portions of the nerve cells that signal and control the muscles are located. As this area degenerates it leads to scarring or hardening (“sclerosis”) in the region.
As motor neurons degenerate, they can no longer send impulses to the muscle fibers that normally result in muscle movement. Early symptoms of ALS often include increasing muscle weakness, especially involving the arms and legs, speech, swallowing or breathing. When muscles no longer receive the messages from the motor neurons that they require to function, the muscles begin to atrophy (become smaller). Limbs begin to look “thinner” as muscle tissue atrophies.

Here are some ways you too can spread awareness according to the ALS website:

  • When doing the challenge, please use the hashtags #icebucketchallenge, #alsicebucketchallenge, and #strikeoutals.
  • The ALS Association has created social media graphics for you to download and use to help spread awareness about ALS and the #icebucketchallenge. Click on an image to download a full-size version.
  • The Ice Bucket Challenge may not be suitable for small children, the elderly, anyone in poor health, or animals of any kind, so please use good judgment.
  • Please be thoughtful about water usage! If you’re in an area of the country or world affected by drought, repurpose the water for later use or help spread ALS awareness by becoming an ALS advocate, joining the Walk to Defeat ALS® in your community, getting involved in their fundraisers, or sharing information about this disease via social media. For more information visit or make a donation at


Already took the Ice Bucket Challenge? You can donate to ALS here.

Visit one of the Starpower locations in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area or Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona area to learn more about the latest technology.