CES 2017 Preview by Starpower

The world’s greatest tech show, CES, officially kicks off this Thursday, January 5th. The show is packed with new product announcements, countless exhibits and incredible innovations. This year marks an important milestone for CES, as the show celebrates its 50th anniversary. Over 170,000 attendees are expected in Las Vegas to witness the latest and greatest tech. What can you expect to see this week from #CES2017?

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality


At the forefront of CES are augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. This year, VR will inhabit two halls at the convention center. We expect leading VR companies like Oculus, Samsung and HTC to demonstrate its capabilities with other media. In December, Oculus added a social component to the VR space with “Rooms” and the ability to make phone calls. We also expect to see all-new peripherals and hardware for these devices. The success of games like Pokémon GO have also put augmented reality on everyone’s radar. We hope to see more devices taking advantage of this emerging technology.

4K & 8K TVs

4K TVs have never been more affordable. Almost anyone upgrading their TV is moving to a 4K display. We expect to see more 4K content in 2017. But, what 4K display is the best, Quantom Dot or OLED? Samsung says Quantum Dot is the future of TV screens. LG’s OLED technology has produced some of the best picture we have seen and Sony is expected to show off their all-new OLED 4K displays at this year’s show. We expect to see some TV vendors showing off their new generation of 8K TVs.

Wireless Audio


Apple’s AirPods have set the trend for wireless peripherals in 2017. New technologies like Bluetooth 5.0 has helped improved wireless range and connectivity. We expect to see more wireless devices and improved wireless technology in everything from wireless charging to improved wireless audio. Plus, more interesting uses of the tech like LG’s floating wireless speaker which offers a 360-degree sound emanating from a “turbine blade-inspired design.

Connected Home

Amazon, Apple and Google all have their own ecosystem of smart home devices. This year, we expect to see a lot more connected door locks, lights, security cameras, coffee makers and, yes, thermostats. Maybe, some smart washing machines?

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