CES 2015: The Global Stage for Innovation

CES 2015 is here! The show floor officially opens tomorrow and we are extremely excited to see the newest products and innovations. We will have hands-on impressions, previews, new product announcements, and the latest concepts from the biggest tech companies in the world. What can you expect to see from the world’s most dynamic tech show?



Internet of Things

The most exciting and unique innovation we will see at CES 2015 is the Internet of Things (IoT). Simply put, the Internet of Things is making it possible to connect anything and everything to the Internet.

Imagine a cap on a medicine bottle. The cap is fitted with a sensor which tracks the amount of times the bottle has been opened and when it was opened. The cap would collect this data and connect to an app on a phone or TV. The app could alert you if you need to take medication or if you have already taken it. No more need to worry whether elderly parents or grandparents are taking their medication. This is just a fraction of the possibilities to be unleashed from the Internet of Things.

At CES 2014, there were household appliances, cookware, clothing, even toothbrushes designed to connect via sensors with portable, networked devices like PCs and smartphones. Current examples include smart thermostat systems and washer/dryers that utilize wifi for remote monitoring.

As sensors become cheaper and more commonplace, there will be more and more everyday “things,” from light bulbs to city buses, harnessing the power of the network to provide more utility than ever could have been possible in isolation.

Check out this smart sock used for monitoring baby’s vitals: http://www.owletcare.com



Interactive 4K – Bigger TVs

4K UHD will finally land in 2015! All of the pieces have fallen into place. 4K TVs and projectors are more affordable than their initial launch. Google, Verizon and AT&T are introducing gigabit services in order for consumers to properly stream 4K content. Streaming media services like Netflix and Amazon are bringing 4K content to 4K TVs and projectors.

More than 25 companies will exhibit 4K UHD-related products at the 2015 CES including DISH, Samsung, and Sony. Expect newer lines of 4K TV, interfaces with easier access to online video apps and 4K TVs at every price point. A big announcement is DISH has confirmed they will incorporate 4K streaming into their new line of receivers.

We expect larger 4K screens which will allow consumers to view more content than ever before. Bigger screens allow for multiple uses such as watching a TV show while displaying a security camera window or baby cam in the corner of your screen.




Wearables will be everywhere! Ever since Apple revealed the AppleWatch last year, hype for wearable technology is at an all-time high. There have been a vast collection of android watches released last year with the potential to bring everything from home connectivity to fitness tracking to a whole new level. With improvements in sensor technology, consumers can better monitor their daily activity and create smarter fitness goals. Collaborations among sensors, low energy Bluetooth, cloud computing, 3D printing, flexible membranes can allow access to almost everything all at the touch of a wearable device. Don’t expect wearables for just yourself but for pets too. Check out the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. We expect to see big announcements from Everbrilliant Enterprise Limited, EZIO and even L’Oreal!



High-Resolution Audio

High-Res Audio is changing the way we hear music just as HDTV revolutionized the way we see picture quality. This new audio technology emits audio signals with bandwidth and dynamic range greater than CD quality. Streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora compress audio into MP3s. Streaming MP3 quality music to a new speaker system isn’t doing it justice. New services like Deezer and Neil Young’s Pono service are looking to change that.



Home Automation

The movement to create a smarter and more efficient home increases daily, accelerated by the smartphones and tablets interacting with the myriad of connected objects and devices. At CEDIA, we had the chance to see the direction home automation was moving. Access to multiple locations, customizable scenes and tracking was a key component in the future of home automation. We are excited to see announcements from URC/Total Control and Honeywell. The future of home automation is all about giving homeowners more convenience and more comfort: from basic security monitoring or more customized access to appliances, lighting, window coverings, irrigation, entertainment systems and more.



There will be so much to see in just a couple of days! We will keep you up to date on the latest news at CES. Interact with us on Facebook and Twitter. Send us your questions! What would you like to see at CES? We want you to be the first to hear about the latest in industry changing innovations.

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