Starpower and Ed Kellum and Son – Dallas, Texas

In September of 2011 one of our former Rivals became our ally as we merged together to form a new partnership. Kellum Appliances has been a namesake in the Dallas area for decades. Selling high-end, first-class appliances and audio/video, Kellum has been selling products to local families since 1948.  Kellum is very proud of this new relationship and we look forward to many years of success as we meet and exceed the expectaions of customers in the area.


The article below recently appeard in the Dallas Morning News:


From December 28, 2011:

Both parties pleased with Starpower’s acquisition of Ed Kellum & Son

Two former retail rivals are glad they spent this Christmas as a merged company.

Starpower Home Entertainment Systems acquired Ed Kellum & Son Appliance Co. in September after the family-owned and operated businesses had been talking on and off about a deal for several months. Starpower home theater systems has been in business since 1995 and has four stores, including one in Arizona and one at 4615 Cole Ave. in Dallas, three doors down from the Kellum store at 4533 Cole Ave. Both stores will stay open.

“Our first Christmas together went well,” said Starpower chairman Daniel Pidgeon. “Based on the last few years, we’ve been conservative with our expectations. Sales exceeded our plan but gross margins and profits were lower than expected, and that was true across the board in consumer electronics this year.”

Pidgeon, 46, and his brother, Starpower CEO David Pidgeon, 48, are the new generation, said Pat Kellum, who took over the family business from his father in 1981. The Kellum appliance store was founded by the late Ed Kellum in 1948.

“It was time for me to step back and not be the lead person, and I like the way this family deals with their customers,” Kellum said. “I didn’t have a successor, and we wanted someone who would have the best interests of our employees and our 75,000 customers.”

Kellum said it was a good move to “unite versus fighting each other.” In recent years, the business has been hit with a triple whammy: a weak economy, declining prices and eroding margins. This holiday season was the year of the cheap big-screen TV.

The Kellum appliance store’s results also met expectations, and Starpower plans to continue operating it under its longtime name, Pidgeon said. Starpower and Kellum overlap in audio and video categories, but Starpower doesn’t sell appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, and their customer lists were surprisingly different, he said.

Starpower home theater systems also has 35 crews that install home theaters and media rooms in Dallas and Fort Worth. Kellum had been using a third-party installer to do that work.

Kellum, 63, who started working in the business when he was 12, helping install air conditioners, said that while he no longer has an ownership stake, he remains involved in the business. “If a customer calls me, I still help them.”

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